Revenge Fans FYI

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Hey guys,
I’m so happy that people seem to have enjoyed my first post on “Revenge!” I plan on doing the next entry on episode 1×15 (the one where we find out what actually happened at the engagement party). It seems fitting to me to write about that one now that I know more information about that night and who committed some of the crimes. Stay tuned!

The Broken Laws of Revenge – recap + broken laws in the pilot episode of Revenge

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The first episode of “Revenge” begins with a bang in the form of a gunshot. Simultaneously, in a voice-over, a female eerily explains her views on revenge. Note that the beginning of the episode takes place in a flash-forward; it happens 5 months after present day in the episode. The woman in the voice-over emphasizes that this story is not about forgiveness. Somebody fires more gunshots, and a young man falls victim to them and collapses on the beach.

Still in flash-forward time, the people who aren’t wearing bullets are dressed in fancy attire at an engagement party for Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) and Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman). Thanks to the fireworks at the party, none of the guests hear the gunshots. Emily is the person who was speaking in the voice-over; she’s wearing a pretty red dress, but it doesn’t seem like she’s in party mode. Her fiancĂ©, Daniel, is a no-show at his own party. A friend of Emily’s, who is working at the party, asks Emily about Daniel’s whereabouts. Emily replies that she and Daniel are having a “thing,” and he took a walk on the beach. Does “thing” mean fight? Or perhaps it means shootout. Emily assures her friend that Daniel will be back shortly. Next, Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) greets Emily, but their conversation does not seem friendly. Emily scolds him; according to her, Nolan shouldn’t be at the party. Nolan taunts Emily, “That makes two of us.” Isn’t she the bride-to-be at her own engagement party?

Meanwhile, a teenage male guest expresses his adoration for his tuxedo. He complains that he looks like a jackass. The girl he’s with flirtatiously leads him out of the party and towards the beach, not realizing that they’re walking into a crime scene. A man pulls the dead body out of the beach and onto the sand, then hides when he notices the teenage couple stripping down to their underwear by the water. This man could be a pervert, a murderer, or completely innocent.

Legal Note 1: My blog policy is to explore the broken laws when we know who is responsible for them. Right now, we don’t know who shot the dead guy at the beach, but when we find out, I’ll definitely be exploring this fatal shooting further. I don’t want any readers thinking that I failed to notice that murder is illegal.


Revenge FYI

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My first Revenge update will be up by this weekend!

OFFICIALLY Adding REVENGE to this blog!

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Hey guys, I’m so sorry that it has been so long since this blog has been updated. PLL and Twisted haven’t been on, but, I finally decided to add “Revenge” to this blog officially! I just started watching it, so I will be working on an entry on the show’s pilot entry first, as well as trying to catch up on the show so that when it comes back for the 4th season, I’ll be able to update on those episodes.

Until I’m caught up, I will be choosing select episodes of the show (probably the first and last episodes of each season) to cover so that this blog won’t go so long without being updated again. Thank you all so much for your continued patience, and I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming entries. As always, if you have any suggestions for this blog, mention them in the comments.


Decision Soon

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I’m watching “Revenge” on Netflix… Whichever one I like better (Revenge or The Following) will be the one I add to my blog first.  Just keeping you guys updated. I take this blog seriously, so I won’t add a show until I know I can write about it well, but I’ll be deciding soon. 

For fans of PLL, I wrote a theory on my other blog about Detective Wilden’s involvement with what happened to Toby’s mom AND to Ali. Check that out here and I promise there will be updates on THIS blog soon!

As always, if there’s a show that would be great for my blog that I haven’t thought of, let me know in the comments!