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So far, REVENGE is winning in my vote on what show to add to this blog. Nobody has commented about it on here, but I am also having a vote on my facebook page,

I figured I’d update you since I’ll be deciding soon and doing a trial with the pilot episode of the show I choose.

Votes/suggestions needed!

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Here is a list of shows that have been suggested the most times for me to add to my broken laws blog. I am going to watch them and see what I think, because I need to like them to write about them, but PLEASE comment with a vote for one on this list OR a show that’s not on this list that you think should be. NOTE: I am not planning to add another abc family show at this time because I want to expand my audience. I need your help with this decision! Thank you. 🙂 

House of cards 
The following
Sons of anarchy
The wire
The 100 (never heard of this one)

Comment with your votes/ a show you think I missed!


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Hey everyone,
I haven’t forgotten about my blog. The two shows I write about are on hiatus, so I’m going to be doing some trials with different shows on here. Hopefully they go well!

A Tale of Two Confessions…And Too Many Crimes (Recap + Broken Laws of Twisted 4×19)

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This entry contains relevant broken laws from episode 4×18 too

This episode begins with a shirtless Charlie creepily doing pushups while staring at a picture of Jo. This is quickly interrupted when Kyle knocks on his door and informs him that they’re going on a ride. Charlie agrees to go with him.

Meanwhile, Tess and Jo discuss Jo’s shocking revelation that she was there when Danny killed Vikram. Tess supports Jo and agrees that it was self defense and not Danny’s fault. This conversation is a result of Danny’s confession in episode 1×18.

Legal Note 1: (from 1×18)

–Since Danny voluntarily confessed to Kyle, there is NOT a legal problem with the confession taking place before Danny had been read his rights. The 5th amendment Miranda rights apply to involuntary confessions. — Additionally, some states have laws requiring an adult (parent/guardian) to be present during the questioning of a minor. In New York, this law applies to minors UNDER the age of 16, and Danny is 16 years old.   –I’m presuming that Kyle DID read Danny his 5th amendment rights before questioning him further. This means that Danny was informed that he had the right to remain silent and that he did not have to answer any questions without an attorney present. Considering that Danny was very cooperative in answering Kyle’s questions, it appears that Danny voluntarily waived these rights. It actually does seem that Kyle DID do this by the books!  Although Danny was cooperative in answering Kyle’s questions, he did not answer all of them honestly, which presents a problem. This show wouldn’t be “Twisted” if everything went smoothly! 


PLL & Twisted

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Twisted update will be up ASAP.

On my other blog, I wrote a theory about PLL for those who would like to read it. It’s about how Mona could be the ORIGINAL A and still NOT Ali’s A. Definitely check it out here!

Twisted soon!!

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I’ve been having technical difficulties and will be doing a post on the Twisted finale that includes pertinent things from last week’s episode too. I appreciate your patience!