A Tale of Two Confessions…And Too Many Crimes (Recap + Broken Laws of Twisted 4×19)

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This entry contains relevant broken laws from episode 4×18 too

This episode begins with a shirtless Charlie creepily doing pushups while staring at a picture of Jo. This is quickly interrupted when Kyle knocks on his door and informs him that they’re going on a ride. Charlie agrees to go with him.

Meanwhile, Tess and Jo discuss Jo’s shocking revelation that she was there when Danny killed Vikram. Tess supports Jo and agrees that it was self defense and not Danny’s fault. This conversation is a result of Danny’s confession in episode 1×18.

Legal Note 1: (from 1×18)

–Since Danny voluntarily confessed to Kyle, there is NOT a legal problem with the confession taking place before Danny had been read his rights. The 5th amendment Miranda rights apply to involuntary confessions. — Additionally, some states have laws requiring an adult (parent/guardian) to be present during the questioning of a minor. In New York, this law applies to minors UNDER the age of 16, and Danny is 16 years old.   –I’m presuming that Kyle DID read Danny his 5th amendment rights before questioning him further. This means that Danny was informed that he had the right to remain silent and that he did not have to answer any questions without an attorney present. Considering that Danny was very cooperative in answering Kyle’s questions, it appears that Danny voluntarily waived these rights. It actually does seem that Kyle DID do this by the books!  Although Danny was cooperative in answering Kyle’s questions, he did not answer all of them honestly, which presents a problem. This show wouldn’t be “Twisted” if everything went smoothly! 

When Kyle asked Danny if anybody else knew about him killing Vikram, Danny lied. Karen, Jo, and Lacey all knew about it.

Broken Law # 1 Alert! (From episode 1×18)

NY PEN Law  § 210.05 Perjury in the third degree.  
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Danny is always trying to protect people, and one day it just might get him into trouble!

Back in episode 1×19, Jo fills Tess in on the details. Tess informs her that Danny didn’t mention her in his confession to Kyle. Jo explains that Danny was trying to protect her, since they don’t believe that Jack moved Vikram’s body and staged the car accident. When Jo discloses that they actually think Charlie was responsible for that fantastic behavior, it shocks Tess.

Meanwhile, Charlie is in the back of Kyle’s police car attempting to convince him that Danny punched him in the face. Kyle makes a smart-ass remark that if Danny did that, he probably had a good reason for it. Charlie realizes that Kyle’s not taking him to the police station; instead they wind up at the ravine where Vikram died. When Kyle asks Charlie if this scene looks familiar, he starts getting nervous. However, Kyle insists that he’s just following up after what he heard from Danny. He is sure to ask Charlie if he agrees to discuss the subject before asking more questions. Charlie consents, meaning that our favorite Chief is still in line with the 5th amendment.

Legal Note 2:

If Charlie was under arrest, then this line of questioning would be completely inappropriate unless Kyle read him his rights first.    

Kyle asks Charlie if Danny’s allegation that Charlie was at the ravine when Vikram died is true. He gives Charlie the option to either answer his questions now, or at the police station after being placed under arrest. Charlie admits that he was there. He claims that he didn’t come forward originally because he knew he could get in trouble, then he attempts to negotiate an immunity arrangement. He’s making himself look more and more guilty; most people with “nothing to hide,” which is what Charlie told Kyle, don’t need to be guaranteed immunity.

Kyle asks if Danny killed Vikram in self defense, and Charlie lies; he claims that Danny killed Vikram in a “blind rage,” and that no matter what Danny says, it was not self defense. It doesn’t seem like Charlie has learned that much from his time in juvie; it’s definitely not a good idea to lie to a police officer about a crime!

Broken Law # 2 Alert!

NY PEN LAW § 240.50 : NY Code – Section 240.50: Falsely reporting an incident in the third degree (in relevant part)
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

I don’t know what made Charlie think that this was a good idea; perhaps it was the same line of thinking as when he decided to bash himself in the face. Charlie conveniently “forgets” to add the part where he took Vikram’s cell phone from the scene of the crime and put it in Jack’s apartment, which brings us to:

Broken Law # 3 Alert! (From Episode 1×18)

New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.40 Tampering With Physical Evidence (in relevant part)
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

After Charlie finishes his fable about what happened the night Vikram died, Kyle thanks him for his cooperation and demands that he stay away from Jo.

Next, Karen visits Jack in jail and tells him that Danny doesn’t think that Jack had anything to do with covering up Vikram’s murder. She says she thinks that she believes Danny about this. Jack makes a cryptic comment about knowing that Danny will do the right thing in the end. As Karen is leaving, Eddie stops her to inform her that prison visit is not over yet; Kyle needs to talk to her about Danny.

At the police station, Kyle tells Karen that Danny confessed to killing Vikram. Karen does her best attempt at pretending to be shocked. Kyle asks Karen if Danny ever mentioned anything about killing his father, and Karen lies.

Broken Law # 4 Alert!

NY PEN LAW § 240.50 : NY Code – Section 240.50: Falsely reporting an incident in the third degree (in relevant part) See Broken Law # 2 above. Karen has done the same thing here; by lying to protect Danny, she’s implicating Jack who is currently in prison for covering up the crime that Danny just confessed to committing. We know that Danny has not only discussed murdering Vikram with Karen, but also that he does not believe that Jack moved the body. All of that information would have definitely been helpful to Kyle. 

Kyle’s head must be spinning because of all of these lies, and it only gets worse. He tells Karen that Eddie will bring her to see Danny, and as he walks her to Eddie, they’re surprised to find Tess and Jo at the police station. Tess demands a Masterson pow-wow in Kyle’s office.

In an interrogation room, Danny insists to Karen that he had to confess. He gets upset when Karen tells him that Tess and Jo just got there and that she thinks Jo’s there to confess. Danny didn’t want to involve her in this, although he could use a witness who isn’t a crazy person who wants to steal his life.

Tess and Kyle talk in his office, where Kyle explains that Jo was taken for questioning by another detective because he’s not allowed to question his own daughter; it’s against procedure. Tess shows her undying support for this blog by exploding back “To hell with procedure!” Kyle vents about the position he’s in and how he would have been a lot better off if Jo and Danny had told the truth from the start. The truth, there’s a novel idea! Tess believes that it was self-defense, but Kyle explains that he has a witness who says otherwise.

Then, we catch the end of Jo’s statement to the detective. She tells her that Danny killed Vikram in self defense; Vikram was going to hurt Jo and probably kill Danny. Kyle is informed that Jo will be released into his custody. After, Jo apologizes to Kyle for the situation she’s put him in.

The next day, Jo overhears her parents discussing the case and learns that Charlie said it that Danny murdered Vikram and it wasn’t self defense. Kyle tells Jo to stay away from Danny and Charlie. At the police station, Danny gets an ankle bracelet monitor and a curfew. Kyle tells him he’s only allowed to go to school, the library and his house. He also says that there was no evidence found at the Church and the ravine and that Danny “may just walk” despite having confessed. Even upon hearing that news, Danny insists that Charlie needs to get arrested.

Outside the police station, Jo approaches Danny. A very protective Karen tries to stop them from talking because Kyle just told Danny to stay away from Jo approximately 2 seconds ago. When Jo insists, Karen lets them briefly talk. Jo explains that she had to confess and that Danny was right about Charlie. When she confronts Danny about punching him in the face, Danny tells Jo that he didn’t do it. Jo believes Danny and she thinks Charlie’s crazy. It’s about time she realized this.

At Johnny Cakes, Rico, Andie, Whitney and Lacey sit together discussing Danny and Jo’s confessions. Rico doesn’t know yet what they confessed to doing. Whitney’s mom arrives, interrupting the conversation abruptly. Whitney’s mom informs her that she’s here to take Whitney home because the situation in Green Grove with Jack is too ugly. She invites Whitney and Lacey to have dinner with her, but Whitney declines and says that they have other plans. When Whitney and Lacey leave, Rico comments to Andie that there has been a lot of drama today. Andie has some less insane news for Rico; her parents want to meet him; they’ve invited him to come out to dinner that night. Rico promises to be on his most charming behavior.

As Jo walks outside, Charlie approaches her and attempts to explain his behavior. He apologizes and begs Jo to let him explain, but she doesn’t want to hear more lies from him. She tells him to find his own life and stay out of hers.

At Lacey’s house, Whitney tells Lacey that her mom wants her to leave right away and isn’t even letting her finish the school day. Then, she tells Lacey about her mom’s boyfriend hitting on her. Lacey wants to try to convince Whitney’s mom to let her stay.

Danny visits Jack in jail. He feels bad that he didn’t come forward right away, but Jack tells him not to apologize. He’s feeling hopeful that he might get out of jail, especially now that Kyle is looking more into Charlie’s possible role in all of this craziness.

Jo and Rico have a long overdue friendly heart-to-heart. Jo finally opens up and tells Rico about everything that happened. Rico knew that something had been going on with Jo, but he’s shocked to hear about this. She thanks him for listening and he thanks her for telling him about it. It’s an adorable friendship moment until Rico looks at the time and realizes that he’s late for dinner with Andie’s parents. He rushes to meet them at the restaurant, but when he gets there, they’re already done eating and they’re about to leave. Rico tries to redeem himself by giving the best excuse ever, that his friend was in jail but she’s not anymore. He tries to get Andie’s parents to stay and have desert, but Andie’s dad says they’ll have to reschedule. Rico apologizes to Andie. She says it’s ok, but she seems mad.

Danny shows up at Jo’s house and climbs through her bedroom window. It’s just like old times; things almost seem back to “normal!” Jo fills Danny in on Charlie’s attempt to talk to her. Danny admits that he has feelings for Jo, but after all that’s happened, Jo’s confused about how she feels. Jo says she’s going to take a night to sleep on it. She and Danny hug, and Charlie creepily watches the whole thing from outside. He clearly did not get his own life yet!

The next day, at school, Jo and Lacey finally talk. It seems like their friendship still stands a chance. They discuss Jo coming forward. Then Danny approaches them. Jo confirms that Danny was right about Charlie being crazy. Lacey tells Danny she’s glad he’s out, and she compliments his ankle bracelet. Lacey rushes off when she sees Whitney in the hall. Jo and Danny talk about what he said the night before, then they decide school isn’t the best place to discuss this. They hold hands and agree to meet at the library later. I’m pretty sure when Kyle said that Danny could go to the library, he meant alone, not with Jo. As Kyle said, Danny spending time as Jo or Charlie could be seen as threatening a witness. Clearly that’s not what Danny’s doing here, but this guy seriously cannot follow rules!

Whitney’s mom comes out of the principal’s office, already finished filling out the required paperwork to pull Whitney out of school. Lacey protests to her about taking Whitney home and cites her mom’s boyfriend as a reason. Whitney’s mom laughs at the idea of this and informs Lacey that Whitney’s a “habitual liar,” and that her boyfriend never came on to her. Whitney’s mom also tells Lacey that Whitney was kicked out of her previous school for skinny dipping with the Dean’s son. Lacey’s shocked by this. All of a sudden, Jack pulls up to them. Perfect timing! He’s out on bail and refuses to let Whitney’s mom take her to the city. Whitney’s mom hands over the paperwork she just finished filling out and tells Jack he can “unsign” everything. Then she sarcastically tells Lacey to have fun with her daughter, and leaves.

Tess and Karen talk about all of the insanity with their kids. They realize that both of them are looking for someone to blame for their kids being in all of this trouble. Karen identifies the perfect person to blame, Vikram! Everything is Vikram’s fault. Karen starts talking about all of the things he’s lied about, and Tess adds that he forged her adoption papers. Tess’s new development confirms this “everything is Vikram’s fault” idea. Even the next broken law is Vikram’s fault!

Broken Law # 5 Alert!

NY. PEN. Law § 175.25 Tampering with public records in the first degree (in relevant part).  
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Tess and Karen decide to get a magic wand to make Vikram permanently disappear from their lives, and by magic wand, I mean sledgehammer. Unbeknownst to Tess, she should be more concerned about Jo right now. Jo heads to the library to meet Danny, but Charlie finds her first. He grabs her and puts a handkerchief over her mouth. Ok, so maybe not EVERYTHING is Vikram’s fault; Charlie also causes a lot of trouble!

Broken Law # 6 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 135 – § 135.20 Kidnapping in the Second Degree
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

I thought this guy got out of juvie early for “good behavior.” It seems he also left all of that alleged good behavior in his juvie cell. 

At the Desai house, Karen and Tess take turns bashing Vikram’s desk with a sledgehammer. They stop when Karen notices some papers that appear to contain “more secrets.” It’s very hard for everyone to get this dead guy out of their lives; his crimes have come back to haunt everybody he ever met. They discover that Vikram paid $100,000 to the doctor who delivered Tess’s baby, leading Tess to believe that there was an illegal adoption involved.

Danny goes to the police station (which is not on his strict list of places he’s currently allowed to be) to warn Kyle that Jo might be in danger. He explains that he was supposed to meet Jo, who he’s not supposed to be talking to, at the library and she didn’t show up and hasn’t responded to calls or texts. Danny also mentions that Charlie wasn’t in school that day. Kyle is baffled by Danny’s blatant disregard to his instructions, but texts Jo to see if she’s alright. He gets an immediate response that she’s at Johnny Cakes with Rico. When Danny hears this, he bolts out the door. That ankle bracelet is really having an impact on Danny’s life!

Broken Law # 7 Alert!

Violation of Pretrial Release (paraphrased)
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Jack shows up and Karen is surprised to see him. Apparently she didn’t get the memo that all of Green Grove’s criminals are out on bail. He admits to staging Vikram’s accident. I’m running out of characters in this show who have not broken the law.

Broken Law # 8 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.40 Tampering With Physical Evidence (in relevant part) See broken law # 3 of this entry; the same applies to Jack!

Jack assures Karen that he didn’t know about the life insurance policy before doing this and that he was doing it to protect Danny. Karen feels terrible about all of her accusations and begs for forgiveness, which she gets pretty quickly. They kiss and make up.

The same cannot be said for Lacey and Whitney. Whitney confronts Lacey at Johnny Cakes to ask why she hasn’t been answering her calls. Lacey is upset about all of Whitney’s lies. Whitney says that she risked a lot being with Lacey, but doesn’t explain when Lacey asks what she means. When Lacey says she can’t deal with this right now, Whitney apologizes and leaves.

Rico is sitting one booth over, but as we already know, Jo is not there with him like Kyle thinks. Danny bolts in and runs over to Rico asking where Jo is. Rico tells Danny that Jo hasn’t been at there all day. Lacey makes a remark about Danny breaking the rules of his release, and Danny says that he’s worried about Jo but that Lacey will probably think that he’s paranoid again. Rico interjects that it’s not paranoia if Danny’s right; “then it’s good thinking.” Now that he knows what happened, Rico understands why Danny is worried. Lacey uses an app to locate Jo and finds out that she’s in Willoughby. Danny calls Kyle and relays this information.

Meanwhile, in Willoughby, Jo wakes up and reaches for her phone, then Charlie creepily informs her that he’s “holding it for her.” Jo puts together that Charlie kidnapped her. When Jo asks, “we’re not in Green Grove, are we?” Charlie responds that they’re in the town where he grew up before Vikram Desai murdered his mother. Jo is stunned when Charlie explains that his mother was Danny’s aunt Tara. Charlie says that he was 13 when Vikram killed Tara, and he wound up in foster care. Under the impression that Danny killed Tara, Charlie deliberately got himself sent to the same juvie as Danny. He admits that he went there because he wanted to kill Danny. Then, Charlie found out that Vikram was the killer and he and Danny became close, so close that Charlie wanted Danny’s life. He was jealous when he heard Danny’s stories about Green Grove. Charlie tells Jo that he fell in love with her. Jo attempts to use this to convince him not to hurt her. She goes towards the door, but Charlie physically stops her from escaping. Forcefully preventing Jo from leaving is more bad news for Charlie.

Broken Law # 9 Alert! 

New York Penal – Article 135 – § 135.10 Unlawful Imprisonment in the First Degree
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Jo’s mother is having drama of her own. She and Karen found the name of the doctor that Vikram paid such a large amount of money to, and Tess locates him. When she mentions the doctor being paid a large amount of money 18 years ago to make sure the baby went to a certain family, he immediately knows what incident she means. The doctor tells Tess that he knew she’d come to him one day. Although Tess assures him that she won’t be going to authorities, she didn’t promise that his conduct wouldn’t be mentioned in a certain blog. Vikram also gets another sarcastic gold star for this one.

Broken Law # 10 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 200 – § 200.00 Bribery in the Third Degree
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

If ghosts could get arrested, Vikram Desai would be in some serious trouble. This doctor isn’t innocent either.

Broken Law # 11 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 200 – § 200.10 Bribe Receiving in the Third Degree
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Broken Law # 12 Alert!

Since the doctor knew that Vikram falsified the adoption papers, he’s just as guilty as Vikram. 

NY. PEN. Law § 175.25 Tampering with public records in the first degree (in relevant part). *See broken law # 5 of this entry!

The doctor reminds Tess that Vikram went through a lot of trouble to make sure that she wouldn’t find out about this, but Tess wants to know the truth.

In a shocking turn of events, Danny ignores his ankle bracelet once again. At least he doesn’t break the no driving rule though, he gets a ride from Lacey to go find Jo. He and Lacey discuss the importance of the friendship between Danny, Lacey and Jo. Danny thanks Lacey for driving, and she says that she’s worried about Jo also. Kyle calls Danny to say that he got his message and he’s on his way. Kyle also asks where Danny is because he got an alert that the ankle bracelet went off. Danny pretends that his phone is cutting out to avoid this question.

Back at Johnny Cakes, Andie meets up with Rico, but she says her parents aren’t coming because they got into a big fight. Rico gets worried, but it turns out Andie is happy about this fight because her parents finally let her make her own decisions. They also invited Rico to come to dinner later in the week. He had better show up on time!

Whitney arrives at the Desai house and she and Jack have an incredibly weird conversation. They discuss how nice the house is; Jack is sure Whitney will love it there. When Jack asks about Lacey, Whitney tells him that Lacey thinks she’s a manipulator. Then she asks Jack about Charlie, and Jack says that he went rogue and that he never felt comfortable about working with Charlie. It turns out the three of them were in on some plan together, and it doesn’t sound legal. This will be addressed if Twisted gets renewed. Either way, Jack says that it doesn’t matter what happened with Charlie, because they’re in with the Desai family now. How creepy!

Charlie starts tying Jo up, as if his actions weren’t already crazy enough. All of a sudden, Lacey and Danny barge in and Charlie holds a knife up to her. Jo’s clearly terrified, and Lacey and Danny are incredibly worried. Of course, Charlie also is not allowed to be threatening Jo with a knife.

Broken Law # 13 Alert!

NY. PEN. Law § 120.14 Menacing in the second degree. (in relevant part)     
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Additionally, Charlie’s calculated plan that he’s admitted to presents a problem.

Broken Law # 14 Alert!

NY. PEN. Law § 120.45 Stalking in the fourth degree. (in relevant part).  
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Danny yells at Charlie to let Jo go because he’s the one who Charlie wants. Jo blurts out that Tara was Charlie’s mother. Charlie rambles about how lonely his life was and how Danny was his only friend. They’re having a nice pleasant conversation; it would just be great if Charlie would put the knife down! Then Kyle walks in and points his gun at Charlie. When he tells Charlie to put the knife down and let Jo go, Charlie holds onto Jo more. All of a sudden, Tess bursts in and gets between Kyle and Charlie. She cries out that Kyle can’t hurt Charlie because he’s her son! Then the camera zooms out, and as the episode ends, we hear a gunshot, but we don’t know who, if anyone got shot. I hope Twisted gets renewed for a second season so that we can discuss what happens next!

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