My reaction to tonight’s PLL and more support for my theories on A’s Motives

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Melissa as “Big A” on PLL

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This is a theory to hold you guys over as I finally ease myself back into writing about the law! It has been a crazy few months, but it’s time for this blog to make a comeback.

For now, let me know what you think of this theory regarding Melissa on Pretty Little Liars, and I will be getting back on the subject of broken laws in my upcoming entries!

Based on old theories I have written and more recent events on the show:

Maybe Melissa is big A… She has looked guilty in lots of possible ways when the girls were testing to see if she was A. She admitted to sending texts to Ali and this was proven true by Jonah tracing the texts to a law firm where Melissa worked. (more…)

Toby & Aria PLL theories

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This weekend (today included) will be devoted to finally getting this blog up to date. I have been busier than I expected. But for now, although slightly off topic, I have two theories based on the PLL finale. One is based on the fact that the writers said that some of the characters would find out who “A” was in the finale of PLL, and the other is about who killed Mona. Both of them are farfetched; I don’t necessarily believe they will happen.

Theory 1: Toby is (still) A

The dialogue between Mona and Spencer could have been a clue about who A is.

This is the play-by-play of what happened.

Mona “Emily hasn’t checked in..”

Spencer gets a text..

Mona: “you better make sure that’s not A”

Spencer: “you mean Alison?”

Camera zooms on Spencer’s phone and shows the name TOBY..

Spencer: “it’s Toby.”

Then Mona discourages Spencer from telling Toby that they broke into Radley saying as a cop he wouldn’t want to know.. Maybe that wasn’t why.. Mona didn’t initially say Ali was A outloud even when asked twice.. She only said it to Aria moments before she died. Maybe Toby is A and Mona knew it.. And that could have been the clue to the fans to which the writers of the show were referring.

Theory 2: Aria killed Mona

Aria drops the red paint at Radley and says “I’m so sorry this was all my fault!” The red could be symbolic of blood.. Aria spilling the paint was deliberate and it was to help MONA and Spencer sneak around Radley.. What if this was symbolic of Aria having “blood on her hands?”

Maybe Aria killed Mona.. The paint reminded me of the fact that Mona’s blood was everywhere.. Also the girls get a text from A when they find out Mona died that mimicked what aria said at Radley.. “It’s all your fault-A”. Plus, at Radley, Holbrook mentioned murder to Aria (whether she imagined it or not it was put in that scene) AND mentioned homicide in the scene when Mona died.. Were these scenes purposely parallel? And I am aware that Aria was with the girls when they found Mona’s house that way, but we don’t know if some time passed that could have given Aria time to do this.

I hope you enjoy this for now, and the next thing that gets posted on this blog will be law-related. Somebody call me on it if it doesn’t happen soon 😉


The Silence Of E. Lamb, Where Is That Man? (Rhyming Recap of PLL 5×07)

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As I mentioned, PLL did not have enough broken laws tonight for me to cover in a recap. When that happens, I do a creative type of recap instead. The following is a rhyming recap of  Pretty Little Liars episode 5×07, “The Silence of E. Lamb.” Stay tuned for a PLL criminal rap sheet coming up soon!

Mrs. Fields invites Ali and the girls to eat

But Em and Ali both have cold feet.

None of the girls really want to attend,

but they reluctantly agree in the end.

Ali’s nervous about hiding her bruises

She’s sick of all the fake excuses.

Sydney pops out of the bathroom stall,

The girls’ conversation, she heard it all!

To Alison, Sydney introduces herself

It seems like she knows her from somewhere else.


Back From Vacation: PLL Theory While I Catch Up!

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Click on the picture of the following PLL poster for a mini-theory about Ali’s eyes in the most recent Pretty Little Liars poster in relation to certain “A” type scenes in the show! I will be catching up on both PLL and Revenge, but please bare with me as I also have a writing class that started this week. I’m glad to be back though, and stay tuned for more updates ASAP!