Ankle Monitor Drama in “Plea,” Episode 4×22 of Revenge

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Highlights from the beginning of the Episode: Stay Tuned for More!

“I’m not pleading guilty to anything!” Emily/ Amanda adamantly declares at her hearing at the beginning of the episode. When the judge awarded her house arrest and warned her of the harsh consequences that would come if she violated it, one would think that she’d be on her best behavior. Then one would remember that this is Emily/Amanda we’re talking about, and as Nolan recently put it, “Emily Thorne wasn’t built for good.” Ben called this one, the second Emily got an ankle monitor, she started dreaming up schemes to escape. With the help of Nolan and David, she briefly succeeded before landing herself back in prison. Let’s start off with Emily’s criminal behavior of leaving her house in clear violation of her house arrest. Despite David’s begging and attempt at being a strict father with rules, Emily quickly snuck out after receiving her monitor.

Broken Law # 1! § 205.15 Escape in the first degree.

NY PEN LAW 205.15: Escape in the first degree.

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

“You are under arrest for the murder of Victoria Grayson.” We watched Ben show up with other police officers and arrest Emily as she left behind a confused Jack. Murder is a class A felony, and Emily was supposed to be confined to her home pursuant to a court order. That’s not good at all, nor is Nolan’s role in all of this; he hacked into the system for Emily’s original monitor and created a false replica for her to take. Additionally, while Emily didn’t have David Clarke’s permission to put the monitor on his arm, after she did so, he was completely complicit in her plan, knew exactly what she was doing and proceeded to lie to Ben/ Officer Hunter and claim that Emily was asleep upstairs. This course of behavior is odd considering that all of these people are on a quest to keep Emily/Amanda OUT of jail; perhaps adding to your roster of felonies isn’t the best plan, Team Clarke!

Our favorite self-proclaimed “Hacker Behind Emily Thorne,” Nolan Ross, was up to no good in this episode. His work on the ankle monitor could have gotten him into a lot of trouble! As mentioned above, Emily’s violation of house arrest is a felony; unfortunately for Nolan, his help also constitutes a felony, as does David’s conduct in lying to Ben to cover for Emily.

Broken Law # 2 and 3 (Applying it to Nolan and David)

NY PEN LAW § 205.65 Hindering prosecution in the first degree.

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

It’s hard to believe that this is just the beginning for this episode, but a lot more bad behavior ensues and we have more to discuss. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for reading. Please remember that since I am only covering highlights, I will take requests if there’s a part you would like to see on here!

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