PLL theory (for now) Mona and Ali 2.0

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My FINAL writing course ends relatively soon (within a matter of weeks) and once that happens, all of my writing time will be devoted to this blog and its initial purpose, pointing out the laws characters break in TV shows. I will catch up on the 3 shows I currently cover (I currently am working on a PLL entry) and I plan to do at least one guest entry on Better Call Saul. It will be a trial run to see how it goes, because I think it will be perfect for this blog. For now, for those of you who are fans of PLL, I am posting a theory regarding Ali, Mona, CeCe and Jason. It revisits one of my original theories about Ali and Mona secretly working together. Check it out, and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.

Mona and Ali 2.0:

Mona and Ali have always been rivals. They’ve been two characters that all of us love to hate. Mona and Ali are both unreliable narrators, causing the girls to think both of them were lying at times when they may have been telling the truth about important clues regarding Big A.

The girls recently admitted out loud that they wrongfully accused Alison of being A. They wrongfully accused her of LYING to them about being A. They’ve accused Mona of lying to them on many occasions too, which makes sense considering that she was A. But what if the two biggest liars on the show only really had ONE big secret?

What if Alison and Mona TRULY have been working together in secret the ENTIRE time? I’ve theorized about this in the past, before we learned that Alison was alive. I have found more support for this theory in recent episodes, though. It’s very possible that Alison and Mona, the show’s biggest “enemies,” have secretly been a team this whole time, and the girls didn’t figure it out because they were too busy accusing both Ali and Mona of lying to them.