A is for Arbitration : Pretty Little Liars Entertaining Law Quote

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Today’s entertaining law quote comes from an early episode of Pretty Little Liars, “To Kill A Mocking Girl” (Season 1 episode 3 of PLL).

The quote:

“I can’t arbitrate on one cup of coffee!”

The context: Veronica Hastings is the woman behind this entertaining law quote, which is fitting since she plays an attorney on the show. She utters these words during one of Spencer and Melissa’s epic battles. This particular argument stems from Melissa’s anger about Spencer kissing her fiancé, Wren, and leading to their breakup.

Though she’s accustomed to the Hastings’ sibling rivalry, Veronica needs more caffeine before this civil war.

I hope you enjoyed the quote, and I’m still working on the bigger PLL posts that I owe you guys, so stay tuned for those, and for updates on “Revenge” and “How To Get Away With Murder.” As always, thank you for reading!

Time to Update! FINALLY

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I know I’ve said it a million times, but I am finally making this happen. I am in the process of writing catch-up “Pretty Little Liars” entries.

Also, expect more frequent updates on this blog! “Revenge” is coming back this month, and I intend to do regular updates on the new season. I don’t anticipate that Emily Thorne plans on becoming a law abiding citizen after 3 seasons. 😉

I am also adding a new show to the blog now that I am forcing myself to have more time to write. The show starts on September 25th and will air on ABC. It’s called “How To Get Away With Murder.” I highly recommend tuning in, and then of course, coming here to see my entries about the show!

Sorry for being MIA

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Hey everyone, I am SO sorry about the lack of activity on this page. I am working on a temporary attorney project, and the hours have been pretty crazy. I am doing my best to figure out how to manage my time in a way to allow time for writing. Today my main focus was my writing class, but this blog is next and I promise to find time!

Thanks for understanding.