CeCe & Meredith: PLL’s Crazy Twins? THEORY

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Since I really like wordpress, instead of using my other blog, I’m going to post this PLL theory on here even though it’s off topic in regards to broken laws. I should have 3 broken law recaps coming up on here soon. For now, here’s a theory about Meredith and CeCe from PLL being twins.

I noticed in Aria’s dream/ Ali hallucination (when she had been drugged to sleep by Meredith) Aria did not realize the blonde girl in the room was Ali and not Meredith until Ali turned around. She initially assumed that it was Meredith, because of how similar she and Ali look when they have their backs turned.

This is now a reoccurring theme considering that the same could be said about Cece and Bethany when we consider what we know so far about the night Ali “went missing.” Plenty of PLL fans have noticed that CeCe and Ali look a lot alike, some speculating that they might be related. Melissa’s video revealed that she thought that Bethany was Alison when she didn’t look at the person’s face. Although it has been awhile since we have seen Meredith on the show, I wonder if her resemblance to these girls might have significance. (more…)

Melissa as “Big A” on PLL

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This is a theory to hold you guys over as I finally ease myself back into writing about the law! It has been a crazy few months, but it’s time for this blog to make a comeback.

For now, let me know what you think of this theory regarding Melissa on Pretty Little Liars, and I will be getting back on the subject of broken laws in my upcoming entries!

Based on old theories I have written and more recent events on the show:

Maybe Melissa is big A… She has looked guilty in lots of possible ways when the girls were testing to see if she was A. She admitted to sending texts to Ali and this was proven true by Jonah tracing the texts to a law firm where Melissa worked. (more…)