Meet Bonnie & the Other Criminals: How To Get Away With Murder Recap + Broken Laws

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Episode 2×05 of How To Get Away With Murder, “Meet Bonnie” begins with a conflicted Asher Millstone fleeing court, where he is supposed to be testifying against Annalise and Co in exchange for immunity in the present case and a mysterious incident from his past. His mind was made up regarding testifying until the end of episode 2×04 (which led to more events in this episode) when Bonnie claimed that she was the one who murdered Sam. Bonnie’s desperate attempt to stop Asher from testifying along with Annalise furthering Bonnie’s attempts by trying to gain sympathy from Asher via footage that allegedly displays Bonnie as a child getting sexually abused by her father. Annalise goes along with Bonnie’s fabricated story that Sam tried to rape Bonnie and she killed him in self defense. This brings us to our first offense of the episode! (more…)