PLL 5×08 Coming Soon!

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Just a quick FYI: PLL finally had a decent amount of broken laws in last night’s episode! I will be doing an update ASAP. On my facebook page, I requested that readers comment with broken laws that they noticed in last night’s episode. This will be fun and help me to get the update done faster! I’ll link to my FB page here, but also feel free to comment on this post!

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PLL Entertaining Quote: Cops In Clown Cars

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One of my favorite recent entertaining law related quotes comes from PLL episode 5×06, “Run, Ali, Run!” After Hanna couldn’t believe that the police officers did not plan to further investigate the cause of the gas leak that led to the fire/explosion at the Cavanaugh house, Caleb said:

The cops in this town should be riding around in clown cars.
I must say that I agree!! Click on the image below for a reminder of the episode to which I’m referring. Let me know if you have any entertaining quotes you’d like me to feature!


Adding Entertaining Law Quotes

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In addition to character criminal rap sheets, I am going to add entertaining law-related quotes in between main posts. These will be quotes from the TV shows I cover (PLL, Revenge, Twisted) as well as other shows sometimes.

My main posts take a long time to do, so I’m working to add more content in between! I hope you guys enjoy this addition.


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If you enjoy reading my blog, PLEASE help me out by nominating it for the American Bar Association’s “Blawg 100” ! It would mean a LOT to me to get onto this list. Here’s where to go to do it:

If you enjoy reading my blog, PLEASE help me out by nominating it for the American Bar Association’s “Blawg 100” ! It would mean a LOT to me to get onto this list. Here’s where to go to do it: Click To Nominate Me

And the URL to my blog = both: and 🙂

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The Silence Of E. Lamb, Where Is That Man? (Rhyming Recap of PLL 5×07)

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As I mentioned, PLL did not have enough broken laws tonight for me to cover in a recap. When that happens, I do a creative type of recap instead. The following is a rhyming recap of  Pretty Little Liars episode 5×07, “The Silence of E. Lamb.” Stay tuned for a PLL criminal rap sheet coming up soon!

Mrs. Fields invites Ali and the girls to eat

But Em and Ali both have cold feet.

None of the girls really want to attend,

but they reluctantly agree in the end.

Ali’s nervous about hiding her bruises

She’s sick of all the fake excuses.

Sydney pops out of the bathroom stall,

The girls’ conversation, she heard it all!

To Alison, Sydney introduces herself

It seems like she knows her from somewhere else.


New look/ PLL 5×07

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I hope everyone is liking my blog’s new look! I definitely like wordpress better than blogger, at least for the purposes of this blog, and I hope that you agree.

I am re-watching tonight’s PLL episode. From what I remember, there weren’t too many broken laws besides underage drinking. If that’s the case, I’ll get my Spencer criminal rap sheet up ASAP and post something extra about the show. I hope they start breaking more laws, and please comment if you noticed something that I missed!



Resurrection… Back To A Life Of Crime (Recap of Revenge 2×02 + Broken Laws)

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*This will contain relevant broken laws from episode 2×01.

This episode starts with a flashback of Emily/Amanda with her mother singing in the car. In present time, Nolan wakes Emily up from the nightmare induced by the Victoria Grayson horror movie, as Nolan calls it. Emily insists that the white-haired man won’t kill her. She tells Nolan that Victoria was lying about the government protecting her.

Emily calls Daniel to tell him that Charlotte is scared of her doctor. She reveals that she did research on the doctor and he has a history of keeping patients longer than usual. Emily insinuates that the doctor may have fixed the drug test, which we know is true based on the events in the previous episode. Daniel asks Emily to email him everything she found about Charlotte’s doctor. The arrangement between Conrad and Charlotte’s doctor breaks a myriad of laws.

Broken Laws # 1 Alert! (From Episode 2×01)

Conspiracy in the fifth degree (in relevant part). NY PEN Law § 105.05

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Run, Ali Run… From The Law! (Recap + Broken Laws in PLL episode 5×06)

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Note that this will include broken laws from previous PLL episodes, mainly 5×05.

The episode begins where we left off last week. The girls are stunned to get a text from “A,” apparently they actually believed that Shana was the only “A” they had to worry about. “Did you miss me bitches?” Toby’s house completely explodes and the girls don’t yet know where Toby is. Toby calls Spencer from the hospital. He’s ok, and nobody was inside the house but his father who we have yet to meet broke his leg trying to avoid a tree. Caleb’s at the hospital with Toby, rekindling their bromance. The girls finally figure out that “A” woke up from his or her nap.

Hanna runs into Caleb at the coffee shop (again). Hanna doesn’t understand why “A” blew up Toby’s house when the girls were so nearby. Caleb tells Hanna that “A” doesn’t shoot and miss, so there must be a reason that “A” did not hurt the girls. “The cops in this town should be riding around in clown cars” according to Caleb. I guess he’s excluding the ones who are riding around in coffins, but he makes a good point. It’s obvious that Hanna and Caleb still have feelings for each other even though Hanna  is currently dating Travis. She explains that she had no idea when and if Caleb was returning.  Caleb claims that he won’t be staying in town long, but Tyler Blackburn is a series regular again, so we’ll see what happens! I’m rooting for Haleb.


Hanna Marin TV Criminal Rap Sheet- PLL Season 1 A

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Hanna Marin TV Criminal Rap Sheet – This is a brief summary of the crimes Hanna could be found guilty of during the first 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I hope you enjoy it!

PILOT 1×01 ~Underage Drinking – At the infamous sleepover that started it all. She also brings a flask filled with alcohol to Alison’s funeral. ~Retail Theft – One of the first things we see Hanna do is steal sunglasses from the mall.

THE JENNA THING 1×02 ~Public Drunkenness Or Similar Misconduct -Hanna was obvious enough with her flask at the Grille to get a dirty look from a random old man. ~Failure To Prevent Catastrophe -Hanna and the other girls are guilty of this for not stopping Ali during “The Jenna Thing.” Hanna attempted to talk Ali out of it, but that’s not enough.

TO KILL A MOCKING GIRL 1×03 ~Unauthorized Use Of Automobiles Or Other Vehicles – After Sean refuses her sexual advances, Hanna takes his car without permission and drives it away from the party.


Just an FYI

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I just wanted to let everyone know that my third writing course just started and that’s why I haven’t updated this blog as quickly as I would have liked. I am pursuing a certificate in TV script writing, for those who weren’t aware, as a result of my interest being piqued because of this blog! I have two major entries for the blog in the works and I will have them up as soon as I can; I just want to make sure I’m settling into my course alright (it’s an online course).

If anyone is ever interested in reading my writing for my courses, let me know. Otherwise, stay tuned, I am almost done with the Revenge entry I’ve been talking about, as well as the entry for PLL last week. PLL is on tonight, and hopefully the characters will break the law a lot so I will have more for you guys! I will also have the season 1 A criminal rap sheet for Hanna in PLL up soon. 🙂 Thank you so much as always for your patience.