A Little Kidnapped : Brief Legal Recap of episode 7×02 of PLL, Bedlam, Featuring A.D.

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A Little Kidnapped : Brief Legal Recap of episode 7×02 of PLL, Bedlam, Featuring A.D.

The girls were shockingly well behaved in the legal world in this episode of Pretty Little Liars. But not to worry, I still have legal discussion points! We are going to take this brief burst of good behavior by our characters to discuss the exact opposite conduct by our very own villain, A.D.

At the beginning of the episode, Mary Drake, against her better judgment (or so she says) brings Hanna to Spencer’s house to reunite with her friends instead of consulting with the police or perhaps a hospital. Hanna doesn’t trust the police and doctors in this town, a sentiment to which Mary admits later in the episode that she can relate. Mary makes this admission in conversation with Spencer on her choice to bring Hanna to her house despite the condition in which she found her.

At the end of episode 7×01, Mary found Hanna wearing more bruises and blood than clothing. It was clear something horrible had happened during her ordeal, and we saw some photos and clips courtesy of A.D. In the premiere A.D also was kind enough to send Hanna’s friends photos of her bloody face. Additionally, we as viewers saw some of what Hanna went through.

We saw her getting doused in water to the point of extreme discomfort, she clearly was physically attacked by this mystery person, and that’s just the information we have as of now. Despite the trauma and torture from which Hanna just escaped, aside from a few questions from Aria, the PLLs and company understand that in Rosewood, it might not be best for Hanna to report the incident to any authority figures. I understand it too, especially considering the horrific track record the doctors and police in rosewood have with the girls.

After Spencer’s house, Hanna’s friends bring her to Lucas’s loft. There, Emily encourages Hanna to call her fiancé, something that none of her friends did during the time Hanna was missing and getting abused. Hanna’s response to Emily’s suggestion is our blog quote of the day and will lead us to our discussion about A.D.’s behavior. Hanna has no desire to call her fiancé (who by the end of this episode no longer is her fiancé). When Emily presses the idea and insists that Hanna will feel better after hearing Jordan’s voice, Hanna fires back. “And tell him what? I got myself a little kidnapped for awhile?”

Generally my policy in this blog for PLL is not to cover A’s behavior until we learn his or her identity. However I make exceptions when the other characters behave too well for my blog’s own good. None of you thought kidnapping was legal, right?

A aka A.D.’s Broken Law 1!

18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 2901. Kidnapping. (In relevant part)

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Additionally, while we only saw small chunks of what Hanna went through, we saw enough to know that she endured physical torture.

A / A.D’s Broken Law 2!

18 Pa Cons. Stat. § 2702. Aggravated assault. (In relevant part)

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

This has been an excellent opportunity to explore A’s behavior. Thanks for reading! I hope our characters will be up to their usual illegal mischief next week. Please let me know if there are any parts of PLL you’d like me to cover in between.

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