A is For Answers.. And Most Of Them Are Illegal (broken laws+ recap of PLL Episode 4×24)

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This episode begins with the PLLs sitting in a room still wondering where Alison is. We learn that the mysterious person who met the girls instead of Alison is Noel Kahn. He tells the girls to wait there, and the girls wonder if they made a mistake trusting him. The girls wonder if this is a prank, and Spencer makes sure to correct Hanna after Hanna says that they’re just sitting there waiting like ducks. “It’s lame geese, Hanna!” She also reminds her that geese honk; they don’t quack, because that’s obviously the most important piece of information right now. Thanks, Spencer!

Alison walks in when she hears the girls wondering why she would trust Noel Kahn. She says it’s because Noel has secrets, too. Then Hanna gives Alison a warm greeting by telling her that she wants to hug her and slap her at the same time. Alison winds up getting hugs from everyone except Spencer. Spencer asks Ali why she wants her there if she’s the one that she can’t trust, and Alison says that she needs help from Spencer and all of the PLLs. Now that the police know that Alison isn’t the one buried, she knows they will start looking for her. She explains that she can’t come back to Rosewood until she finds out who “A” is. The girls fill Ali in on their theory that they think Mrs. DiLaurentis stole the game from Mona. Ali doesn’t seem at all surprised that her friends suspect her mom. Ali tells the girls that she’s ready to tell them everything about the night she disappeared, but if they don’t find out who “A” is tonight, she’ll have to disappear forever.

At the police station, Holbrook has CeCe Drake in an interrogation room. He starts asking loaded questions about Wilden, but CeCe still does not admit to killing him. She does, however, agree with Holbrook that Wilden was a jerk. Holbrook doesn’t think he’s going to get any answers from CeCe, but she surprises him by saying that she knows who killed “that girl.” She goes on to say that she knows that the girl in the grave is not Alison DiLaurentis, and that she can prove that Ali is alive. This gets his attention. CeCe tells Holbrook that the person who killed that girl is the same person who tried to kill Ali, and that the person is still trying to hurt Ali.

Meanwhile, Alison starts telling the girls her story. She says that it all started in Hilton Head, where she went with Ian to get a reprieve from the threats from “A.” She had been getting the threats since Halloween. Alison might also be the only person to use the word “reprieve” out loud.

We see a flashback from Ali’s point of view from that night in Hilton Head. Melissa followed Ian there and she knows that he is with Alison. She tries to get into the room, but Ian stops her. Ian assures him that he only was with Ali because Melissa wanted a break and he was just “killing time waiting for her to come back.” What a standup gentleman! While Ian and Melissa go from fighting to kissing, Alison sees Ian’s creepy video of Jenna and Toby. She steals his flash drive. By the time Ian returns to the room, Ali has already left.

In real time, Alison explains that she took the flash drive because everyone she suspected of being “A” was in some way compromised on Ian’s videos. Jenna was her number 1 suspect, because as Alison so eloquently put it, even though she was blind, she had her “little dog, Garrett” to do her dirty work. She then takes us to a flashback of her visit to Jenna in the hospital. Ali told Jenna that if she ever got another threat or if Jenna ever came back to Rosewood, Ali would bury her.
In real time, Ali explains to her friends that she had assumed that this would stop the threats, but as she left the hospital, she got an “A” text that said “Bitch can’t see you, but I do. Tonight’s the night I kill you.” Creepy much?

Legal Note 1:

 If Alison had threatened Jenna more than one time, her behavior could have amounted to a crime, it’s unlikely that sole threat would have gotten her into legal trouble.

Meanwhile, at the Hastings’ house, Veronica watches as Detective Holbrook collects objects from the house as evidence. Veronica comments, firmly, that if Holbrook would tell her what he was looking for, maybe she could help him find it.

Legal Note 2:

When police officers have a search warrant, under the 4th amendment of the United States Constitution, the warrant must be clear as to what exactly the police are looking for and where exactly they will be searching. Veronica’s comment struck me as odd, but since we don’t know what permissions Holbrook had on his warrant, I can’t confirm that he broke the law here. Something about this search does not seem right, though. However, Veronica Hastings IS a lawyer, so for now I’ll assume that she was on top of things!

Not at all surprisingly, the PLLs’ parents have no idea where to find them. When Veronica asks Holbrook what he thinks that the girls are guilty of, he says that they may not be guilty of anything, but he has probable cause to believe that they know the whereabouts of a missing person. He shows Veronica a picture of the girls with Alison that was taken recently. Veronica seems stunned to learn that Alison is alive. Suddenly, the Hastings’ door opens, and Melissa walks in and says “surprise!” She can say that again! Where has she been for the entire season?

Meanwhile, Ali continues her story. She tells the girls that upon getting home, she went to her room and found a note from her mother accompanied by the yellow shirt that she was wearing on the night she went missing. When she tried it on, she found a terrifying “A” message on the mirror, written in lipstick. It said, “I’m everywhere. And soon you’ll be nowhere. –A”

As we continue in Alison’s flashback, we learn that she overheard her mother on the phone with someone and she sounded very worried. She was asking the person on the other end of the conversation, “How could this happen?” We don’t find out what Mrs. DiLaurentis was talking about, but whatever it was had her concerned enough to tell the person on the other end of the conversation to send someone immediately. Mrs. D then told Alison that she couldn’t go out that night. We all know that Alison didn’t heed this request, but as we continue on in the flashback, we learn something new. Before Alison snuck out, she stole her mother’s prescription sleeping pills and used them to drug the PLLs! Does this behavior sound legal to you? I hope not!

Broken Law # 1 Alert! 

 Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act (35 P. S. § §  780-101—780-144) (in relevant part)
(a) The following acts and the causing thereof within the Commonwealth are hereby prohibited:

“…12. The acquisition or obtaining of possession of a controlled substance by misrepresentation, fraud, forgery, deception or subterfuge.” –stealing from her mom 

“…16. Knowingly or intentionally possessing a controlled or counterfeit substance by a person not registered under this act, or a practitioner not registered or licensed by the appropriate State board…” –possessing

“…15. The sale at retail or dispensing of any controlled substance listed in Schedules II, III and IV to any person, except to one authorized by law to sell, dispense, prescribe or possess such substances…” –dispensing/giving drugs to the girls

(b) Any person who violates any of the provisions of clauses (1) through (11), (13) and (15) through (20) or (37) of subsection (a) shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and…shall, on conviction thereof, be sentenced to imprisonment not exceeding one year or to pay a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars ($5,000), or both…”

Alison definitely is not allowed to steal her mom’s prescription medication. There are no “I’m Trying To Figure Out Who ‘A’ Is” exceptions to the law!

In the flashback, Ali’s mom suspected that Spencer was the person bullying Ali. Armed with her mom’s prescription medication, Ali headed to Spencer’s barn. This part of the flashback is familiar; it’s the beginning of the girls’ sleepover from the pilot episode, but this time from Ali’s point of view. After Ali walked in and scared the girls, she spiked the infamous red cup the girls were drinking from with her mother’s drugs. No wonder she wanted them to drink it so badly! “Friends share secrets; that’s what keeps us close,” she encouraged. However, she really wanted all of her friends to pass out so that she could rule them out as “A” suspects. She planned to see if she received a text from “A” while the girls were asleep. That’s an interesting method; instead of telling the girls about “A” and/or confronting them about the threats, Ali chose to drug her best friends instead! Since instead of sharing secrets, Ali really wanted her friends to share sleeping pills, her behavior is against the law.

Broken Law # 2 Alert!

Even if Alison didn’t intend to hurt her friends, she put the girls in danger by putting drugs into their alcoholic beverages. 

18 PA Cons. Stat. § 2705.  Recklessly endangering another person.
        “A person commits a misdemeanor of the second degree if he recklessly engages in conduct which places or may place another person in danger of death or serious bodily injury.”

Speaking of alcoholic beverages, during this sleepover, the girls were around 15 years old and therefore not allowed to drink.

Broken Law # 3 Alert!

Underage Drinking (in Relevant Part) 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 6308 (a) :

“A person has violated the law against underage drinking if she is under 21 years old, attempts to purchase, consumes, possesses OR knowingly or intentionally transports any liquor or malt beverages…For a first offense, this is a “summary offense,” the lowest level of crime in Pennsylvania.
Penalties: Fine of up to $500.00, but the maximum fine for a first offense is $300, License Suspension of 90 days (1st offense) (an occupational limited license may be available for a first offense).”

Next, in real time, Alison recounts getting a phone call with Toby and meeting up with him outside the barn. The girls take a small break from Ali’s blast from the past, and they go downstairs to a jazz club/coffee house. The girls are shocked that Ali drugged them. Emily tells Ali that Toby wanted her to know that she did him a favor. Alison tells Spencer that she understands what she sees in Toby. This does not explain why she spent her junior high years referring to him as “Freak Toby,” but it’s a start. Ali explains that when she met up with Toby, he thanked her because his time in juvie got him away from Jenna. This is when Ali ruled Toby out as an “A” suspect. Of course she fails to bring up that in the future, Toby did wind up joining the “A” team. Spencer points out that Alison’s plan didn’t work because Spencer didn’t sleep through the night. Thank you, adderall addiction! Alison uses one of her famous remarks as she tells Spencer to “wait for it.” When Hanna asks Alison if she works at this club, Alison says that the owner travels a lot and she watches his place when he’s gone.

Next, we return to Ali’s flashback. It’s right after she met with Toby, and she’s still wearing his sweater. She fills the girls in on the part of the story that Toby didn’t know; he had told Spencer, back in season one, that Alison got into someone’s car but he didn’t know who it was. We learn that Ezra was driving the car. He showed up to confront Alison because she lied to him.

Back in real time, Veronica Hastings is in an interrogation room at the police station being questioned by Detective Holbrook. He asks a few questions about Spencer’s whereabouts last week, but when he tells Veronica that she’s free to leave, she’s a lawyer and she understands that, that means, SHE’S FREE TO LEAVE. She grabs her purse and gets ready to bolt, but Holbrook fibs that there’s a “sea of reporters” outside and she might want to wait until they can clear a path for her. She agrees to wait, but says she wants to call her husband to find out what’s taking him so long to get there. We find out that Peter Hastings really is already there and Holbrook knows and hasn’t told Veronica the truth.

Legal Note 3: 

While this conduct might seem outside the law, police are given some leeway in the things they say to further their investigations. I looked up this conduct and found nothing illegal. Veronica wasn’t under arrest, was free to leave, and nothing Holbrook said seems to have crossed a line where it would be against the law. PLEASE NOTE that there are certain things police are NOT allowed to lie about, and if he had taken this further, it could have meant trouble.

When Holbrook leaves Veronica to wait in the interrogation room for the fake reporters to leave, another officer approaches him and informs him that he got a warrant to track the Spencer’s car and the girls’ phones, and the results should be in within the hour. It’s likely that Holbrook felt that Veronica might interfere with this process and that could be why he lied to her.

Holbrook then goes into another interrogation room where a different police officer is questioning Melissa Hastings. Melissa says that she has always looked out for her sister, so when she saw Toby in London and he said that Spencer missed Melissa, she came home. The cop asks Melissa if he can record their conversation, but she replies that she should probably ask her mother about that first. These officers are messing with the wrong family if they’re trying to trick the Hastings family into giving them answers! Holbrook goes into another interrogation room next; this is like a weird version of musical chairs. This time, we see that Peter Hastings is in the room, which is interesting since Holbrook said that Peter was still on his way. Please see the note above for my reasoning for not citing Holbrook’s lies as broken laws.

Holbrook also lies to Peter and says that Veronica is on her way. Peter asks Holbrook if Veronica knows he’s there, but Holbrook interrupts to ask him if he knows where Spencer is. Peter gives Holbrook a snarky reply: “If I knew where she was, would I be sitting here talking to you?” Holbrook then calls out law students everywhere by asking Peter if he learned in law school to answer questions with questions. I still am wondering if the PLL writers were blasting this blog a little bit! Peter makes it clear that the only reason he’s there is because he wants to know where Spencer is and to keep her safe. We also see that Jessica DiLaurentis is at the police station. Party at the Police Station, everyone! This is nothing unusual for the characters of “Pretty Little Liars.” Some of them should be paying the police station rent for how much time they spend there.

Surprisingly, for once, the PLLs are not included in the group of people at the police station. They’re still with Alison. They watch Noel Kahn give Ali a passport. He tells her that they need to leave for the airport in an hour. The girls talk amongst themselves; they don’t want to let Ali leave again but they realize that they need to put the pieces together. After figuring that out, Aria decides to completely sidetrack the putting the pieces together process to question Ali about Ezra. She wants to know if he told her the truth.

Ali begins explaining how she met Ezra, and we’re taken into another flashback from her point of view. This time it’s of the day she met Ezra. It happened at a bar near Hollis. Alison lied to Ezra about her age, and just about everything else they talked about the day that they met. She said she was CeCe’s roommate at UPenn and she pretended that the book Ezra was reading was one of her favorites. However, in the flashback we see Alison looking the book up on her phone; she didn’t know anything about it and was using it as an excuse to strike up a conversation with Ezra. It worked for awhile; Ezra believed Ali’s lie about her age up until the night she went missing. Ali tells the girls that Ezra wanted to write a story about her, then she apologizes to Aria for everything.

Next, Ali goes back to her flashback of the night she disappeared. We learn about the conversation she had with Ezra that night. He was angry that Alison lied about her age and he told her that he actually liked her and didn’t want her to get hurt. Alison was sure to mention that she and Ezra “didn’t do anything,” so her age shouldn’t have mattered. It mattered to Ezra, though. When he left, he made it clear that he wouldn’t be seeing Ali again.

Note: we haven’t seen any REAL flashbacks of Ezra and Ali “doing anything,” so while I find this a bit hard to believe, I will only cover confirmed broken laws for now.

After leaving Ezra, Ali met Ian at the kissing rock. Ian wanted to end whatever their relationship was on a good note, but Alison didn’t share that viewpoint. Alison mentioned that she and Ian had “some goodbye kiss,” then went on to say that Melissa and Ian deserved each other because Melissa is “such a bitch.” When Ian tried to calm Alison down, Alison went on to tell him that he was going to jail. He clarified that they never had sex, but Alison explained that she meant that he was going to jail because of his creepy videos that he made with the NAT/Need A Therapist club.

In present time, Alison explains to her friends that this meant that according to her plan, if Melissa or Ian had been sending her “A” threats, the threat of the videos getting out would stop them. Alison is correct that Ian could have gotten in a lot of trouble for those videos. Ian also seems to have gotten confused regarding Pennsylvania law; he and Alison clearly did SOMETHING, enough to warrant them getting a hotel room. Ali tells the girls that Ian was very freaked out after they met at the kissing rock, and he was right to be freaked out!

Broken Law # 4 Alert!

Alison was around 15 years old when her fling with Ian had, meaning she was below the age of consent in Pennsylvania, which is 16. Ian would NOT be off the hook for his relationship with such a young girl.

Indecent assault – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 3126 (in relevant part)

 “Offense defined.–A person is guilty of indecent assault if the person has indecent contact with the complainant, causes the complainant to have indecent contact with the person… and… (8)  the complainant is less than 16 years of age and the person is four or more years older than the complainant and the complainant and the person are not married to each other…”

Definition of indecent contact: 

“Any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of the person for the purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desire, in either person.”

Ian and Melissa are at least 5 years older than the PLLs, which means that this law would apply to Ian’s behavior. 

Another problem for Ian is the fact that he was taking these weird videos without the people on the videos knowing about them and/or consenting. If Ian was still alive, it’d be about time for HIM to strike a pose for his mugshot!

Broken Law # 5 Alert!

18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 7507.1. Invasion of privacy.

“(a) Offense defined.–Except as set forth in subsection (d), a person commits the offense of invasion of privacy if he, for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of any person, knowingly does any of the following:

(1) Views, photographs, videotapes, electronically depicts, films or otherwise records another person without that person’s knowledge and consent while that person is in a state of full or partial nudity and is in a place where that person would have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

(2) Photographs, videotapes, electronically depicts, films or otherwise records or personally views the intimate parts, whether or not covered by clothing, of another person without that person’s knowledge and consent and which intimate parts that person does not intend to be visible by normal public observation.

(3) Transfers or transmits an image obtained in violation of paragraph (1) or (2) by live or recorded telephone message, electronic mail or the Internet or by any other transfer of the medium on which the image is stored.

(a.1) Separate violations.–A separate violation of this section shall occur:

(1) for each victim of an offense under subsection (a) under the same or similar circumstances pursuant to one scheme or course of conduct whether at the same or different times; or

(2) if a person is a victim of an offense under subsection (a) on more than one occasion during a separate course of conduct either individually or otherwise.

(b) Grading.–Invasion of privacy is a misdemeanor of the second degree if there is more than one violation. Otherwise, a violation of this section is a misdemeanor of the third degree.”

NOTE I included section 3 of part (a) just in case Ian did send the videos to other people. We have seen other people, such as “A,” in possession of the videos, so I put it in this entry in case anyone was wondering about this. 

The entire NAT club would likely go to jail for this, but they seem to be getting killed instead! No wonder in the flashback, Ian “ran out of there like a plucked peacock” like Alison said.

In real time, Alison tells Aria that Ezra’s still looking for her, but it’s no longer for his book; he thinks that if he can help bring Alison back to Rosewood, Aria will take him back. Ali knows that she treated people poorly, but she believes that she deserves a second chance. When Spencer asks Ali what happened when Ian left, we go back into Ali’s seemingly never-ending flashback.

In the flashback, Alison returned to the barn and was greeted by a scary, angry Spencer who said “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Back at the police station, Holbrook continues attempting to get answers out of Peter Hastings. When he starts asking questions about the PI Peter hired the summer Alison went missing, and about Spencer’s drug use, Peter decides that he’s going to exercise his right to stop answering questions until his attorney is present. Holbrook still fails to tell Peter that his wife is at the police station.

Holbrook speaks with Jessica DiLaurentis, then an officer informs Holbrook that they’ve located Spencer’s car and it’s in Philadelphia. Peter confronts Jessica and tells her that the police are asking a lot of pointed questions about Spencer and asks Jessica if they still have an agreement. Jessica responds that she just found out that her daughter is alive and that’s her only current concern. This conversation quickly ends when the police ask to talk to Jessica again.

Next, Melissa approaches Peter, and Peter is shocked to see her. Melissa tells him that she and her mother have been at the police station for an hour and that they were questioned separately. She also explains that Toby came to London and told her about Spencer’s relapse. Melissa wants to know what’s going on. Peter tells Melissa that despite everything he did to try to protect Spencer, the police know. He doesn’t elaborate, but Melissa clarifies a little when she says that Peter thinks that Spencer killed “that girl.” It sounds a lot like they’re referring to whoever really is in Alison’s grave, especially considering that Jessica just told Peter that Alison’s alive. It seems like Peter and Melissa already knew that, though.

Next, Alison and Spencer discuss what happened between them the night Ali disappeared. In real time, Spencer explains that she’s been remembering things, but she can’t tell which memories are real. Alison clarifies that she was trying to get Spencer to tell Melissa about Ian because she really thought Ian liked her and wanted to break them up. Spencer mentions the “ugly” fight she and Alison had in the kitchen.

We then see the infamous Spencer holding the shovel flashback, but this time it’s from Alison’s point of view. In the flashback, Alison looked absolutely terrified when Spencer held the shovel up to her, and for a second it DID look like Spencer was going to hit her with it. It’s clear that at the time, Spencer was at least trying to scare Ali. Before anything too crazy could happen though, Spencer was saved by the pills! When she dropped a bottle of adderall, Alison realized what was going on. She promised Spencer not to tell anybody and demanded for Spencer not to take anymore pills tonight and to never take them with alcohol. At least Alison was advocating against the speed/alcohol/sleeping pills cocktail. Even though it turns out Spencer’s flashback of hitting Ali with a shovel was incorrect, her behavior cannot be ignored. Most of the time when friends fight, the fight doesn’t involve threatening people with shovels, and that’s for a reason.

Broken Law # 6 Alert!

18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 2701. Simple assault (in relevant part)

“(a) Offense defined.–A person is guilty of assault if he:…
…(3) attempts by physical menace to put another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury;…
…(b) Grading.–Simple assault is a misdemeanor of the second degree…”

Walk away, and put the shovel down, Spencer!

NOTE** Since we learned in the show that Spencer used to have a prescription to this medication, I’m going to assume that the bottle she dropped belonged to her, but if it didn’t, see broken law # 1 of this entry. If these drugs to not belong to Spencer, the same law I applied there to Alison would apply to Spencer here.

After Alison recounts her crazy altercation with Spencer, she tells the girls that she had one last “A” suspect to confront that night, and it was Byron. We get a brief flashback of a conversation that we’ve heard about already, Alison threatening to tell Aria’s mother about Byron’s affair if he refused to pay her more money. I covered this in the episode when it happened, but since this is an episode of flashbacks, I won’t ignore the illegality of Alison’s threats to Byron here.

Broken Law # 7 Alert!

18 PA Cons. Stat. § 2906.  Criminal coercion. (in relevant part)

 (a)  Offense defined.–A person is guilty of criminal coercion, if, with intent unlawfully to restrict freedom of action of another to the detriment of the other, he threatens to:..
…(3)  expose any secret tending to subject any person to hatred, contempt or ridicule…
   …(c)  Grading.–Criminal coercion is a misdemeanor of the second degree unless the threat is to commit a felony or the intent of the actor is felonious, in which cases the offense is a misdemeanor of the first degree.”

In the flashback, Alison said that Byron “made his own bed,” but really she was making hers!

Alison continues her story. After she saw Byron, she went back to the barn and waited for another text from “A,” but she never got one. For some unknown reason, Alison then decided to ditch her friends and leave the sleepover. She headed home thinking that “she’d won” and that she’d “silenced ‘A’.” When she approached her house, she saw her mom through the window. All of a sudden, someone (we don’t know who) snuck up from behind her and forcefully threw a rock at Alison’s head. She fell to the ground next to a rock covered in her blood. In the flashback, we see Mrs. D watch this happen and gasp in shock.

Legal Note 4: 

Whoever threw the rock at Alison would likely be guilty of attempted murder, but as usual, in this blog I only discuss crimes when we know the identity of the guilty party. I’m sure it will come out soon and we’ll discuss it further!

When Alison continues her story, she and the girls assure Spencer that she didn’t hurt or kill anyone that night because she had gone to sleep already. Emily puts it together that Mrs. DiLaurentis saw whoever hit Alison with the rock. When Hanna asks why Mrs. D didn’t call the police, Alison reaches a terrifying part of her story. She tells the girls that Mrs. D is the person who buried her alive. According to Ali, Mrs. D thought she was already dead. I hope nobody reading this thinks that what Mrs. D did is consistent with the law. There are various crimes that she could have gotten nailed for, so I will call them potential broken laws. Feel free to weigh in and tell me what you think about this!

(Potential) Broken Law # 8 Alert! 

Attempted Murder:

18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 901. Criminal attempt.

“(a) Definition of attempt.–A person commits an attempt when, with intent to commit a specific crime, he does any act which constitutes a substantial step toward the commission of that crime.

(b) Impossibility.–It shall not be a defense to a charge of attempt that because of a misapprehension of the circumstances it would have been impossible for the accused to commit the crime attempted.

18 PA Cons. Stat § 905. Grading of criminal attempt, solicitation and conspiracy. (in relevant part)

Grading.–Except as otherwise provided in this title, attempt, solicitation and conspiracy are crimes of the same grade and degree as the most serious offense which is attempted or solicited or is an object of the conspiracy.”

18 PA Cons. Stat. § 2502. Murder.

(a) Murder of the first degree.–A criminal homicide constitutes murder of the first degree when it is committed by an intentional killing.

18 PA Cons. Stat. § 306.  Liability for conduct of another; complicity. (in relevant part)

        “(a)  General rule.–A person is guilty of an offense if it is
     committed by his own conduct or by the conduct of another person
     for which he is legally accountable, or both.
        (b)  Conduct of another.–A person is legally accountable for
     the conduct of another person when…
            …(3)  he is an accomplice of such other person in the
        commission of the offense.
        (c)  Accomplice defined. (in relevant part)–A person is an accomplice of
     another person in the commission of an offense if:
            (1)  with the intent of promoting or facilitating the
        commission of the offense, he:
                (ii)  aids or agrees or attempts to aid such other
            person in planning or committing it…
        …(d)  Culpability of accomplice.–When causing a particular
     result is an element of an offense, an accomplice in the conduct
     causing such result is an accomplice in the commission of that
     offense, if he acts with the kind of culpability, if any, with
     respect to that result that is sufficient for the commission of
     the offense.”

(Potential) Broken Law # 9 Alert! 

18 PA Const. Stat. § 4303.  Concealing death of child. (Attempted- since Ali wasn’t really dead)

        “(a)  Offense defined.–A person is guilty of a misdemeanor of
     the first degree if he or she endeavors privately, either alone
     or by the procurement of others, to conceal the death of his or her child, so that it may not come to light, whether it was born dead or alive or whether it was murdered or not.”

She’s definitely guilty of something! “Like mother, like daughter,” describes Jessica and Alison DiLaurentis perfectly. 

Alison tells an emotional story of trying to cry out to her mother that she was alive. She couldn’t get the words out and Mrs. D thought Alison was dead. Alison could hear Mrs. D screaming at someone, “What have you done?” We don’t know who she was talking to, but Spencer figures out that whoever it is, that’s the person who Mrs. D has always been protecting.

As if Ali’s story isn’t enough already, she tells the girls what happened after she got out from being buried alive due to her magic breath holding powers. We go into more of Ali’s flashbacks. This time, she was running, terrified, when Mona drove up to her. Mona took care of Alison and helped her with her wounds at the infamous, creepy Lost Woods Resort. To Alison, Mona seemed shocked that someone would try to kill her. Mona helped her come up with a plan to disappear and allow “A” to believe that she was dead. Mona also checked into the room using the name that Alison requested, Vivian Darkbloom. Before Alison ran away, Mona suggested that she get some rest. Then, we see a flashback to the room next door to Alison. We see Mona playing with a doll that looks like Alison in her original lair. This scene is incredibly creepy.

The following day in the flashback, Alison got ready in her Vivian Darkbloom disguise, with help from Mona. Mona made Alison promise to stay away and stay safe. Alison gave Mona beauty tips to help her become popular. Right when Alison left town, Mona gave her signature, creepy, “A,” smile.

**Note: Once we get exact confirmation as to what Mona did to Alison, we will be discussing a multitude of crimes including stalking and harassment. This entry would never end if I did all of this now. 

In present time, the girls realize that this means that Mona has known Alison was alive this entire time. Ali explains that Mona “played [her] like a fool and got exactly what she wanted.”

Meanwhile, at the police station, Melissa insists to her father that Spencer did not kill “that girl.” She whispers something in his ear that causes Peter to get a crazy look on his face. We don’t hear what Melissa said to him, but it’s clearly a big secret. It’s also clear that Jessica, Peter, and Melissa have been keeping secrets from the police, which is not legal. This brings us to:

(Potential) Broken Law # 10 Alert!

Hindering apprehension or prosecution – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 5105 (in relevant part)

“(a) Offense defined.–A person commits an offense if, with intent to hinder the apprehension, prosecution, conviction or punishment of another for crime or violation of the terms of probation, parole, intermediate punishment or Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, he:…
 (5)  provides false information to a law enforcement officer.

(b)  Grading.–The offense is a felony of the third degree if the conduct which the actor knows has been charged or is liable to be charged against the person aided would constitute a felony of the first of the second degree. Otherwise it is a misdemeanor of the second degree.”

I labeled this one as a potential broken law, just because we don’t know exactly what Peter, Melissa and Jessica’s lies are, we just know that they concern a murder investigation. 

In present time, the girls beg Alison not to disappear again. They want to figure out who “A” is so that she can come back home. Ali explains that it was easy to stay hidden until Mona hit Hanna with her car. Then Ali says that she did her best to stay one step ahead of “A” so that she could protect her friends. She’s still too scared to go home until they figure out why her mother was willing to bury her alive. She gives the girls a shocking example of a time she protected one of them; Alison reveals that SHE was the person who pushed Ian on the Bell Tower.

Legal Note 4:

 Alison would not likely get in trouble for this since she used the force necessary to prevent Ian from killing Spencer. However, Ian definitely wasn’t allowed to try to kill Spencer. If he were still alive, he could be charged with:

Broken Law # 11 Alert! 

Attempted Murder (see potential broken law # 8 of this entry). 

Alison also tells the girls that Ian did not die as a result of her push; she was hiding and saw him leave the Church, very much alive. We still don’t know who killed him! Alison also answers the girls’ questions about the night of the fire at the lodge. She reveals that she saved Hanna, but the rest of the girls were already saved by whoever landed the plan that night. We still don’t know who that is either.

The cops trace Spencer’s car to Philadelphia, but when they arrive there, they find the car, but not the girls. The girls are still with Ali, whose storytelling gets interrupted when they hear a noise outside. We see “A” wearing a mask and aiming a gun at Alison. “A” shoots at the girls and the girls run away, realizing that they can’t call the cops because Noel took their phones. The girls run out onto the fire escape. “A” comes outside. Surprisingly to everyone, Ezra shows up out of nowhere. He announces that he knows who “A” is and that the police are on their way. “A” shoots in Ezra’s direction. Ezra starts fighting “A,” causing “A” to drop the gun onto the ground. Hanna picks up the gun and aims it at “A.” The girls demand for “A” to take off the mask. For a second, it looks like “A” is going to obey this command, but then “A” jumps off of the building and grabs onto the ledge like Spiderman. Hanna concludes that “A” cannot be Alison’s mom based on this crazy action.

The girls decide against shooting “A,” so “A” runs off and escapes. When Aria approaches Ezra, the girls realize that he has been shot and begin screaming for help. When we see the view that Ezra’s admiring, we realize that the girls have been in New York City all of this time! At the very end of the episode, we see a mysterious figure dragging a dead Jessica DiLaurentis across the lawn, then burying her in the exact manner that Alison was buried. What a crazy episode! I can’t imagine everything I’ll have to cover after the hiatus!

You’re A Good Man, Charlie McBride.. Or At Least That’s What You Claim (tv+broken law recap of Twisted episode 1×17)

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NOTE: Broken laws from episode 1×16 will be addressed in this post

This episode begins with an intense scene between Charlie and Danny. Danny confronts Charlie about telling Jo about Danny talking about wanting to kill his dad when they were in juvie. Danny insists, angrily, that Charlie not talk to Jo about him ever again. I think I was even intimidated by Danny in this scene!

Next, Jack wakes up next to Karen; he spent the night! He gets dressed with the intent of going home to Whitney, but quickly discovers that Whitney is one step ahead of him, she’s at Karen’s place and she’s just in time for breakfast! Whitney mentions that she’s met some cool people including “Lacey, Danny’s ex.” This is the first Karen has heard about the breakup, so it’s a bit awkward.

Karen and Danny talk privately, and Danny reveals that he told Lacey everything about what happened with Vikram. He also tells Karen that Jo and Lacey are both mad at him. He expresses concern about becoming similar to his father, but Karen says that’s ridiculous. Whitney and Danny head to school next.

At school, Jo approaches Lacey, attempting to be a good friend about Lacey’s recent breakup with Danny. Lacey is cold towards her, likely because she thinks Danny has feelings for Jo. Whitney notices this exchange and asks Lacey what’s going on. Lacey walks away from her pretty quickly, too.

Andie talks to Rico about the student government and he invites her on a date to “food truck night” and then a movie at his house that night. She agrees, but she’s behaving in an odd manner.

Danny tells his coach that he wants the grade he deserves for the test instead of the bribery agreement between them.

Broken Law # 1 Alert! (From Episode 1×16)

Although it’s highly unlikely that Danny would get in trouble at this point, since he’s redeemed himself so quickly, I wouldn’t be being accurate if I failed to mention that his bribe to donate soccer equipment in exchange for an “A” on his exam IS illegal. 

New York Penal – Article 200 – § 200.00 Bribery in the Third Degree

“A person is guilty of bribery in the third degree when he confers, or offers or agrees to confer, any benefit upon a public servant upon an agreement or understanding that such public servant’s vote, opinion, judgment, action, decision or exercise of discretion as a public servant will thereby be influenced.
Bribery in the third degree is a class D felony.”

And it was illegal for Danny’s coach to accept the bribe, which brings us to:

Broken Law # 2 Alert! (From Episode 1×16)

New York Penal – Article 200 – § 200.10 Bribe Receiving in the Third Degree

“A public servant is guilty of bribe receiving in the third degree when he solicits, accepts or agrees to accept any benefit from another person upon an agreement or understanding that his vote, opinion, judgment, action, decision or exercise of discretion as a public servant will thereby be influenced.
Bribe receiving in the third degree is a class D felony.”

Great teamwork! At least Danny changed his mind about this. 

Charlie tells Jo that Danny threatened him since he told Jo about what happened in juvie. Jo feels bad, and Charlie asks her to go out that night. This makes Jo extremely angry and she confronts Danny to yell at him. She demands if Danny talked about killing his dad in juvie, which he admits to doing. He says it’s not like what Charlie’s saying, though. He denies knowing about the money in Vikram’s life insurance before Vikram died.

Kyle and Tess are on a hunt for the baby that we recently found out Tess had and put up for adoption with Vikram’s help. Eddie tells Kyle about Jack spending the night at Karen’s; they’ve been watching her for clues about what really happened to Vikram.

At school, Whitney and Lacey make plans to go to a club in New York City later. Whitney discloses that she’s “besties with the bouncer,” when Lacey asks how she gets into the club when she’s underage. Whitney lies to her dad about what she and Lacey will really be doing that night, claiming they’re going on some tour of the town. Jack reminds Whitney to be careful because she tends to make close friends very easily.

Kyle shows up at Jack’s boat shop while Whitney’s still there, so she meets Jo’s dad. Whitney tells Kyle that she loves Jo, and “she rocks.” Kyle claims he’s there because he’s interested in buying an “affordable boat,” but he’s really there waiting for Jack to throw something in the garbage, then for the garbage to be taken out so he could do a DNA test on his garbage. He winds up bringing a can from the garbage that was outside in the street and therefore “legit” according to Kyle. He tells Eddie to run tests on it.

Legal Note In case anyone was wondering, Kyle is correct about this.

At Johnny Cakes, Tess approaches Karen to talk. At first Karen wants nothing to do with this, but Tess finally tells Karen the truth about her other baby and her reasoning behind keeping Vikram’s secret. Karen tells Tess that Vikram had already told her about Tess’s baby. She’s known this whole time! Tess is shocked that Karen knew her secret. Karen asks if Vikram had threatened to tell Kyle, but Tess insists that he didn’t, and that he “wasn’t always bad.” Karen tells Tess that she knows where Vikram kept the adoption papers. Tess says that she wants to find her child.

Danny shows up at Jo’s house to get yelled at by her more. She accuses him of planning Vikram’s death. While they’re arguing and Danny is insisting that it was self defense, Charlie shows up and eavesdrops on their conversation. After Danny is done talking, Charlie startles them by asking “You killed your dad?”

Jo and Danny explain what happened to Charlie. Charlie asks about the car and Jo explains that someone moved the body and made it look like an accident. Charlie asks why they never went to the police and told them it was self defense. Danny gives a huge, informative answer, “Because we didn’t!” Jo demands for Danny to leave.

Broken Law # 3 Alert! 

By not telling the police the truth about what happened when there’s an ongoing investigation going on, all three of them are breaking the law. 

EDIT: It was pointed out to me by a reader, who is probably right, that resisting arrest may not be the appropriate crime here because Danny was not actually in the process of being arrested. It IS still against the law that while the police are actively investigating this case, the three characters aren’t coming forward with the truth. However, this charge might be more appropriate:

New York Penal – Article 205 – § 205.50 Hindering Prosecution; Definition of Term

"...a person "renders
criminal assistance" when, with intent to prevent, hinder or delay the
discovery or apprehension of, or the lodging of a criminal charge
against, a person who he knows or believes has committed a crime or is
being sought by law enforcement officials for the commission of a crime,
or with intent to assist a person in profiting or benefiting from the
commission of a crime, he:
1. Harbors or conceals such person; or 
 2. Warns such person of impending discovery or apprehension;..."

New York Penal - Article 205 - § 205.65 Hindering Prosecution in the First Degree

A  person  is guilty of hindering prosecution in the first degree when
he renders criminal assistance to a person who has committed a class A
felony, knowing or believing that such person has engaged in conduct
constituting a class A felony.
Hindering prosecution in the first degree is a class D felony.

At their date, Charlie admits that he’s a little freaked out by what he just learned. He asks how Jo’s handling all of this. It’s obvious that she’s still having some trouble with this. Charlie says a cheesy line about “finding a way to survive the past.” They run into Andie and Rico; they all picked the same idea for a date, the food trucks! Rico brags about being Andie’s Michelle Obama/ the first man of Green Grove high. Andie runs off because she has to tend to her texts from student council people.

Danny approaches Lacey and tells her that he’s suspicious about Charlie. At first Lacey’s listening to him until he mentions Jo. She then gets jealous. Before he leaves, Danny warns Lacey that Charlie might be dangerous and that he’s going to prove it. Danny then goes to the stables where Charlie works. He asks the woman there about Charlie’s reasons for coming to Green Grove. The woman said that he was desperate; he came asking for a job AND a place to live. This is the first we’re hearing about Charlie LIVING at the stables. The woman gives Danny permission to go up to Charlie’s room, and he does.

In Charlie’s room, Danny finds an old picture of him, Jo and Lacey; it’s the picture he had in juvie. We see a flashback from Danny’s juvie days and we learn that he “lost” the picture and asked Charlie where it was. Charlie claimed in the flashback that he didn’t know where the picture was, but offered to send it to him if it turned up. It’s really creepy that he’s really had it this entire time! Why would he want a photo from DANNY’S childhood with HIS friends? It’s seeming more and more like Charlie has ulterior motives for being in Green Grove.

Karen and Tess go into Vikram’s office to find the adoption papers. Karen is considering turning Vikram’s old office into a Pilates studio. Typical Karen. Karen asks Tess if Vikram ever explained why he faked his own death. Tess says all Vikram would say is that his life was in danger, and when Karen asks, Tess says that she never knew WHO Vikram was afraid of but that she always suspected that it was someone who worked with Vikram. This visibly freaks Karen out.

Whitney and Lacey are now at the club in New York City. Lacey asks Whitney about her “master plan” to buy alcohol with an ID, but it turns out Whitney’s plan is to have some guy buy them alcohol. She finds a guy named Kevin who’s perfect for the job. He offers to buy the girls drinks. As Whitney puts it, “Kevin to the rescue!”

This rescue, however, is not legal.

Broken Law # 4 Alert!

ABC Law § 65(1) Prohibited sales (in relevant part).

No person shall sell, deliver or give away or cause or permit or procure to be  sold, delivered or given away any alcoholic beverages to
1.  Any  person,  actually  or apparently, under the age of twenty-one
(note- ABC stands for alcohol beverage control)

Kevin could get in trouble for this, and the bartender possibly could as well, since it’s likely the bartender noticed that all of the drinks weren’t for Kevin, and saw Lacey and Whitney drinking.

Speaking of Lacey and Whitney drinking, they’re not allowed to do that!

Broken Law # 5 Alert!

ABC Law § 65-c -Unlawful  possession of an alcoholic beverage with the intent to consume by persons under the age of twenty-one years.  (in relevant part)

1. “…no person under the age of twenty-one years shall possess any alcoholic beverage… with  the intent to consume such beverage…”

Meanwhile, at her date with Rico, Andie keeps getting calls and texts from people in the student government. At the same venue, Jo asks Charlie about the “messed up things” from his past, including the car that he stole that landed him in juvie. Charlie explains that his mother passed away and his father left, so he started hanging out with a crowd of people that weren’t the best influence on him. Jo feels bad when she learns Charlie had been in foster care with people who pretty much ignored him. Charlie gets up to get them drinks, and Jo notices Rico sitting alone. She goes up to him.

Jo asks Rico where Andie is, and he explains that she’s doing government business on the phone. He admits that he doesn’t really like the fish he got from the food truck. Rico tries to crack a joke about all Andie’s phone calls. “This must be how Michelle Obama feels.” It’s obvious that Rico is worried about something else, and Jo can tell. She tells him Andie’s crazy about him and he shouldn’t worry. ABC Family puts a hashtag up that says the opposite, “#IsAndieCheating?”  Meanwhile, Charlie receives a text that scares him; it’s from Danny, and it’s a picture of him in Charlie’s room holding the photo of Danny, Jo and Lacey.

Back at the club in the city, Kevin shamelessly flirts with Lacey, even after she admits to being in high school. He invites her to stay with him at a hotel. Whitney sees Lacey getting freaked out and gets her out of the situation. She brings Lacey into the bathroom and points out that Kevin had a tan line on his ring finger; he’s married! That’s not all though, Whitney also managed to steal Kevin’s phone, and she isn’t going to let this creepy stranger get away with trying to cheat on his wife!

Legal Note: I’d go into detail about Whitney stealing the phone, but it doesn’t appear as though she actually kept the phone and/or left the bar with it, and those are the actions that would get her into trouble. 

Whitney calls “home” on the phone, despite the concerned look on Lacey’s face. When Kevin’s wife answers, Whitney tells her that she just met her husband at a club and that he invited her friend to spend the night with him at a hotel.

Jo asks Charlie what they’re doing after dinner, but Charlie says that he can’t stay out for that late. He’s dating the chief of police’s daughter and needs to be a gentleman and get her home on time! There’s also the whole, he’s completely freaked out about Danny’s text message, thing.

Tess shows Kyle the papers that she got from Karen, and they learn that the family is somewhere in New Jersey. Tess insists on driving there NOW, despite Kyle insisting that they wait until tomorrow. Kyle’s phone rings, and it’s Eddie on the other line.

Karen shows up at Jack’s house and demands if he saw Vikram after he quit working for Vikram. She won’t stop until he answers, so finally he admits that he saw Vikram once after quitting working for him. Jack says that Vikram was cheating on Karen and Jack found out and confronted him. It got “heated,” and Jack told Vikram about his affair with Karen. Jack claims that this was years after their affair but he was still in love with Karen. When Karen asks when this happened, Jack says it was around 6 months ago. Karen accuses Jack of being the person who tried to kill Vikram on his boat. When he asks how she could think he’s capable of something like that, she also accuses Jack of moving Vikram’s body to protect her and Danny. When Karen says she needs to know if Jack tried to kill Vikram on the boat 6 months ago, Jack kicks her out of the house.

At Rico’s house, Andie claims she’s tired and has an early student council meeting and wants to skip the movie. Rico blurts out his question, “are you going to break up with me?” Andie discloses the real reason she’s been acting weird. She’s a virgin and she thought their food truck date was leading up to Rico wanting sex that night. Rico is confused; “food trucks mean sex?” he asks. Then he eloquently says “I don’t want to have sex with you!” which is exactly what every girlfriend wants to hear. He didn’t mean it that way though; he tells Andie that he’s a virgin also, a BIG one. It’s a very cute, nerdy moment.

Jack gets a loud knock on his door and when he says “come in,” Kyle walks in. Jack asks if something’s wrong, to which Kyle says “you could say that.” It looks like whatever Eddie called Kyle about is bad news for Jack. When Charlie gets home, Danny is there to greet him. Danny demands to know why Charlie is REALLY in town. Charlie provokes Danny by saying he thinks Jo really likes him. Danny reminds Charlie that he should be careful; stealing his how Charlie wound up in juvie and now Charlie stole Danny’s old picture too! Charlie threatens Danny; he says that if Danny messes with him and Jo, he will go to the police and tell them everything he knows about Danny and the “murder” of his father. Danny remarks that Charlie is the one who’s threatening now!

Broken Law # 6 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 135 – § 135.60 Coercion in the Second Degree (in relevant part)

“A  person  is  guilty  of coercion in the second degree when he or she compels or induces a person to engage in conduct which the latter has a 
legal  right to abstain from engaging in, or to abstain from engaging in  conduct in which he or she has a legal right to engage… by  means  of  instilling  in him or her a fear that, if the demand is not complied  with, the actor or another will:…  

 4. Accuse some person of a crime  or  cause  criminal  charges  to  be  
instituted against him or her…” 

Grading: “Coercion in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.”

Charlie, you just got out of juvie. Unless you want to go back, you might want to refrain from this type of conduct!

Lacey and Whitney talk about what Whitney did to Kevin and his wife. Lacey thinks it was harsh, but Whitney’s point of view is that “divorce is hard but it’s not always bad,” and she saved Kevin’s wife years of being lied to and cheated on. Whitney talks about her parents and says she barely remembers them being married. She then learns that Lacey’s parents are divorced too. The girls talk about how awful guys are, and Whitney kisses Lacey! Right after, Whitney gets a phone call from his father; he’s calling from the police station! Whitney freaks out.

Whitney and Lacey go to the police station and speak to Kyle. Whitney insists that whatever Jack was arrested for, he didn’t do it. She demands to know why her dad was arrested. When Kyle says that the public defender is on his way, Whitney makes it clear that that’s not satisfactory. Kyle says that it’s because her dad doesn’t have a lawyer, to which Whitney says “Of course not. He’s never done anything wrong!”

We see Tess sitting outside of a house looking in the window at a blonde girl. Is this her daughter? Tess looks distraught. Meanwhile, Charlie shows up at Jo’s door. He confesses that he’s not really staying with family friends and he lives at the stables. He told Jo that he came to Green Grove after juvie because of how great Danny made it sound. He says that he cut their date short because he wanted to invite her back but not before Jo knew where he really was living and why. Jo says that she doesn’t care where he lives or why he’s in town, she’s just really glad to have him there. They kiss. Something still seems off about Charlie if you ask me, and I think the look on his face at the end of the episode was creepy!

Updates, Updates, Theories and Updates

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I will have PLL and Twisted broken law recaps ASAP. For now, make sure to check out my other blog if you’re a PLL fan; I’ve written a theory about the possibility of Jason and CeCe being fraternal twins.

Cover For Me… Or Everyone Might Wind Up In Prison (Broken laws recap of PLL episode 4×22)

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With broken laws from 4×21, “She’s Come Undone” **

At the beginning of the episode, we learn that a sober Spencer has just returned from a 3 day stint at rehab. This is a big change from “She’s Come Undone” when she was taking adderall “prescribed” to her by “A.” Taking the medication that “A” gave her was not only an enormous lapse in judgment, considering it could have been poisoned, but also illegal! Spencer’s poor judgment brings us to:

Broken Law # 1 Alert! (from episode 4×21)

Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act (35 P. S. § §  780-101—780-144) (in relevant part)
“…Knowingly or intentionally possessing a controlled or counterfeit substance by a person not registered under this act, or a practitioner not registered or licensed by the appropriate State board…”

Spencer has more of her terrifying flashbacks to the night that Alison disappeared. These flashbacks strongly indicate that Spencer hit Alison, or somebody who looks a lot like her, with a shovel…hard.

Legal Note # 1: 

If this is proven true, we will discuss it further. For now, do NOT get any crazy ideas; smacking somebody with a shovel is in no way legal. I repeat, do NOT hit people with shovels. 

Next, we see a very NOT sober Aria at a frat house making out with a guy we’ve never seen before. His name is Riley the Rebound, and neither he nor Aria are 21. This brings us to:

Broken Law # 2 Alert! 

We’ve discussed this one relatively recently, only this time it was about Aria’s brother. For a refresher, see broken law # 1 of my entry on PLL episode “Bite Your Tongue.” 

Underage Drinking (in Relevant Part) 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 6308 (a) :
“A person has violated the law against underage drinking if she is under 21 years old, attempts to purchase, consumes, possesses OR knowingly or intentionally transports any liquor or malt beverages…For a first offense, this is a “summary offense,” the lowest level of crime in Pennsylvania.
Penalties: Fine of up to $500.00, but the maximum fine for a first offense is $300, License Suspension of 90 days (1st offense) (an occupational limited license may be available for a first offense).”

The following day, Spencer goes down to her kitchen searching for her car keys; she wants to get to school early. Instead, she finds her mother sitting with yet another guy we haven’t seen before. He’s Spencer’s babysitter/ drug and alcohol abuse counselor. Veronica demands that Spencer hand over all of her electronics; she has already confiscated Spencer’s car keys. Veronica also mentions that Spencer is currently not allowed to have friends. Sounds awesome! When Spencer asks Dean what she should do first, he hands her a take-home drug test.

Next, Aria talks on the phone with Emily. We learn that the frat party she attended is at Syracuse; Aria went there with her father to pretend she’s interested in touring the college. She’s really trying to rid herself of all things Ezra, and it looks like it’s working. Aria gets off the phone when she sees a hungover Riley approaching. They decide to ditch the tour to get pancakes and nurse their hangovers.

At school, Hanna and Emily discuss the situations with Aria and Spencer. Hanna reveals that she tried calling Spencer’s phone, but her mom answered and informed her that Spencer won’t be at school for awhile and is not allowed any visitors. Even Ashley Marin was allowed visitors when she was in prison! Emily mentions that Aria’s at Syracuse. Then, Emily informs Hanna that Ezra is back at school. This makes Hanna furious and gives her the motivation she needed to ditch class. Before Hanna leaves, she and Emily overhear a heated argument between Mona and Mike. They quickly realize that this argument is likely Ezra’s fault. As Emily says, it looks like “Ezra’s still pulling Mona’s strings.”

Although Hanna’s ditching class, Emily’s not leaving before she gets to confront Ezra. Emily goes into Ezra’s classroom before class starts. Ezra attempts to get Emily to give him a chance to explain himself and his behavior, but Emily doesn’t allow this. She rattles off a list of times Ezra helped her outside of the classroom and asks him what he got out of all of that. He doesn’t even have an answer for her, which is pretty pathetic. Emily turns in an assignment that’s due that day, explaining that she won’t be staying for the class. Before leaving, she pointedly requests that Ezra make sure a REAL teacher gets her work. Oh, burn! Sorry Ezra, but you deserved that one.

Hanna runs into Gabe/Detective Holbrook at the Brew. She apologizes for “accidentally running into [his] mouth,” something that most people refer to as kissing. Holbrook asks her to join him; he has something else to discuss with her. He wants to know what Hanna knows about the anonymous note he received claiming that Alison is alive. Particularly, he wants to know if Hanna wrote the note. Hanna denies knowing anything about the note, which at the moment is true. She asks if this means that the police will start searching for Alison, but Holbrook tells her that the note likely came from “another crackpot,” and it’s not likely to be pursued. Hanna makes an excuse to leave before getting herself into a conversation that she’s not prepared to have.

Meanwhile, at Syracuse, Aria wakes up in her motel room. Riley is there too, and they quickly realize that they’ve pretty much emptied the room’s entire mini bar. Aria also learns that Riley can play guitar and owns a guitar named Antonio. Apparently, this is some sort of magical guitar, since Riley claims that it named ITSELF Antonio. Aria and Riley’s hotel bar binge is on Byron’s dime; he’s staying in the room next door. Riley suggests that Aria tell her father that she had “the drunkies.” Somehow I don’t think this is a good idea, and it’s unlikely to make Byron excuse the fact that he now owes the hotel at least $100 extra dollars because of “the drunkies.”

Spencer heads to bed, but quickly discovers that half of her sheets are covered in dirt, courtesy of “A.” The dirt is accompanied by a note: “I know you dug her grave, now I’m digging yours. Kisses, A.” Excellent, that’s just what Spencer needs during her recovery process.

Outside the school the next day, Hanna fills Emily in on the latest scary information from Holbrook. Emily’s questions about this anonymous note suggest that she might suspect Paige. Travis approaches Hanna and they make plans for a date the next night. Emily questions this idea with a question along the lines of “Caleb just left PLL like 5 seconds ago, are you sure about this?”

At Spencer’s house, Dean prepares her a disgusting green drink and calls her out on doing her laundry at 2 in the morning. “Um, sorry I had to wash my sheets because you’re a crappy babysitter and allowed someone to get into my room and cover my sheets with dirt?,” she replies. Ok, she was more polite than that. When Dean asks Spencer about her withdrawal symptoms, she mentions the hallucinations she has been having. He suggests that this could be suppressed memories coming back as the drugs leave her system. Spencer excuses herself to take a shower, but she swipes the house phone first. Bad girl! She sneakily starts leaving Toby a voicemail, but is quickly interrupted by Dean; he doesn’t hear running water and he’s onto Spencer’s games.

Hanna runs into Detective Holbrook again, but this time he’s with his partner, Lieutenant Tanner. Tanner believes that Hanna is the one who wrote the note, and she’s ready to prove it with handwriting analysis. Hanna still adamantly insists that she didn’t write the note. Tanner tells Holbrook that she thinks Hanna is a “tough cookie.” She’s right about that, so she should stop messing with Hanna. Look at what happened to the last cop who bothered her!

Aria is still hanging out with Riley. They’re by the water discussing their real reasons for coming to Syracuse. Riley is expected to go there because his entire family went to Syracuse. He wants to study music at a different college. Aria explains that some jerk aka Ezra broke her heart into “thirty thousand million pieces.” Riley thinks that Ezra should be the one exiled from town, NOT Aria. I agree.

That night, Mrs. DiLaurentis shows up at Spencer’s house. She claims she’s there because she wants to know if they will be attending her bridal charity for starving children. When Veronica leaves the room to check their calendar, Mrs. D remarks that she’s likely writing a check in the other room. Spencer apologizes for her behavior in episode 4×21 where she violently grabbed Mrs. DiLaurentis’s arm and screamed at her. It’s a good thing Mrs. D is so forgiving, because Spencer’s stunt was not legal.

Broken Law # 3 Alert! (Episode 4×21)

Simple assault – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 2701 (in relevant part)
“(a) Offense defined.–A person is guilty of assault if he:(1)  attempts to cause or intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury to another;…”
  “(b) Grading.–Simple assault is a misdemeanor of the second degree…”

 Mrs. D emphasizes the good cause for her charity and makes an eerie remark that “no parent should ever have to watch their child die.” Spencer excuses herself, using her laundry as an excuse to go upstairs and go to bed. Before she leaves the room, Mrs. D makes an extraordinarily creepy comment: “Nothing beats a good night’s sleep on a set of fresh, clean sheets.” Spencer clearly wonders if that means that Mrs. D was the reason that she had to wash those fresh, clean sheets in the first place.

Riley and Aria say their goodbyes, and Riley leaves Aria with a “beat up a jerk card.” He notes, however, that he thinks Aria can handle this one on her own. Meanwhile, Mike shows up at The Brew and ambushes Emily. Mona broke up with him via text message, and he’s furious because he thinks that Aria is to blame. He tells Emily to tell Aria “thanks” for him. Emily defends Aria and offers to speak to Mona about this. Mike doesn’t buy into Emily’s claim that Aria had nothing to do with this, considering Aria and her friends can’t stand Mona.

Dean and Spencer run 3 miles, then Dean orders Spencer to take another lap because of her stunt with the house phone. They then start freestyling rhymes: “Why are you so mean, Dean?” “Because you make me tense, Spence.” This doesn’t stop them from running the 4th mile, but it makes for some comic relief. Spencer has more terrifying flashbacks, and this time in her flashback, she slams Alison (or somebody who looks a LOT like her and wears the same clothes) with the shovel hard, to the point that Spencer winds up with blood spatter on her face. We don’t know yet if this flashback is real, so as mentioned above, we will discuss it further if it turns out to be true.

When Dean asks Spencer what’s wrong, she tells him that she thinks she knows what she did. She explains that she’s been using other people’s memories of the night Ali disappeared to fill in the blanks in her own memory. Dean encourages her to look at this positively; perhaps she’s ready to accept some things that she’s done and make good on them. Spencer stops talking right before she accidentally reveals too much about what she thinks she did. Dean gives Spencer privacy to read a note from Toby, which is postmarked from LONDON. Toby seems like he’s always Out Of Town, and now he’s upgraded to Out Of Country.

Hanna and Travis go on what’s supposed to be a date, but Travis points out that Hanna’s phone is a lousy third-wheel. Jessica DiLaurentis interrupts their meal (seemingly politely) and then Hanna sees her go off to speak with Detective Holbrook. After she sees this, she’s all about texting. She’s almost sending as many texts as “A” would send. She informs Emily of what’s going on and speculates that the reason Mrs. D is speaking to the cops has to do with the anonymous note, which we know is from Paige.

Mona backs her car out of her driveway, but is quickly stopped when she realizes that someone is right behind her car; it’s Emily. I admire Emily’s courage, but I still think she should have thought this through a bit more. She knows that Mona had no problem running Hanna over with a car! Luckily, Mona does not do this to Emily. Emily tells Mona that she needs to talk to her, but Mona attempts to brush her off by saying that she has somewhere to be. Emily doesn’t allow this though; she shoots right back asking Mona if she’s heading to meet with Ezra Fitz. Mona realizes that she’s trapped and tells Emily to get in her car.

Aria shows up at the rubble known as Ezra’s apartment. As we know, in episode 4×21, Aria went into his apartment and broke nearly all of his possessions. This, of course, is not legal, which brings us to:

Broken Law # 4 Alert!

Burglary – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 3502 (in relevant part) (Episode 4×21)

We discussed this one in my entry on PLL, “Hot For Teacher” 
See Broken Law 7.

“(a)  Offense defined.–A person is guilty of burglary if he enters a building or occupied structure, or separately secured or occupied portion thereof, with intent to commit a crime therein…”
   (c)  Grading. :(1) … burglary is a felony of the first degree.”

Now, we don’t know Aria’s EXACT intentions were for entering Ezra’s apartment, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t involve legal conduct. We do know what she actually wound up doing in his apartment, which leads us to: 

Broken Law # 5 Alert!

Criminal mischief – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 3304 (in relevant part) (Episode 4×21)

       ” (a)  Offense defined.–A person is guilty of criminal mischief if he:
            …(5)  intentionally damages real or personal property of another…”
        (b)  Grading.–Criminal mischief is a felony of the third degree if the actor intentionally causes pecuniary loss in excess of $5,000, or a substantial interruption or impairment of public communication, transportation, supply of water, gas or power, or other public service. It is a misdemeanor of the second degree if the actor intentionally causes pecuniary loss in excess of $1,000, or a misdemeanor of the third degree if he intentionally or recklessly causes pecuniary loss in excess of $500…(4). Otherwise criminal mischief is a summary offense.”

NOTE: Since I don’t know the value of Ezra’s belongings, I included most of the possibilities in the grading section above. Also,
NOTE: If Aria were to be charged with a crime, it would have to be either burglary or criminal mischief, not both. Here’s why: 
§ 3502.  Burglary.
(d)  Multiple convictions.–A person may not be convicted both for burglary and for the offense which it was his intent to commit after the burglarious entry or for an attempt to commit that offense, unless the additional offense constitutes a felony of the first or second degree.”
Note: At highest, criminal mischief is a felony in the THIRD degree, which does not fall into the situations where someone could be charged with both crimes. 

Back in episode 4×22, Ezra lets Aria into the apartment that she destroyed. Aria wants him to leave town for good. Ezra gives her his manuscript, which he says he is no longer publishing. He wants her to have it because he found out information that could help Aria and her friends.

Mona explains to Emily that when she found out about Ezra’s book, she realized that it contained information about her that could land her in jail. Ezra bribed her; if she gave him the information he requested, he’d omit the illegal things that Mona did from his book. Uh oh, that doesn’t sound right…

Broken Law # 6 Alert!

Since Ezra, at the time of his agreement with Mona, was still planning on publishing a TRUE crime novel, this behavior is not within the law. This is especially true because it is highly doubtful that Ezra had his publishing company’s permission to do this.

Commercial bribery and breach of duty to act disinterestedly – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 4108

        “(a)  Corrupt employee, agent or fiduciary.–An employee, agent or fiduciary commits a misdemeanor of the second degree when, without the consent of his employer or principal, he solicits, accepts, or agrees to accept any benefit from another person upon agreement or understanding that such benefit will influence his conduct in relation to the affairs of his employer or principal.
        (b)  Corrupt disinterested person.–A person who holds himself out to the public as being engaged in the business of making disinterested selection, appraisal, or criticism of commodities or services commits a misdemeanor of the second degree if he solicits, accepts or agrees to accept any benefit to influence his selection, appraisal or criticism.
        (c)  Solicitation.–A person commits a misdemeanor of the second degree if he confers, or offers or agrees to confer, any benefit the acceptance of which would be criminal under subsections (a) or (b) of this section.”

As if Ezra needs more crimes on his less than stellar resume. 

Mona explains to Emily that she tried to get out of the deal that she made with Ezra, but Ezra wouldn’t allow it. That’s why she broke up with Mike; she didn’t want to drag him into this mess. Mike DOES have enough drama involving Ezra already. Mona also tells Emily that Ezra thinks he knows who the person who “stole the game” from her is. At least she sort of got something out of the deal.

Aria begins reading Ezra’s manuscript. She finds something important, because the next thing we know, Spencer’s phone, which is locked in a drawer goes off. When Spencer gets the phone out, she has an “SOS” text from Aria. Hanna is still being the worst date in the world to Travis, when she gets a text from Emily to meet at her house. She leaves, but she promises Travis that she genuinely had a good time and that she’ll be a better date next time.

While the girls wait for Aria to arrive at Emily’s, Hanna notices a familiar-looking envelope hanging up in Emily’s room. It’s an exact match to the envelope that Holbrook showed her before. Hanna quickly puts two and two together, being the “tough cookie” that she is. Before she can say anything, Aria arrives. Emily fills Aria in on Mona breaking up with Mike and Mike thinking it’s Aria’s fault, even though Ezra’s the one to blame. Then Aria tells the girls that she went to Ezra’s and got the manuscript, and Ezra’s theory is that “A” is Alison’s mom. It seems as if Spencer agrees with Ezra on one thing at least, because she’s suspecting Mrs. D also. She fills the girls in on her dirty sheets and Mrs. D’s shady comment. She also tells them about CeCe and Mrs. D seeing her holding a shovel to Ali’s head on the night Ali disappeared. Hanna isn’t buying this though; Mrs. D is too old to text!

Hanna confronts Emily about telling Paige that Alison is alive, however she doesn’t yet reveal why she’s asking. The look on Emily’s face makes it obvious to Hanna that she’s correct about Paige. By the time Aria gets home, Mike has figured out that it wasn’t her fault that Mona broke up with him. They have a cute sibling moment.

When Spencer gets home, Veronica is furious that she snuck out. She goes through her texts and demands to know what SOS means. Really? Spencer tells her mom that she wants to know what really happened the night Alison disappeared, but her mother tells her to consider it a blessing that she can’t remember. Veronica suggests that Spencer go to bed. In her bedroom, we see JESSICA DILAURENTIS creeping behind Spencer. It’s a very scary scene. We don’t yet know why she’s in there, but we do know that nobody gave her permission to be there. Jessica’s weird walk next door brings us to:

Broken Law # 7 Alert!

Criminal trespass – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 3503 (in relevant part) :  

“(a)  Buildings and occupied structures.–  (1)  A person commits an offense if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he: (i)  enters, gains entry by subterfuge or surreptitiously remains in any building or occupied structure or separately secured or occupied portion thereof. (2)  An offense under paragraph (1)(i) is a felony of the third degree.”

Spencer doesn’t notice Jessica, and Jessica gets the chance to escape unseen when Veronica comes into Spencer’s room. At the very end of the episode, we see “A” creepily messing around with a wedding dress, which is interesting because we know that Mrs. D. is holding a bridal charity event soon. I can’t wait to see what happens then! Next week’s episode should definitely be interesting, and I’ll be here with updates! Thank for reading! 🙂


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From now on if there aren’t enough broken laws in an episode, I plan on doing rhyming recaps. This week, PLL had enough, so there will be a regular update here. Twisted will be a rhyming recap this week.

I have been posting links to the rhyming recaps; I post those recaps in my other blog. If you’d prefer it if I posted them here directly, let me know in the comments!

Twisted “home is where the hurt is” episode 1×14 RHYMING RECAP

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The past few episodes of Twisted have not had enough broken laws to discuss… YET. For last week’s episode, I did a rhyming recap that can be found on my other blog! I plan on doing rhyming recaps to keep things interesting when there aren’t enough broken laws.

Check it out!


Sins of Father… And Son…And Daughter..And Everyone (Recap + Broken Laws of Twisted 1×13 with comments on 1×14)

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NOTE: in episode 1×14, “Home Is Where The Hurt Is,” it doesn’t appear that there are any broken laws that haven’t been addressed in this entry. Kyle learns that Tess has been in communication with Vikram, but we discuss that in this entry. Since most of 1×14 took place at Homecoming and for once people weren’t committing crimes, I plan to do a rhyming recap. I’ll let you know when that’s ready! I will edit this if any crimes in 1×14 come to my attention

At the beginning of the episode, Danny and Jo are stunned at what Danny just did to Vikram in the previous episode. As Danny says, “[he] killed [his] own father.” Jo mentions that he did this in self defense. Danny has definitely pushed us into a discussion about manslaughter and self defense now that we know that Vikram is dead… really dead this time.

Legal Note 1:

If Danny WERE charged with anything, in my opinion it would be second degree manslaughter. Since the word “recklessly” is used in the definition, it applies when a killing is triggered by an extreme emotional disturbance, like all of the drama with Vikram in this situation. 

“N.Y. PEN. LAW § 125.15 : NY Code – Section 125.15: Manslaughter in the second degree 
A person is guilty of manslaughter in the second degree when: 1. He recklessly causes the death of another person…
Manslaughter in the second degree is a class C felony.”

BUT, Miss Masterson has a point; perhaps she does learn something from being the daughter of the chief of police. Danny likely would be justified in his actions and therefore not convicted of anything, because he had a reasonable belief that Vikram was going to use deadly physical force against him, Jo, or both of them, and he had no safe way to get out of the situation without using equal force on Vikram. Here’s the explanation:

New York Penal – Article 35 – § 35.15 Justification; Use of Physical Force in Defense of a Person
(in relevant part)

” 1.  A  person  may,  subject to the provisions of subdivision two, use physical force upon another person when and to  the  extent  he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to defend himself, herself or a third person from what he or she reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of unlawful physical force by such other person,….
    2.  A  person  may  not  use deadly physical force upon another person under circumstances specified in subdivision one unless:
    (a) The actor reasonably believes that such other person is  using  or about  to  use  deadly  physical  force. Even in such case, however, the actor may not use deadly physical force if he or she knows that with complete personal safety, to oneself and others he or she may avoid the
  necessity of so doing by retreating; …”

I made this a legal note and not a broken law, because according to my research, I believe that Jo is correct.

Danny wants to leave Green Grove for good, but Jo wants him to come clean. She tells Danny that she can’t keep this a secret from her parents. Apparently witnessing Vikram’s death is where Jo draws her line on keeping secrets. She’s conflicted when Danny says that he can’t go back to jail; Jo says that she’ll “give him a head start” and pack him a bag of necessities for people who are wanted for murder. She says she’ll be back in the morning and makes Danny promise that he will still be there.

Broken Law # 1 & # 2 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 205 – § 205.30 Resisting Arrest

“A person is guilty of resisting arrest when he intentionally prevents or attempts to prevent a police officer or peace officer from effecting an authorized arrest of himself or another person.
Grading:  Resisting arrest is a class A misdemeanor.”

Danny and Jo would both be guilty, since Danny is attempting to prevent himself from being arrested with his terrible plan to leave town. Jo, although she plans to tell her parents the truth, has still agreed to help Danny escape with a head start and a felon’s care package. 

Lacey and Rico talk at Johnny Cakes about Danny’s whereabouts. Rico assures Lacey that Danny will be fine; his long hair will keep him warm. Lacey wants to help Danny, and she thinks that Gloria Crane knows something about the case. She plans to speak to her about this. Rico asks the million dollar question: if Gloria Crane knew something, why wouldn’t she go to the cops? Because if she did, I’d have less material for my blog?

At the police station, Kyle’s top priority is finding Marilyn Rossi. Karen and Jack show up and give Kyle a box of Vikram’s old things. Kyle tells Karen that Marilyn fled from her hotel. He also informs her that he has proof that Marilyn falsified evidence, altered it, and forged the report. There’s also the small detail that the pipe that she “found” was not even a real murder weapon, and Danny’s fingerprints were never on it. Kyle suspects that Marilyn is covering for Vikram. This series of lies from Marilyn brings us to:

Broken Law # 3 Alert! 

New York Penal – Article 195 – § 195.00 Official Misconduct (in relevant part)
“A public servant is guilty of official misconduct when, with intent to obtain a benefit or deprive another person of a benefit:
 1.  He  commits  an  act  relating  to  his office but constituting an unauthorized exercise of his official functions, knowing that  such  act is unauthorized;…
  Official misconduct is a class A misdemeanor.”

And, as we suspected in my entry on episode 1×12, Marilyn is behind the falsified evidence that implicated Danny, making her guilty of:

Broken Law # 4 Alert! 

New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.40 Tampering With Physical Evidence (in relevant part)
“A person is guilty of tampering with physical evidence when:… 2. Believing that certain physical evidence is about to be produced or used in an official proceeding or a prospective official proceeding, and intending to prevent such production or use, he suppresses it by any act 
of concealment, alteration or destruction, or by employing force,  intimidation or deception against any person…”
Grading: “Tampering with physical evidence is a class E felony.”

If you think Marilyn is guilty of more than this, not to worry; there’s more where that came from! Detectives aren’t allowed to just prance into the police station distributing forged reports on murder cases. 

Broken Law # 5 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 175 – § 175.25 Tampering With Public Records in the First Degree

“A  person  is  guilty  of  tampering  with public records in the first degree when, knowing that he does  not  have  the  authority  of  anyone entitled  to grant it, and with intent to defraud, he knowingly removes, mutilates, destroys, conceals, makes a false entry in or falsely alters any  record or other written instrument filed with, deposited in, or otherwise constituting a record of a public office or public servant.
Tampering with public records in the first degree is a class D felony.”

If anyone is looking to hire a detective, you probably should NOT look Marilyn Rossi up; she’ll likely be in prison for awhile. 

Rico checks on Jo after their “fugitive harboring shenanigans.” That’s a fun way to describe it! Jo lies when Rico asks if she knows where Danny is, but she assures him that he’ll be fine. Rico wonders if he should have just called the police right when Danny came to his place. He can barely handle all of this PLUS their upcoming chem quiz, which is “half as scary” as everything happening with Danny.

Jo meets Danny at Church the next day. They both realize that Danny can’t run away. Jo points this out; “fleeing, not the best plan.” Danny wants to tell Kyle the truth about everything. He’s still overcome with emotion. Jo reminds him that what he did was in self defense, but Danny thinks that in the moment, part of him wanted Vikram to die. Jo wonders if Vikram is the one who is a #socio. Jo doesn’t want Danny to let what happened with Vikram to ruin his life, because he’s not worth that.

Legal Note 2: 

If the self defense factor wasn’t there and Danny admitted to feeling that way in a court room, THEN he might be convicted of manslaughter. 

Jack shows up at Karen’s house. Karen blames herself for overlooking Vikram’s flaws. Jack assures Karen that she’s a great mother and that Vikram never deserved her.

At the police station, Kyle shows Eddie a document from Marna, Inc. It’s signed by Mayor Rollins and Vikram Desai, which interests Kyle, because he thinks the Mayor is lying about having never met Marilyn. Kyle and Eddie think Vikram must have known Marilyn worked for Vikram when he hired her.

Lacey goes to talk to Gloria Crane at the horse stables. She claims that she’s there to help. Charlie is also there and he asks Lacey if she’s stalking him. She says “I’m not sure if this qualifies as official stalking.” In case anyone was wondering, it doesn’t. Also, it seems like Charlie is the one who keeps showing up in Lacey’s life.

Charlie pries about why Lacey is there, and he asks if it’s about Danny being accused of killing Mrs. Crane’s daughter. When Lacey says Danny didn’t kill anyone, Charlie brings up Danny’s aunt. He says that he did some online research and now knows that Green Grove isn’t as innocent of a town as it appears.

Jo and Danny go to Jo’s house where Tess greets them. They need to talk to Kyle; it’s important. Tess tells them that Kyle’s searching for Marilyn and he has prove that Danny didn’t kill Regina and that Marilyn faked the evidence. She assures them that “this ordeal is almost over.” Little does she know that they’ve already moved on to the next murderous ordeal. Karen comes over and is thrilled and relieved to see Danny. Tess is proud of Jo for convincing Danny to come back.

Kyle confronts Mayor Rollins about his partnership with Vikram at Marna Inc. When the mayor claims that it’s not what it looks like, Kyle expresses what everyone is thinking: “it looks illegal!” It turns out, a “silent partner” from Marna Inc recommended Marilyn to the mayor. He claims that he didn’t know that she was connected to Vikram. It turns out this “silent partner” is Gloria Crane. Right now, we can’t be sure if the mayor is telling the truth about his knowledge of Marilyn and Vikram, but we do know that Kyle was correct about something looking illegal. Gloria definitely knew that Marilyn worked with Vikram, and later in the episode when Kyle confronts her, we learn more about her illegal behavior.

Meanwhile, Gloria reminisces with Lacey about her horseback riding days with Regina. When Lacey brings up Danny, Gloria calls him a psychopathic killer. Lacey suggests that someone else might be responsible for Regina’s murder, then she mentions the possibility of Vikram’s involvement. Gloria flips out about this allegation and accidentally lets out a bit too much information; she reveals that she knew about Regina’s necklace being found in Danny’s locker. Lacey wonders how Mrs. Crane knew about this, and she relays this information to Kyle.

Kyle confronts Gloria; they need to talk… NOW. Meanwhile, Karen continues her attempts to comfort Danny. He tells her that he did something while he was on the run that he can’t take back. Karen guesses that it has to do with Vikram, and she says to forget about whatever he did. She doesn’t want to lose him again after having him in juvie for 5 years. Danny doesn’t want another family secret.

Kyle demands the truth from Gloria. He accuses her of setting up an innocent 16 year old boy. Gloria claims that Vikram told her that he saw Danny kill Regina. She continues to say that the night Regina died, she called Gloria and said that she was inviting Danny over and planned to tell him the truth about everything. She intended to tell Danny that Vikram was alive and having an affair with Gloria. She didn’t want Vikram’s blackmail money anymore.

This confirms our suspicion that Vikram had been blackmailing Regina, and that up until Regina died, she had been cooperating. Gloria’s confessions lead us to:

Broken Law # 6 Alert!

With all of the infidelity in this town, this shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone:

New York Penal- Article 255- § 255.17 Adultery.
  “A person is guilty of adultery when he engages in sexual intercourse with another person at a time when he has a living spouse, or the other person has a living spouse.”
“Grading: “Adultery is a class B misdemeanor.” 

Gloria should have known better than to have an affair with a pretend dead man! Additionally, if Vikram and Regina were still alive, they could be found guilty of: 

Broken Law # 7 & # 8 Alert!

 New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.05 Bribe Receiving by a Witness: 
“A witness or a person about to be called as a witness in any action or proceeding is guilty of bribe receiving by a witness when he solicits, accepts or agrees to accept any benefit from another person upon an agreement or understanding that (a) his testimony will thereby be influenced, or (b) he will absent himself from, or otherwise avoid or seek to avoid appearing or testifying at, such action or proceeding.”
“Bribe Receiving by a Witness is a class D felony.” 

Regina would be guilty of accepting the bribe and Vikram would be guilty for soliciting it. 

Gloria still has more to contribute. Kyle tells her that Vikram lied to her about Danny killing Regina. Gloria says that Vikram was helping her and that he was the one who sent Marilyn to “help.” Marilyn got Regina’s necklace, gave it to Gloria, and Gloria put the necklace in Danny’s locker. Marilyn promised Gloria that the police would find the necklace there. This brings us to:

Broken Law # 9 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.40 Tampering With Physical Evidence (in relevant part)


Broken Law # 10 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 105 – § 105.05 Conspiracy in the Fifth Degree (in relevant part)

   ” A person is guilty of conspiracy in the fifth degree when, with intent
  that conduct constituting:
    1. a felony be performed, he agrees with one or more persons to engage  in or cause the performance of such conduct;…”
    “Conspiracy in the fifth degree is a class A misdemeanor.”

When Kyle asks, Gloria says that she has no idea how to contact Vikram, since he always contacted her from blocked phone numbers. However, she does know how to get in touch with Marilyn. Gloria and Kyle set Marilyn up; Gloria asks Marilyn to come “meet her” at the horse stables, but Kyle is the one who will be meeting Marilyn. The plan works, and Kyle arrests Marilyn and reads her Miranda rights. Good job following the 5th amendment, chief! Marilyn doesn’t say anything except that Kyle will never find Vikram; he’s long gone. Based on this arrest, it appears that Kyle is correct about Vikram paying Marilyn to kill Regina. Obviously this is not ok.

Broken Law # 11 Alert! 

New York Penal – Article 125 – § 125.27 Murder in the First Degree (in relevant part)
“A person is guilty of murder in the first degree when:
    1.  With  intent  to  cause the death of another person, he causes the death of such person or of a third person; and (a) Either:

 (v) the intended victim was a witness to a crime committed on a  prior occasion  and  the  death  was  caused for the purpose of preventing the intended victim’s testimony in any criminal action or proceeding whether or not such action or proceeding had been  commenced…or…  
  (vi) the defendant committed the killing or procured commission of the killing pursuant to an agreement with a person other than the intended victim to commit the same for the receipt, or in expectation of the receipt, of anything of pecuniary value from a party to the agreement…”
“Murder in the first degree is a class A-I felony.”

Lacey shows up at Jo’s house. Lacey, Jo and Tess see a report on TV about Marilyn Rossi’s arrest. Lacey is absolutely thrilled. Jo picks up the phone to call Danny.

Kyle tells reporters that Marilyn confessed, but they’re still investigating the motive. Danny watches Kyle and the reporters and Kyle spots him. Kyle apologizes to Danny on behalf of the Green Grove Police Department. Danny feels more guilty about his new secret, but manages to answer the reporters’ questions about how he feels to be proven innocent. He claims that he feels great. Karen says that she feels amazing.

Lacey runs into Charlie who says he’s glad that everything worked out for Danny. Kyle and Tess talk, and Tess looks uncomfortable when Kyle mentions that they’re still looking for Vikram. Kyle informs Tess that Vikram paid Marilyn to kill Regina.

Jo encourages Danny to take advantage of the second chance that he’s been given. She says that “no one has to know” about what he did to Vikram. Sound familiar?

Broken Law # 12 & 13 Alert! 

If Jo and Danny keep this a secret, they will be breaking the same law as they were at the beginning of the episode. 

New York Penal – Article 205 – § 205.30 Resisting Arrest


Rico and Jo talk about Danny, Vikram, and their dreaded chemistry quiz. Jo tells Rico how much she appreciates their nights at the diner; they’re some of the best nights of her life. Maybe this is because those nights never involved any murders. Lacey arrives and talks to Jo about it all being over. “It’s all so weird, isn’t it?” Lacey has no idea how weird everything is right now. She doesn’t know about the massive plot twist involving Vikram.

Karen ignores a phone call from Jack, but she looks conflicted about it. Danny guiltily looks at an old picture of him and Vikram. Karen tells Danny that he grew up to be a better man than Vikram, and that she always tried to protect Danny from Vikram when Danny was growing up. Danny screams that he may as well be back in prison; clearly he isn’t so keen on this second chance idea. He doesn’t think he deserves it. He smashes a mirror in his bedroom in rage.

Tess leaves Vikram a voicemail warning him that Kyle is determined to find him. We see Vikram’s cell phone by his dead body as Tess is leaving this message insisting that Vikram turn himself in. She says in the message that she can’t keep doing this, and she’s right about that; what she’s doing is illegal.

Broken Law # 14 Alert! 

New York Penal – Article 205 – § 205.50 Hindering Prosecution; Definition of Term (in relevant part)
 “a person “renders criminal assistance” when, with intent to prevent, hinder or  delay  the
  discovery  or  apprehension of, or the lodging of a criminal charge against, a person who he knows or believes has committed a crime or is being sought by law enforcement officials for the commission of a crime,… he:….
   … 2. Warns such person of impending discovery or apprehension;…”
New York Penal – Article 205 – § 205.65 Hindering prosecution in the first degree.
    “A  person  is guilty of hindering prosecution in the first degree when he renders criminal assistance to a person who has committed a class A felony, knowing or believing that such person has engaged in conduct constituting a class A felony.
 Hindering prosecution in the first degree is a class D felony.”

At the very end of the episode, we see a mysterious figure approaching Vikram’s body, which should make for some interesting content for my next entry on “Twisted!” Thanks for reading! 🙂