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As I mentioned, the most recent episode of PLL did not have that many broken laws. However, on my other blog, I posted a regular recap of the episode. For next week’s episode, I’ll be back to covering the broken laws, but for now, click on the picture below to check out my recap of PLL episode 5×02!

Stay tuned for broken law recaps for both Revenge and PLL!

Bite Your Tongue — Even Talking Can Get You In Trouble In Rosewood (PLL 4×17 Recap + Broken Laws)

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This episode mentions relevant broken laws from Episode 4×16

This episode begins with Emily and Aria discussing a movie they just got back from seeing. Aria attempts to lightly mention Spencer, but it’s clear that Emily still has not forgiven Spencer for invading her secret rendez-vous with Alison in episode 4×16. As Emily and Aria approach Aria’s house, they hear music blasting. Party at Mike Montgomery’s! Aria barges in on her brother throwing a party, or as he refers to it, “having a few friends over.” Aria makes it clear to her brother that she’s “not chillin,” and she gives him 10 minutes to break the party up. I’m pretty sure there’s more than just water in those red cups everyone has, meaning Mike and his friends have also managed to break the law in the first 5 minutes of the episode. That’s pretty impressive!

This is a law that characters in PLL have been breaking since day 1. Seriously, check out our very first broken law discussion from my entry on the pilot episode of PLL!

Broken Law # 1 Alert!

Underage Drinking (in Relevant Part) 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 6308 (a) :
“A person has violated the law against underage drinking if she is under 21 years old, attempts to purchase, consumes, possesses OR knowingly or intentionally transports any liquor or malt beverages…For a first offense, this is a “summary offense,” the lowest level of crime in Pennsylvania.
Penalties: Fine of up to $500.00, but the maximum fine for a first offense is $300, License Suspension of 90 days (1st offense) (an occupational limited license may be available for a first offense).”

It’s not as bad as Mike’s breaking and entering days, but still, he should know better!

Next, Spencer obsessively stalks her pictures from Ali’s journal and calls Hanna to find out earth-shattering news– Hanna is READING A BOOK! She’s into detective novels now and Spencer refuses to allow Hanna to be intelligent. She implies that Hanna can’t read on her own and needs a boy (Travis) to read to her. Hanna informs Spencer that she’s not seeing Travis anymore and she’s capable of reading by herself. 

Still in disbelief, Spencer asks Hanna if she really chose to stay home and read instead of going to the movies with Aria and Emily. It turns out, Hanna wasn’t invited to the movie because Emily is mad at Hanna for not being mad at Spencer. If you listen carefully, this almost sounds like a conversation that normal high school girls would have!

Aria and Emily find MONA in Aria’s house; They’re shocked to learn that Mike invited her. Mona informs Emily that not everyone treats her like garbage. Mona loves Aria’s wallpaper, Emily and Aria are sufficiently freaked out just by her presence. If they’re not busy being afraid of anonymous girls in red coats, they can still get their fix of horror by seeing Mona in a red dress!

The following day, Aria asks Mike about Mona. They met in a group in school with the new guidance counselor, Jesse (Wes Ramsey). Apparently he’s “cool” and Aria demands if Mona was at their house to poop or snoop. Mike wants Aria to stop judging Mona for tormenting her and her best friends. When Aria brings up that Mona is the reason Ella found out about Byron’s affair with Meredith, Mike suggests that if Aria forgave her dad,  she should forgive the messenger, Mona. While it makes me cringe when people defend Mona’s behavior on this show, I have to admit that Mike might have a point here. 

Wayne Fields is back and he immediately terrifies Emily by explaining that someone remotely messed with her GPS and/or car. Wayne notices that Em is acting weird AGAIN. But why don’t any of the parents realize that “A” is back? Wayne’s revelation about Emily’s car has caused Emily to boycott driving. She’s taking her bike where she’s obviously safe from “A,” since “A” would never attack a bike rider. I guess everybody has forgotten about that poor guy on Spencer’s decathlon team, but I digress.

Maggie is back; oh, great! She has returned because her landlord is SUCH a jerk for wanting her to return the keys to her old apartment! Maggie doesn’t want Ezra seeing Malcolm- he’s pissed, and so is Aria. She interrupts their conversation in Ezra’s classroom. Ezra tells Aria that “people get what they deserve eventually” when Aria begins getting angry about Maggie. Does he mean that Maggie deserved for him to punch her lawyer’s car? 

Next, Hanna runs into Detective Holbrook while book shopping. Holbrook recommends books and apologizes for abusing Hanna and her family, causing her mother to go to prison for NO reason and get an undeserved stigma of being a cop-killer. Hanna brushes this off; as long as he has a good taste in mystery novels, he can do no wrong. 

At school, Hanna and Emily talk. Emily fills Hanna in on what “A” did to her car. She tells Hanna that she doesn’t feel safe anywhere and predicts that next move by “A” might be to melt off her face with coffee. Emily demands for Hanna to stop reading; it’s great to see Hanna getting such sound advice from her friends! Hanna begs Emily to make up with Spencer but Emily slams a locker door in Spencer’s face instead. Hanna compares Emily and Spencer to her divorced parents. 

Aria flips out when she sees Mona acting flirty with Mike. Mona remarks she found a new crowd when the group “burned her off like a wart” after she helped Hanna’s mom get out of prison. Mona still has great one-liners even when they’re not delivered in the form of “A” text messages! Aria immediately assumes that Mona’s interest in Mike is solely for the purpose of stalking Aria and her friends. Mona brings up the same super-awesome guidance counselor that Mike mentioned, and Aria can’t even come up with a response to Mona’s accusations of her and the other PLLs treating her like a frozen wart/yoyo. 

Spencer runs into Andrew Campbell, who reminds her that she has a physics exam. Spencer freaks out because she completely forgot about the exam. She begs for Andrew to cover for her and come over with his physics notes later. Then she demands to know how he can stay up all night studying and still look so pretty the next day at school. She wants his beauty tips. 

Mona goes into Ezra/Mr. Fitz’s (I’m still unclear on what we’re calling him these days) classroom because he wanted to see her. He asks her to come in and close the door. I figured Ezra was not allowed to shut the door with students in the room anymore after the whole dating-his-underage-student thing, but it seems as if the administration of Rosewood High has temporarily forgotten about this.  

Hanna goes ballistic when she thinks a waiter threw her book in the garbage; she’s on the last two pages! She runs into Holbrook again, and admits she always skips to the ending of mystery books (there goes my speed-reading theory), but Holbrook insists that she needs to read the twist in the middle. He’s not into spoilers, but since he owes her for the whole sending her mother to prison thing, he hints that the twist has to do with the teeth used to identify the body. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that somebody stole teeth from the coffin where “Alison” was buried! Or maybe somebody just thought that necklaces made of teeth would be the next fashion trend. 

Aria confronts the new guidance counselor and explains that she’s worried that Mike is hanging out with a girl who’s “bad news.” Aria attempts to be polite describing Mona, so she comes up with a great euphemism, “MONA’S THE DEVIL.” She has always been great with words! Jesse wants Aria to come to sessions with him, but she declines. She’s too busy solving mysteries about fake dead girls to get any guidance. 

Next, we see Ezra send a mysterious text stating that “there’s a setback re: Alison.” That’s not creepy or anything. Luckily, somebody still thinks Ezra is trustworthy. Wayne Fields comes to Ezra’s classroom to discuss Emily’s recent strange behavior. Wayne isn’t pleased that Emily slept in her “dead” BFF’s bed while he was gone, nor is he pleased that Emily lived with Alison’s delusional, crazy mother. He insists that school can’t be the only cause for Emily’s stress. Wayne wants Ezra to help since he is “one of the only teachers that Emily trusts.” Ezra offers to give Emily an extra curricular project; let’s just hope it’s not like the projects he’s given Aria!

Andrew shows up at Spencer’s house with his physics notes, as promised. Spencer grills him on how many hours he studied for the exam; it turns out she has been “watching him,” and she sounds incredibly creepy when she tells him this. She wants him to share “his study aid. The kind with the child-proof cap,” because she needs to stay up late. She begs him, and reminds him that he should definitely give his drugs to her because she once showed him her side boob. Andrew admits that he knew Spencer would never trust somebody else’s notes, and admits that he had an ulterior motive for coming over; he was hoping that she was done with “that carpenter.” Everybody just loves calling Toby that out of jealousy! Since Spencer is still with Toby, for now Andrew decides to settle for being Spencer’s drug dealer! For the two smartest people at school, they sure know how to break rules! This brings us to: 

Broken Law # 2 Alert! 

Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act (35 P. S. § §  780-101—780-144) (in relevant part)
“…The sale at retail or dispensing of any controlled substance listed in Schedules II, III and IV to any person, except to one authorized by law to sell, dispense, prescribe or possess such substances, unless upon the written or oral prescription of a person licensed by law to prescribe such drug…”

I’m looking at you, Andrew!


Broken Law # 3 Alert!: 

Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act (35 P. S. § §  780-101—780-144) (in relevant part)“…Knowingly or intentionally possessing a controlled or counterfeit substance by a person not registered under this act, or a practitioner not registered or licensed by the appropriate State board…”

Now, I’m looking at YOU, Spencer! Don’t you have enough trouble in your life already?

Next, Emily wakes up in the middle of the night hearing creepy noises as usual in the PLL world. She grabs the first weapon she can find to defend herself and winds up nearly stabbing her father with a pair of scissors. Wow, Emily, way to NOT hide your craziness from your dad one bit. We do see a handprint outside Emily’s window, though, so “A” probably was planning on messing with Emily, and in that case, scissors would not likely be enough to save her!

Spencer is studying, but not for physics. She’s scrutinizing Ali’s diary, reading an entry about Ali on a date with a mystery boy who likes a weird pie and beer combination. On this date, Ali discusses her story-telling, then Ali and the mystery boy kiss. Spencer pictures the scenes in her head using her own voice to fill in the mystery boy’s part of the conversation. The mystery boy says that all great literature comes down to 2 themes: LOVE AND DEATH.

 Spencer has a lead after reading Ali’s diary entry. She shows up at Hanna’s house at 4 AM, and Hanna looks GORGEOUS for a girl who just got woken up by her crazy friend at that hour. Her mom luckily didn’t wake up from Spencer and her noise because she downed a bottle of wine before bed. Classic Ashley Marin. Spencer recognizes the pub Ali described in her diary with pie and beer boy. Spencer wants Hanna to go with her to the pub, but Hanna has big plans to go to the dentist and pose as a patient so she can steal the records about Ali’s case.

Aria runs into Maggie. Maggie really needs to go back to Ezra’s fake son and leave Rosewood. Aria is being her snarky self and inserting herself into the Maggie/Ezra/Malcolm situation. Maggie keeps calling Ezra “MR. FITZ” and implies that Aria’s GPA is solely from sleeping with Ezra. This leads to Aria shoving Maggie and causing her to drop a box filled with her belongings. Suddenly, Aria is sorry and “walks away fast,” as she recounts to Emily. Emily informs Aria that she will be working with Ezra on the next school play as a result of her close call with stabbing her father with scissors. 

At the dentist’s office, Hanna is told to wait because she has a loose filling, but she wants to get right into stealing files. Spencer goes to the pub where she runs into Mr. Fitz/Ezra. She asks what he’s eating, it’s the same pie that Spencer read about in Ali’s diary. Ezra rushes off and cancels the rest of his order. When the waitress returns, she gives Spencer the beer Ezra had ordered and deliberately doesn’t ID her. We just met this woman and she’s already breaking laws! She fits right in with the rest of the crowd.

Broken Law # 4 Alert! 

 47 P.S. § 4-493(14) Pennsylvania Liquor Code: PERMITTING UNDESIRABLE PERSONS OR MINORS TO FREQUENT PREMISES (in relevant part) :
“…If a minor is frequenting a… restaurant… then the minor may not sit at the bar section of the premises, nor may any alcoholic beverages be served at the table or booth at which the said minor is seated unless said minor is with a parent, legal guardian or under proper supervision.” 

Beer and drugs cannot be a good mix for Spencer. I didn’t actually catch Spencer drinking the beer, but if she did, refer to the first broken law of this entry! 

Spencer and the waitress agree that Ezra’s order of weird berry pie and beer is gross, which was the same sentiment Ali had in the entry that led Spencer to this pub. Then Spencer notices what type of beer Ezra ordered, and this CANNOT be good; it’s called BOARD SHORTS ALE! Spencer immediately knows what this means: EZRA IS BOARD SHORTS! She’s Spencer and knows this as a fact because beer labels are ALWAYS concrete evidence. If I nicknamed all of my friends after their favorite beers, they’d all have some pretty weird nicknames! Spencer looks 100% convinced and terrified. Spencer goes through the entry in her head again, but this time, she fills in mystery boy’s voice with Ezra’s voice. It’s a little odd that she’s having a flashback of something she’s never seen in real life, but this is PLL where nothing is weird.  

Meanwhile, at the dentist, Hanna bolts from her chair to steal Alison’s dental records. She shoves the confidential file in her purse; she’s an expert at this by now. See my entry on PLL’s episode “The Homecoming Hangover” for a reminder on Hanna’s expertise on this particular broken law. It’s broken law # 2 in that entry. 

Broken Law # 5 Alert!

18 Pa. Cons. Stat . § 4104.  Tampering with records or identification (in relevant part):
(a) “Writings.–A person commits a misdemeanor of the first degree if, knowing that he has no privilege to do so, he falsifies, destroys, removes or conceals any writing or record, or distinguishing mark or brand or other identification with intent to deceive or injure anyone or to conceal any wrongdoing.”

NOTE: Spencer could have been guilty of this too when she looked at her attorney father’s confidential records about the Radley case in episode 4×16. 
I forgive her though, because of the priceless remark her father made to Toby afterwards: “PUT SOME PANTS ON. WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT RADLEY.” 

It’s very hard to teach these girls the lessons they need to learn about proper behavior!

“A” is trying really hard to teach Hanna this time, though! After stealing the file, Hanna returns to the dentist chair thinking that nobody noticed she’d been gone. She thinks she’s making small talk with Dr. Ackard, but we see that it’s “A” sticking a NEEDLE IN HANNA’S MOUTH. This is absolutely insane. Hanna quickly goes unconscious. 

 Emily shows up at school after-hours and of COURSE, something creepy happens. There are no lights on inside and Emily hears scary noises. Not considering the fact that she’s been being stalked for the past few years, she assumes the best, her English teacher must be making the noise, so she bellows “Mr. Fitz?!” instead of leaving. Doors start slamming and locking by themselves, and music starts blaring out of the speakers. Emily frantically calls her father to pick her up. A neon sign lights up in the hall that flashes, “Act Normal, Bitch!” Really, “A?” That’s a low blow, there! 

Still at the dentist, Hanna wakes up. She’s completely freaked out (rightfully so) and the file is gone from her purse. Emily is still at the Rosewood house of horror trying to get herself out through the window because she’s locked inside. Her dad arrives and she bangs on the window to get his attention. Wayne realizes the doors are locked, Emily sees a creepy “A” like shadow, and someone is attempting to open the door to the room she’s in; the doorknob is moving. Emily gets her dad’s attention and he climbs up to rescue Emily who is screaming that someone is there trying to get her. Wayne rescues Emily just as the person was about to go in the room. We see a black hoodie person staring at her out the window. 

Immediately afterwards, Wayne collapses due to a heart condition. Wayne claims it’s “just stress.” 
Even though he’s going to the hospital, he seems confident about his health, but so does everyone who dies on this show. Oh, PLL, PLEASE DO NOT KILL OFF WAYNE FIELDS! 

After this incident, Emily goes to Aria’s house, absolutely terrified. These girls are always terrified. Spencer comes over because Aria told her about Emily’s dad. Spencer and Emily finally hug it out. Hanna arrives and tells her dentist horror story. Her mouth is still numb.

Among her other skills, Spencer is suddenly a dentist too. Hanna asks the girls to look in her mouth and Spencer grabs the tweezers and retrieves an “A” NOTE LEFT IN HANNA’S MOUTH. CREEPY MUCH? It says: “I told you: Dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking. -A” WHAT?!?!? As creepy as this note is, if I were Hanna, I’d be more worried about my health at this point… Although I’d hesitate to trust ANY doctors anywhere near this town. 

Finally, at the end, we see someone in black gloves, presumably “A,” taking the files Hanna had, shredding them, & using them for TIPPI THE BIRD’S CAGE. We see a map of Cape May, and the bird greets “A” by saying “HEY BOARD SHORTS.” Tippi the bird is back in town with a vengeance! I’ll be back with another update on PLL next week, because I don’t anticipate the crime in Rosewood to stop! 

I’ll be updating soon with my first “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” installment. Additionally, don’t forget that “Twisted” comes back on February 11th and so do my updates on the show! Thanks for reading. 🙂 

Love ShAck BAby: Let’s Hope No One Shacks Up In Jail! (Recap/ broken laws of PLL Episode 4×15)

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This entry will address any relevant laws that were broken in the premiere of season 4B also

The episode starts right where we left off last week. The girls yell at Hanna for hiding Alison’s journal from them, and Hanna’s excuse is that she hid it because of what Ali wrote in there. There were secrets about all of them and insulting comments. Eventually they agree to take turns reading the journal to figure out which stories were about them (Ali used fake names). Emily’s going first. Of COURSE the girls think it’s smart to trust the diary written by a girl who pretended to be dead for years.

Emily has a dream — at least it looked like a dream; we can never know for sure with this show — about Ali visiting her. In the dream they discuss the journal. Ali begs Emily to help her because Emily always saw the best in her. Emily pretty much tells Ali that she doesn’t see anything good about her now, even if Ali did save her life twice. They discuss a journal entry Ali wrote about the kissing rock, which was Emily and Ali’s meeting spot. Ali thought she was smart “locking everything in a journal” but she now realizes that “THEY” took it all. Emily asks Ali who’s after her but Ali says that she doesn’t know. The intense conversation is interrupted by Emily’s loud, awful, worst noise creator of an alarm clock. That thing is almost as bad as “A!”

Legal Note 1: 

Although this seems like it should be absolutely illegal, the act of faking your own death is not a crime on its own. It depends on the REASON somebody faked their own death. Usually, people who have done this wind up getting arrested because they faked their death to avoid getting caught for a crime that they committed before the “death.” Until we know if that’s the case with Alison, her messed up behavior is not against the law. 

Hanna and Ashley have a brief heart-to-heart regarding Caleb. Hanna puts on a brave face, but there’s no way she’s gotten over Caleb this quickly. It’s not like she can fall in love with a ghost overnight like Caleb can.

Spencer shows up at Toby’s house and learns that her father canceled his meeting with Toby about Radley. She suspects that her father has ulterior motives anyway, but Toby still wants to pursue his war against Radley.  Spencer promises to call her dad for him. Oh yeah and Spencer can cook flan in case anyone wants some; she’s made it clear that she’s your girl!

Aria leaves a note for Ezra in his classroom. She gives Spencer a lame excuse about returning a pen, which leads to Spencer interrogating her, then informing her that she likes Jake, but LOVES Ezra. Score for #Ezria! Then she and Spencer join the other girls who are reading the infamous journal. Unbeknownst to them, Ezra is STARING at them the entire time looking like the creepiest person on earth.

 Emily has been busy; she has color-coded the journal (one color for each girl and white if she doesn’t know who the story is about). Spencer attempts to take credit for Emily’s way of thinking, but Emily shoots back that she got that from her mama. When they decide who should get the journal next, Hanna actively prevents Aria from taking it & claims that her reasoning is that Spencer is “good with clues.” I guess Aria’s not so good at finding clues because she believes this. The girls also learn that Ali was a poet & they didn’t even know it. One of her poems is about the “Busy Bee Inn,” a reference that Aria recognizes even though Spencer’s supposed to be the detective here. The girls decide to check the place out later even though it has closed down. This all makes perfect sense in their minds because they always make the BEST decisions. Hanna also tells her friends that she & Caleb broke up. She claims it was a “clean break” and she’s “totally fine.” Everyone knows that when a girl says she’s “fine,” it’s a pretty little lie.

Aria goes into Ezra’s classroom to cancel their plans. She has bigger and better things to do tonight; she’s headed to a closed hotel! She uses Hanna’s breakup with Caleb as an excuse. During this scene, Ezra is working hard on something; he claims that it’s the end of a story that he’s writing. Aria is completely unsuspicious of Ezra, and she supplies him with all of the information he needs to spend the night as a sketchy spy. She tells him that she and all the girls will be out of town.

 Ezra brings up their night at the cabin and pretty much says that them being together feels right and Jake doesn’t exist. When Aria leaves the room, Ezra puts on headphones and we hear Ali’s voice; she’s begging someone for help screaming that she needs to escape and find a way to “not be Alison DiLaurentis anymore.”  Ezra loudly discusses his illegal relationship with a student and then listens to a recording of a girl who is supposed to be dead, a girl who he’s supposedly never met. Is he trying to get in trouble? It’s a good thing we like trouble in this blog; we can thank Ezra for:

Broken Law # 1 Alert (From Episode 4×15)

This one should look familiar; we’ve been over this many times with Ezra and Aria! For example, it was discussed in my entry on episode 1×10 of Pretty Little Liars, “Keep Your Friends Close.” See broken law # 10 of that entry.  Moving the same illicit behavior to a secluded cabin in the woods does not make it right!

18 Pa. C.S. § 3124.2(a.2) – Institutional sexual assault (in relevant part)

“A person who is a volunteer or an employee of a school or any other person who has direct contact with a student at a school commits a felony of the third degree when he engages in sexual intercourse, deviate sexual intercourse or indecent contact with a student of the school.”

Ezra, this is not what people mean when they say that teachers are supposed to teach their students lessons! This is a bit much for a one-on-one session with a student. 

Emily, following the instructions of a note she received, heads to the kissing rock to meet Ali at “their spot.” On the kissing rock, we see a heart with the initials EF and AD inside. Presumably this is about Emily & Ali, judging by the way Emily is caressing the heart, but let’s not forget that Emily has the same initials as Ezra Fitz. Ali doesn’t show up. I wonder what excuse she’ll use this time; she probably shouldn’t play dead again. That’s getting old pretty quickly.

Spencer goes home to keep her promise to Toby and call her dad. She’s surprised to find her dad at home already speaking to Mistress… I mean Mrs. DiLaurentis. She overhears them discuss that Jason doesn’t know about something. When she confronts them, Mrs. D claims that they were referring to her divorce and that Peter was giving legal advice to her. When Mrs. D leaves, Spencer blows up in Peter’s face and demands why she can’t even indirectly speak to Jessica but he can have secret meetings with her. She’s furious and accuses him of canceling on Toby to see Mrs. D.

Peter tells Spencer that he canceled on Toby because he didn’t know how to tell him what he learned about Radley; apparently Toby’s mom’s death was an accident, and they covered it up because another “fragile” patient was present when Marion fell off of the roof. Peter’s a lawyer; he’s the perfect person to bring us to:

Broken Law # 2 Alert! 

This one may look somewhat familiar as well; we’ve discussed it before. An example can be found in my entry on episode 4×10, “The Mirror Has Three Faces (See the legal note after broken law 4).

Here, if Wilden were still alive, he could get in trouble for this, along with the owners of Radley.

Intimidation of witnesses or victims – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 4952 (in relevant part) 

    (a)  Offense defined.–A person commits an offense if, with the intent to or with the knowledge that his conduct will obstruct, impede, impair, prevent or interfere with the administration of criminal justice, he intimidates or attempts to intimidate any witness or victim to:

 (1)  Refrain from informing or reporting to any law enforcement officer, prosecuting official or judge concerning any information, document or thing relating to the commission of a crime.
 (2)  Give any false or misleading information or testimony relating to the commission of any crime to any law enforcement officer, prosecuting official or judge.
 (3)  Withhold any testimony, information, document or thing relating to the commission of a crime from any law enforcement officer, prosecuting official or judge.
 (4)  Give any false or misleading information or testimony or refrain from giving any testimony, information, document or thing, relating to the commission of a crime, to an attorney representing a criminal defendant.

Grading: (in relevant part)
” (1)  The offense is a felony of the degree indicated in paragraphs (2) through (4) if: …
(ii)  The actor offers any pecuniary or other benefit to the witness or victim or, with the requisite intent or knowledge, to any other person.
 (iii)  The actor’s conduct is in furtherance of a conspiracy to intimidate a witness or victim.
 (iv)  The actor accepts, agrees or solicits another to accept any pecuniary or other benefit to intimidate a witness or victim.

It’s definitely a bad sign when you can’t trust the doctors and police officers in your town!

Hanna runs into Travis at The Brew where she went to find Emily. Emily’s not there, and she and Travis get into a conversation about CeCe. Apparently she has been spotted recently and the cops are actively trying to find her. When he implies that CeCe was paid to kill Wilden, Hanna questions him, and he explains that a lot of people wanted Wilden dead.

Legal Note 2: 

If what Travis said about CeCe is true, we will discuss the illegality of her behavior. 

Spencer, still fuming, hunts down Mrs. DiLaurentis and screams at her to find a lawyer who she hasn’t slept with and to stay away from her father. Something tells me that this was a TERRIBLE idea.

In a shocking turn of events for PLL, the girls set out on a journey in the dark, during a thunderstorm in a car that ends up breaking down leaving them stranded in the woods. Hanna contacts Travis for help with the car, but he needs 2 hours before he can get there. Aria suggests that the girls go to a nearby cabin that her “uncle” owns. Before the car broke down, the girls had been reading Ali’s journal, and Hanna kept blasting music to drown out a story about a “cradle robber.” Should we call him Ezra, Uncle Ezra or Mr. Fitz? This is getting confusing. Imagine if there was a drinking game for every time the girls were in danger, in the dark, in the woods with car trouble. Extra points if they also have no cell phone service, because that’s the situation here, and this is NOT their first rodeo in a scenario where their cell phones fail when they’re in extreme danger. **Note: I am NOT actually recommending that anyone play a drinking game like this; it would be incredibly dangerous, especially with this particular show.

The girls walk in the woods and the pouring rain to Aria’s fake Uncle’s cabin. Spencer badgers Hanna about missing pages from Ali’s journal and accuses her of taking them. Hanna denies this. Emily is astounded that Aria’s orthodontist uncle has such an impressive painting collection. Spencer suggests that Aria bring Jake to this cabin. I’m sure Ezra would be thrilled with that idea!

Aria is not only lying to her friends about who the cabin belongs to, but also using the cabin without Ezra’s permission. This leads us to:

Broken Law # 3 Alert! : 

18 Pa.C.S. § 3503: Criminal trespass (in relevant part) : 

(a) Buildings and occupied structures.–

(1) A person commits an offense if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he:

(i) enters, gains entry by subterfuge or surreptitiously remains in any building or occupied structure or separately secured or occupied portion thereof; or
(ii) breaks into any building or occupied structure or separately secured or occupied portion thereof.
(2) An offense under paragraph (1)(i) is a felony of the third degree, and an offense under subparagraph (1)(ii) is a felony of the second degree.
(3) As used in this subsection:
“Breaks into.” To gain entry by force, breaking, intimidation, unauthorized opening of locks, or through an opening not designed for human access.

Excellent behavior, Aria. You’re getting extra credit for that one!

Hanna confesses that the “Cradle Robber” story is about her hooking up with Mike Montgomery. Hanna has a flashback where Alison treats her like complete crap about this, and only agrees to keep the secret for the sake of Hanna and Aria’s friendship. How noble of her. Ali assures Hanna that she’ll find a guy who likes her for who she really is… it just might take her longer than the rest of the girls. Hanna once said it best; Alison was her best friend and her worst enemy.

The girls are surprised about Hanna’s story, but nobody, including Aria, gets mad at her. Emily asks Hanna again what happened with Caleb, and she says that Caleb met someone else and he left her. “A” is watching the girls through the window… What a surprise! Hanna and Emily go outside because they just love the woods so much, and Aria hides Ezra’s Hollis T-shirt so Spencer doesn’t figure out who her “uncle” really is. “A” locks Spencer and Aria in a room. This situation is pretty typical for the PLLs; Spencer and Aria are locked in a room while Hanna and Emily are in the woods with no cell service, too far out of earshot to hear their friends screaming for help. When Spencer and Aria hear something outside the door, they grab paddles as weapons. It turns out, Hanna and Emily are there and they open the door so Aria and Spencer can escape. The girls realize that Alison’s journal is gone (stolen).

The girls aren’t done with those paddles yet! There’s a knock at the door, and the girls grab various items including the paddles, under the assumption that “A” is at the door. They open the door to find Travis, there to help with their car trouble. Travis must be wondering why the Marins always seem armed and dangerous.

At the same time the girls are on their dangerous journey, Ezra takes it upon himself to show up at the Marin household. Apparently he has not received the memo that just because you dated one of your students doesn’t mean that you can show up at other students’ houses, completely uninvited because they might be “failing a class.” This is very Wilden-esque behavior, and it only gets worse. Ashley Marin receives a work-related phone call, during which Ezra claims he can “entertain himself.”

Ezra’s idea of entertaining himself entails rushing up the stairs, barging into Hanna’s room, looking through all of her stuff, pouring out all of the contents of Hanna’s purse onto her bed and looking at every object on Hanna’s dresser. Then, for the icing on the cake that Ezra always seems to be eating, he uses Hanna’s laptop without permission to do something presumably involving hacking and/or spying. When Ashley finally gets off the phone, Ezra claimed that he had been reading the entire time. Did he even clean up the mess he made in Hanna’s room? It turns out Ezra and Aria have a lot in common; he’s breaking the same exact law that she just did!

Broken Law # 4 Alert! [See broken law # 3 directly above– Ezra is guilty of the same thing] 

Ezra is still in the lead though: 

Broken Law # 5 Alert: 

Computer trespass – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 7615 (in relevant part) 

(a) Offense defined.–A person commits the offense of computer trespass if he knowingly and without authority or in excess of given authority uses a computer or computer network with the intent to: (1) temporarily or permanently remove computer data, computer programs or computer software from a computer or computer network; (2) cause a computer to malfunction, regardless of the amount of time the malfunction persists; (3) alter or erase any computer data, computer programs or computer software; (4) effect the creation or alteration of a financial instrument or of an electronic transfer of funds; or (5) cause physical injury to the property of another. 

(b) Grading.–An offense under this section shall constitute a felony of the third degree.

While we don’t know Ezra’s exact motives with Hanna’s computer, he most likely fits in with one of the requirements for this offense. 

I’m impressed that Ezra hasn’t landed himself in prison way before this!

When the girls finally return to Rosewood, Travis comforts Hanna — or at least watches her cry. I don’t know if that’s nice, creepy, or both. Aria talks to Ezra on the phone and they say “I love you,” which leads to Aria lying to Emily and saying she was talking to Jake. These girls cannot go 5 minutes without lying. Spencer has another blow-up fight with her dad when she hears him lie to her mom on the phone, and Peter flips out at Spencer for her behavior towards Jessica. He contends that if Spencer continues acting this way, she will destroy their family. Emily and Aria get an “A” text thanking them for “the tip.” Emily concludes that they gave Alison to “A” by investigating the journal. At the very end, “A” is typing on a computer, with an apple on his desk, teacher style. Whatever is happening on that computer is complicated, probably involves hacking, and means nothing good for the girls.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll have another update soon, since a new episode of “Pretty Little Liars” airs tonight, and I’m sure it will involve a lot of trouble!

Reality Bites Me & the PLLs Bite Laws Without Tasting Punishment (Pretty Little Liars Episode 5 Recap + Broken Laws)

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This episode begins with Aria finally telling her friends about her father’s affair since evidently “A” is taking the liberty of making this information public.  The biggest confession about this affair?  Byron cheated on Ella with a woman named MEREDITH.  Immediately horrified by this news, Hanna comments that if Aria’s father is going to cheat, he should at least do it with someone who deep conditions her hair occasionally… Someone with a pretty name, like Hanna, not MEREDITH.

The girls all slept at Spencer’s house so that she wouldn’t be left unprotected from the Jungle Red lipstick ridden mirror in her bedroom.  The girls agree that they should clean up the mirror before Spencer’s parents return, but Hanna doesn’t think that it takes four liars to clean up a mirror.  The other girls are ready for combat once they hear of Hanna’s reluctance; they respond to it in what might be my favorite scene of the entire show so far.  Aria yells, “Fine, you stay down here, ALONE!”  While Emily taunts, “Make sure that you lock the door!”  I just love this scene because Aria and Emily  speak to Hanna in the same manner that I scream at my television screen weekly, in the hopes that four fictional girls will stop putting themselves in dangerous situations.  The whole “let’s split up” idea never works very well.  Heather Hogan, the editor of AfterEllen.com noticed this too, in her recap of this episode.  Glad to see I’m not the only one!

On the way upstairs to Spencer’s room, Hanna gets a text from “A,” which makes the girls delighted to have unblocked their phones.  “A” has gotten into unique cinematography techniques involving taking movies from Spencer’s closet.  The girls watch a clip that “A” filmed of them looking at the Jungle Red mirror.  When the girls get upstairs, they realize that “A” has left behind a weapon in the form of a tube of Jungle Red lipstick in Spencer’s closet.

Meanwhile at the Montgomery household, Ella and Byron are having a battle royale in the kitchen about Byron’s affair, and Mike is quickly catching on to their fighting.  He questions Aria about their parents’ behavior while she’s putting on her makeup.  He also prevents her from going to school Cyclops eye makeup style.  When Aria has makeup on both of her eyes, she warns her mother that Mike knows something is going on between her and Byron.  She lets it slip that she knew about the affair for a year and immediately sees the look of betrayal on Aria’s face.  Wanting to increase the overall honesty quotient in the Montgomery house, Aria offers to cut class and talk to Ella.

Next, Sean witnesses Hanna dropping the shoes that she wears as part of her uniform at the dental office where Sean’s mother works.  To make up for wrecking Sean’s car, Hanna has agreed to wear a hideous outfit (at least hideous looks good on her) and overcome her fear of children by giving the terrifying creatures their lollipops after their dentist appointments.  Right when Sean and Hanna decide that they should discuss potential Homecoming plans, a blonde girl who doesn’t have to wear an ugly uniform pulls up in her car that Hanna didn’t crash; she’s Sean’s ride.  Hanna hates this situation, but Sean wouldn’t need a ride had she not “damaged” his car.  He did try to take the blame for Hanna’s stunt, which is pretty badass behavior for this son-of-a-reverend.

At school, Spencer questions Jenna’s abilities to break into her house.  She’s blind; it would take a lot more than a talking GPS to break into a house.  Seriously, Wren couldn’t even find the front door when HE broke in, and he was merely drunk, not BLIND.  When the girls suggest the possibility of Toby helping Jenna, Emily attempts to get the girls to stop accusing him.  She’s met with a cruel comment from Spencer that sounds exactly like something Ali would say.  Spencer declares that maybe Jenna DID have more than a talking GPS, because Toby could have taken a break from ripping off the heads of squirrels on his porch to help Jenna on Mission Jungle Red On The Mirror.

Spencer’s history teacher approaches the girls and hands Spencer an envelope.  Although Spencer does not open the envelope, we’re to assume that its contents confirm that Spencer has won the Golden Orchid award for her talented plagiarism of Melissa’s essay.

It’s time for chemistry class, so Emily’s friends have no choice; it’s just Emily, Toby and the beaker.  These lab partners decide that Toby has more credentials to handle the beaker; Emily is tired and low on caffeine, and Toby is clearly more educated about chemistry than she is.  He already had to teach her that the “glass beaker is made of glass!”

Aria pretty much invites herself to Ezra’s short-story reading that he has later.  Hanna runs into Jenna in the elevator at the building where she’s working off debt to Sean’s family.  But what is Jenna doing there other than loudly tapping her walking stick?  Uh oh– this is not good, guys– she is applying lipstick, and it’s none other than Jungle Red.  Also, did Hanna just watch a blind girl look into a mirror?  No matter what Hanna saw, her creeping skills need work; Jenna interrupts her thoughts to announce that she knows somebody is staring at her.  “Do you like the color?” she asks.  Hanna moves back as if lipstick is the new murder weapon in town and mumbles “yes.”  We know she’s lying though; maybe that color looked good on their late friend Alison, but it doesn’t look good on bedroom mirror messages written by anonymous stalkers.

Spencer’s dad has learned that Spencer “won” the essay contest and he brought home Butter Creams as a symbol of his pride.  He invites Spencer to play tennis with him the next day; he has invited a potential client and his daughter to play doubles.

Hanna, attempting to be more discreet this time, follows Jenna to find out why she’s in the building.  She already knows that Jenna was irritated by her meddling behavior in the elevator, and since a blind person could easily be annoyed and/or alarmed by being further followed after conduct like that, I am going to say that Hanna is delving into potential broken law territory.

Potential Broken Law # 1 Alert!  Harassment (in relevant part) – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 2709: “(a)  Offense defined.–A person commits the crime of  harassment when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another,  the person: … (2)  follows the other person in or about a public place or places…”

Grading.–(1)  An offense under subsection (a)(1), (2) or (3) shall constitute a summary offense.  

This probably is no big deal to Hanna– it’s not even a misdemeanor– but I’m not finished with her just yet.  

Moving on for now, in chemistry class, Emily is shocked that Toby can draw, and Toby is shocked that Emily listens to music, especially the band, Circa Survive.  They make plans to meet later on at The Grille, where Toby studies to avoid Jenna’s loud lectures at home.  

Aria attends Ezra’s short story reading where she’s surprised to meet a man who used to sleep with Ezra.  Don’t worry, Ezria fans, it was just bunk beds in college; the man is Hardy, Ezra’s roommate from college.  Hardy, Ezra and Aria play darts while Hardy tells inappropriate stories about his sexual endeavors in college and Ezra’s tendency to interrupt some of them by laughing in his sleep.  Ok, Hardy is talking about girls; Ezra’s not gay, and all is right with the world of Ezria… Except the fact that this entire short story reading and dart playing event is taking place at a bar!  Hardy points out that Ezra is going to wind up in an orange jumpsuit for dating his student, which we discussed in the entry on the Pilot episode of PLL in this blog.  That’s not the only problem here.  Depending on the situation, Aria might not even be allowed inside a bar.  Let me explain:

Potential Broken Law # 2 Alert! : 47 P.S. § 4-493(14) Pennsylvania Liquor Code: PERMITTING UNDESIRABLE PERSONS OR MINORS TO FREQUENT PREMISES (in relevant part) : Generally, minors are forbidden by Pennsylvania law to go anywhere licensed to sell liquor for on-site consumption.  However, there are exceptions to this rule.
 “Minors may only frequent licensed premises if: … (c) they are under proper supervision; (d) they are attending a social gathering; or (e) the hotel, restaurant or retail dispenser licensee has gross sales of food and nonalcoholic beverages equal to fifty per centum or more of its combined gross sale of both food and alcoholic beverages. If a minor is frequenting a hotel, restaurant or retail dispenser licensee under subsection (e), then the minor may not sit at the bar section of the premises, nor may any alcoholic beverages be served at the table or booth at which the said minor is seated unless said minor is with a parent, legal guardian or under proper supervision. Further, if a hotel, restaurant, club liquor licensee or retail dispenser is hosting a social gathering under subsection (d), then written notice at least forty-eight hours in advance of such gathering shall be given to the Bureau of Enforcement.”  

We could attempt to absolve Aria under subsection (c), but “Section 102 of the Liquor Code defines proper supervision as someone who is at least twenty-five (25) years of age, who is directly responsible for the care and conduct of the minor while on the premises, and who keeps the minor within his or her sight or hearing… [47 P.S. § 1-102].”  

Aria just met Hardy, so if he IS 25 years old (I am not sure if he and Ezra have turned 25 or if they’re 24 years old), he did not go there with the intent of being Aria’s supervisor, and neither did Ezra; she wasn’t constantly within his direct sight or hearing, because he was giving a speech to an entire audience and hadn’t even noticed that Aria and Hardy had met until after his performance. 

The social gathering exception has too many conditions to apply to Aria as well : “no alcoholic beverages may be sold, given, furnished to or consumed by any minor, and the area of the gathering must be segregated from the remainder of the licensed premises, or all alcoholic beverages must be removed from the licensed premises or placed under lock and key during the time the gathering takes place.”

I’d say that her best best here is subsection (e), because Aria wasn’t seated in the bar area, which the Pennsylvania code considers the seating directly adjacent to the serving bar.  Additionally, Hardy wasn’t served his beer while sitting at the table with Aria; he left the area when he ordered it and he didn’t sit down when he was drinking it.  

She’d be more screwed had she been sitting in the bar area, because under Pennsylvania’s liquor code, “minors may sit at the bar or in the bar area if they are with their parent, legal guardian, under proper supervision or are attending a social gathering.”  If she’s not breaking the law, it’s because of subsection (e), and it’s still a close call here.  

The next scene features Spencer practicing tennis for what she refers to as “a friendly game of doubles.”  Alex (Diego Boneta), an employee at the club where Spencer is playing argues that her serve is NOT friendly, and I agree.  Keep that girl away from me in gym class!  

At Hanna’s house, she stalks Sean’s blonde chauffeur online, and Ashley sympathizes with her.  She feels badly that Hanna doesn’t have her own car to give Sean rides in, and suggests that she talk to her father about it.  Because Hanna should really be rewarded with a new car after crashing her maybe-now-ex-boyfriend’s car.  Hanna informs Ashley that her father is engaged now and probably saving up to by her soon-to-be stepsister a car instead.  “A” decides that now is the perfect time to send Hanna a picture of Emily and Maya kissing.  

Spencer and Hanna go to The Grille to discuss Hanna’s “incident” with Jenna earlier in the day.  Emily shows up to meet Toby, but she’s too scared to be seen with him in front of her friends, so she ditches him and sits with Spencer and Hanna to discuss Jenna and her lipstick adventures.  

Ezra makes snappy remarks to Aria that perhaps she’ll understand college boys better when she actually goes to college for herself.  Aria somehow talks him out of thinking that their age difference is a problem.  

Toby gives a waitress a CD, complete with a beautiful drawing on the cover, to give to Emily.  Hanna notices it, and after her recent message from “A,” likely assumes that it is from Maya.  Hanna encourages Emily to go after a relationship if there’s someone she likes.  While this is happening, Ezria makes out at Ezra’s apartment, and the scene is filled with perfection.  Andrew Belle is even playing in the background as we’re taken from the Ezria kiss to Emily hugging her CD from Toby in bed.  

The following day, Spencer’s father tells her to be friendly on the court, because it turns out his potential client and daughter “aren’t exactly Venus and Serena.”  He wants her to purposely lose the match as a “means to an end” so that he makes money off of this rich man who lacks tennis skill.  Alex observes the match and can tell that Spencer is off of her game.  

Hanna returns to her favorite workplace, this time without her uniform.  She’s off-duty and there to figure out exactly what Jenna was doing in the building.  She goes to the room, where she’s learned from yesterday’s spying, that Jenna was inside for an hour.  It’s a doctor’s office, and Hanna wants to know what type of doctor.  Conveniently, the (creepy) doctor comes out and assumes Hanna is a new patient that he’s expecting named Martha.  Hanna knows better than to correct him, so she plays along and pretends to be Martha.  As Martha, she’s able to obtain the appropriate paperwork to learn that Jenna’s doctor is a psychotherapist.  She bolts, but it might be a little late for that.

Broken Law # 3 Alert! : We have already asserted above that Hanna is likely guilty of the summary offense of harassment.  However, as usual, there’s more to the story: 
Ethnic intimidation – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 2710 (in relevant part): “(a)  Offense defined.–A person commits the offense of ethnic intimidation if, with malicious intention toward the actual or perceived… physical disability… he commits an offense under any other provision of this article or… or under section 3503 (relating to criminal trespass) with respect to such individual or his or her property.”  
 (b)  Grading.–An offense under this section shall be classified as a misdemeanor of the third degree if the other offense is classified as a summary offense. 

This applies to Hanna, because as stated above, ethnic intimidation applies to offenses including criminal trespass, a crime we discussed at length in the entry on “The Jenna Thing,” that also happens to be the next broken law in this episode.  

Broken Law # 4 Alert!: Criminal trespass – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 3503 (in relevant part) :  (a)  Buildings and occupied structures.–  (1)  A person commits an offense if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he: (i)  enters, gains entry by subterfuge or surreptitiously remains in any building or occupied structure or separately secured or occupied portion thereof. (2)  An offense under paragraph (1)(i) is a felony of the third degree.  

That’s more like it; Hanna is more of a misdemeanor and felony girl than a summary offense girl.  At least she got out of there quickly; that therapist scared me.  I’d have probably left there with more problems than I had originally if he was my doctor.  

At Aria’s house, Aria attempts to console her brother Mike, who is furious about Hurricane Montgomery, which is still going on in the family kitchen.  While comforting him, she continues to hide the truth that she already knows about their parents’ situation.  I’m sure that won’t come back to bite her in the ass like all of the other lies in this show.  

After Peter Hastings and Spencer lose the tennis match on purpose, he gleefully whispers “mission accomplished!” to a pissed off Spencer.  Alex witnessed the entire match and knows Spencer wasn’t doing her best.  He calls her out on her weak game and she uses a different kind of game to ASK him OUT.  

Ashley Marin reveals her internet stalking skills by stalking her ex husband’s new fiance online.  Unfortunately for Ezria, the Andrew Belle perfection has come to a close, and when Aria shows up at Ezra’s to cook dinner and see if she left her phone at his apartment, she gets her phone, but Ezra doesn’t want her, her phone or her food in his apartment.  “A” texted Aria’s phone while it was at Ezra’s apartment, and when he couldn’t take the buzzing noise anymore, he read it, only to find a snarky remark about Aria’s luck– most students only do her homework, but she gets to do the teacher too!  Ezra refuses to listen to Aria as she insists she hasn’t told anyone about their relationship, but he thinks that if “A” knows, then “B” and “C” and everybody else does too, so he kicks Aria out.  Whatever, someone does NOT get his enhanced macaroni and cheese now.  His loss. 

Hanna learns that Sean has joined a virginity club at school and wants to go to a meeting with him.  This should be interesting; I personally can’t wait to see how much fun the “Real Love Waits” club is.  Spencer’s father wants to celebrate Spencer’s award AND his new client.  He tells Spencer that the deal almost didn’t go through, because not only is his new client not Serena Williams, but he was also expecting lunch after the friendly tennis match, and Peter hadn’t made reservations.  He explains that they were only able to get a table (his favorite table) after he lied to the manager and said that Alex forgot to call in the reservation.  He elaborates on his insensitivity when he blatantly says that he doesn’t care if Alex got fired because of this move; he can pick up balls anywhere.  Spencer flips out and confesses to stealing her award-winning essay.  Peter has just confessed to:

Broken Law # 5 Alert! : This one is a tort (a civil wrong), so he can’t go to criminal court for this, but he can get sued.  Pennsylvania follows the 2nd Restatement of Torts in regards to its laws on slander.  Section 570 (Restatement (2d) of Torts, § 570) discusses “slander per se,” or “liability without proof of special harm slander.”  Under the 2nd restatement, “One who publishes matter defamatory to another in such a manner as to make the publication a slander is subject to liability to the other although no special harm results if the publication imputes to the other… (c) matter incompatible with his business, trade, profession, or office, as stated in § 573…” Under section 573 (Restatement (Second) of Torts § 573) :  “One who publishes a slander that ascribes to another conduct, characteristics or a condition that would adversely affect his fitness for the proper conduct of his lawful business, trade or profession, is subject to liability without proof of special harm.”  

The restatement describes a defamatory statement as one that “tends so to harm the reputation of another as to lower him in the estimation of the community or to deter third persons from associating or dealing with him.” (Restatement (Second) of Torts § 559).  

It must be a statement that a reasonable audience would know was about the plaintiff, and here, Mr. Hastings was pretty obvious about who he was talking about when he reported Alex to his manager for something he didn’t do.  Additionally, while “published” seems like it might require more than one person to hear the statement, the requirement is actually a lot smaller than it seems.  Only one person other than the speaker and the person about which he is speaking must hear the defamatory remark, and here, the manager is a sufficient enough audience for Peter’s statement to be considered “published.”  The statement also does not have to be in writing to constitute defamation; there are two different types of defamation.  Libel is written defamation, and slander is spoken defamation.  

In my opinion, Peter’s statement to Alex’s manager falls into the business category for slander per se, meaning that Alex wouldn’t need to prove any special damages (specific economic loss as a result of the defamation).  However, even if it didn’t fall into one of those categories, (slander that does not fall into a per-se category requires proof of special damages), if Alex were to lose his job, he’d likely have a case for regular slander as well.


For a lawyer, Mr. Hastings certainly doesn’t seem to mind breaking the law to gain himself more clients.  

The brief happy ending (they never last too long in Rosewood) consists of Emily apologizing to Toby for her rude behavior and giving him a CD that she burned for him.  Who does Emily like now?  Maya or Toby?  I guess we’ll have to find out next time!  For now, thanks for reading about the pristine behavior of our favorite characters on Pretty Little Liars!  

Can You Hear Me Now? Or Are The Broken Laws Too Loud? (Pretty Little Liars Episode 4 recap + broken laws)

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This episode begins with a police car in front of Hanna’s house, and Hanna’s mother scolding her that she never wanted to see another police car in front of their house.  She can’t sleep Hanna’s way out of this one; Wilden’s too creepy, the other guys on the police force aren’t too attractive, AND some might frown upon such behavior as bad parenting.  Hanna doesn’t see why any of this is such a big deal; it’s not like she destroyed the car, she just damaged it!

The girls shockingly meet up at a park in broad daylight, breaking the routine of  their death trap meetings in the woods.  They discuss the memorial they plan on making for Ali, which will include a bench and art tiles, or little tombstones if you ask Hanna.  Hanna no longer wants the tremendous responsibility that comes with possessing Ali’s bracelet, so Spencer takes it from her.  Spencer comes up with the idea to block all anonymous incoming messages from any means of communication.  “Screw ‘A’!” she proclaims.  The girls follow her in this decision.  While the girls take turns using Spencer’s computer to block anonymous messages, Spencer spies, with her little eye, Mr. Fitz riding his bike past the park.  Aria is humiliated as her friends loudly admire her secret, teacher boyfriend’s legs.  In any event, the girls are relieved about blocking “A” from contacting them for all of two seconds, when the wind carries over one of the flyers from when Ali went missing.  It says “Ding, dong the bitch is dead!”  This clever little homage to “The Wizard of Oz” reminds the girls that there is no app to block flying pieces of paper from reaching them.

At school, Maya gives Emily a scarf as a present.  She briefly wears it, but gets embarrassed when her friends ask her about it.  She lies and says that the scarf isn’t new.  Hanna’s father, Tom, calls her and asks her to have dinner with him at 7:00.  Hanna has not seen Tom since he walked out on her family.  Emily bumps into Toby and the girls freak out that they just “bumped into ‘A’.” They decide that it would be best for them to continue to avoid Toby and Jenna.

Aria goes into Ezra’s classroom to discuss the bike incident.  She informs him that her friends think that he has nice legs, but he wants to know what Aria thinks of his legs.  Evidently she didn’t make her attraction to Ezra and his legs clear enough during their hookup at the bar.  They decide to discuss the circumstances of their relationship over dinner at 7:00.  Apparently all awkward dinners in Rosewood take place at 7:00.

In the hallway, Spencer’s history teacher approaches the girls and announces that he has submitted Spencer’s plagiarized essay to the Golden Orchid competition.  Hanna makes a joke about Spencer’s academic bling, but Spencer remains uneasy about the essay being entered into a contest.

Emily stashes her new scarf into her locker like she’s on Real Hoarders of Rosewood and if the scarf comes out of the locker, then she comes out of the closet.  Once she’s ditched the scarf, she goes to her chemistry class to find that Toby Cavanaugh is joining the class–and he already noticed that she had been wearing a scarf earlier.  Wow, he’s an observant one.  He thought the scarf looked good on Emily; Emily wants to pretend that the scarf and Toby both do not exist.  Unfortunately for her, Toby does exist, and not only did he see her scarf, but he is also her new lab partner.  Emily opens her chemistry book only to find that someone has strategically placed the pictures of her kissing Maya in between the pages.  She furiously slams the book shut; hiding the scarf in her locker was supposed to guarantee that nobody found out about her attraction to women!

Meanwhile, at Aria’s house, Ella is cooking dinner that Aria won’t be eating, because she has dinner plans at 7:00.  This means that her parents have the house to themselves.  Aria has a flashback to the day that she and Ali caught Byron cheating.  In this version of the flashback, we become privy to more information; Ali insisted that Aria tell Ella what Byron did immediately.  She animatedly pleaded with Aria, telling her that if she didn’t tell her mother what happened, somebody else would, then she’d lose both of them.  In present time, Aria is building up confidence.  She knows that she has to tell her mom, she knows that Ali was right and it seems as if the time has come.  “Mom?” she sputters.  We’re met with a suspenseful LONG… PAUSE… before Aria continues, “Can I have a carrot?”  A carrot?!? Seriously?  What a fake out!

Spencer helps Hanna choose an outfit for her dinner with her father.  Spencer also confides in Hanna about stealing Melissa’s essay.  At first, Hanna doesn’t understand why Spencer is so certain that she is going to win the contest, but then she remembers that the Hastings family uses the #winning hashtag more frequently than Charlie Sheen and all of his twitter followers.

Emily confronts Maya about the pictures and asks her if she was the one who put them in the chemistry book.  Maya doesn’t care if people know that she likes girls; they look hot in those pictures!  When she realizes how anxious Emily is about the situation, Maya angrily returns to work, leaving Emily to go back to hiding in the closet.

At Hanna’s house, her father arrives to pick her up for dinner.  As he remarks that there is barely enough left of Hanna to hug, he notices that Ashley has gotten dressed up for the occasion as well.  She thought that she was invited to this dinner too, but Tom clears up the misunderstanding.  Ashley acts like she doesn’t care that her ex husband doesn’t want to take her out on a date, but as soon as he leaves with Hanna, Ashley hurls her earring onto a table.  Hanna and Tom head to Jolly Rogers, a local amusement park.

It’s also time for Aria to go to Ezra’s apartment for what is supposed to be a pleasant dinner.  Instead, Aria brings up her parents, and Ezra suggests that they have some sort of agreement where they don’t care if they cheat on each other.  He explains that Aria’s parents need to work out their issues as adults. Aria takes this to mean that Ezra thinks that she is a child, and to prove him wrong, she throws a tantrum and storms out of his apartment.

The following day, Hanna tells her friends about her night with her father.  They went to an amusement park, but it’s not like she went on the tilt-a-whirl, so it’s not lame.  Her father wants to take her for a “real dinner” tonight.  I guess last night was fake dinner.

In the classroom, Ezra’s lesson plan is to use “To Kill A Mockingbird” to publicly humiliate Aria and yell at any student who disagrees with her opinion.  Mr. Sperling is still hiding from Ezra for fear of another English Teacher Attack.  Since Mr. Sperling has a different view than Aria’s, Ezra broadcasts to the class that he clearly had made no effort to read the book, and Aria had, since she’s a model student.

After class, we see Toby opening his locker to retrieve his books.  Instead, he is met with a mound of shaving cream pouring out of his locker and a group of laughing boys behind him.  Between Ezra’s teaching methods and the behavior displayed by these boys, it’s clearly Maturity Day at Rosewood High.  The immature boys bring us to (finally):

Broken Law # 1 Alert! : Harassment (in relevant part) – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 2709

 “(a)  Offense defined.–A person commits the crime of harassment when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another, the person: (1) …  subjects the other person to physical contact, or attempts or threatens to do the same…” 
I will interject here to explain that physical contact need not be direct, it can be done through a medium, shaving cream included.  
” Grading.– (1)  An offense under subsection (a)(1)… shall constitute a summary offense.”

Additionally, in light of the bullying epidemic, states including Pennsylvania have implemented laws against bullying, leading us to:

Broken Law # 2 Alert! : Pennsylvania Tit. No. 24 Pa. Cons. Stat. 
Ann. §13-1303. 1-A.
“Bullying: intentional electronic, written, verbal or physical act, or series of acts: (1) directed at another 
student(s); (2) which occurs in school setting; (3) that is severe, persistent or pervasive; AND (4) has the effect of: (i) substantially interfering with student‟s education; (ii) creating a threatening environment; or (iii) substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school. “School setting:” in school, on school grounds, in school vehicles, at school bus stop, or at school activity. School entity may define bullying to encompass acts occurring outside the school setting if the definition meets (1), (3) and (4).”

Most state schools have their own policies in terms of punishment for bullying.  Without spoiling too much, in a later episode of Pretty Little Liars, we learn that Rosewood has a zero tolerance for bullying, and behavior like this could get somebody suspended or expelled.  

Next, it’s time for Hanna’s “real dinner” with her father.  It turns out, Hanna is not the only person Tom invited to Real Dinner.  Within approximately two minutes of arriving at the restaurant, Tom introduces Hanna to Isabel, the woman for whom he left Hanna’s mother.  Isabel has a daughter named Kate, also present at dinner, and here’s the best part: Isabel is no longer just Tom’s girlfriend, but his fiancee.  Surprise!  

At the Hastings household, Spencer hears another one of this TV show’s infamous terrifying noises.  Someone is inside her house.  She grabs a knife, ready to stab this intruder.  Before she has to hurt anyone, she is greeted by a slurring, but familiar sounding british accent.  “Where the hell are you?!” Wren demands.  He spent his night getting drunk, driving to Spencer’s house, embarking on a scavenger hunt for the front door of the house, failing to find the front door, and eventually breaking in the house through the back door.  He did all of this all because he wanted Spencer to “summon her father” so that he could clear her name and tell Mr. Hastings “what really happened.”  In my book, what happened is that they kissed, and they are both to blame, but for some reason Spencer does not see it that way.  

Wren’s behavior tonight does not comply with Pennsylvania’s laws.  I’ll start by explaining that while he broke into the Hastings’ house, he is not guilty of burglary, because to be guilty of burglary, he would have had to go inside with the intent to commit a separate crime inside.  To my knowledge, he did not have the requisite intent.  But he is still guilty of something: 

Broken Law # 3 Alert! : Criminal trespass (in relevant part) – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 3503: “(a)  Buildings and occupied structures. (1)  A person commits an offense if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he: (i)  enters, gains entry by subterfuge or  surreptitiously remains in any building or occupied structure or separately secured or occupied portion thereof; or (ii)  breaks into any building or occupied structure or separately secured or occupied portion thereof.
(2)  An offense under paragraph (1)(i) is a felony of the third degree, and an offense under paragraph (1)(ii) is a  felony of the second degree (b)  Defiant trespasser.– (1)  A person commits an offense if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he enters or remains in any place as to which notice against trespass is given by: (i) actual communication to the actor; …  (v) actual communication to the actor to leave.”
(2)  Except as provided in paragraph (1)(v), an offense under this subsection constitutes a misdemeanor of the third degree if the offender defies an order to leave personally communicated to him by the owner of the premises or other authorized person. An offense under paragraph (1)(v) constitutes a misdemeanor of the first degree. Otherwise it is a summary offense.”

While Spencer DID firmly tell Wren to leave in the beginning, her softening up and allowing Wren to stay and sober up would likely make this a summary offense rather than a misdemeanor.  

Additionally, we learn that Wren drove to the Hastings’ house while in an intoxicated enough state to be unable to locate the front door of the house, speak properly, or walk in anything resembling a straight line.  Spencer later confiscates Wren’s keys and drives his car for him, which is how we learn that he has driven drunk, a fact that brings us to:

Broken Law # 4 Alert! Pa. C.S. § 3802.  Driving under influence of alcohol or controlled substance. (in relevant part) : “(a)  General impairment.–
(1)  An individual may not drive, operate or be in actual physical control of the movement of a vehicle after imbibing a sufficient amount of alcohol such that the individual is rendered incapable of safely driving, operating or being in actual physical control of the movement of the vehicle.
(2)  An individual may not drive, operate or be in actual physical control of the movement of a vehicle after imbibing a sufficient amount of alcohol such that the alcohol concentration in the individual’s blood or breath is at least 0.08% but less than 0.10% within two hours after the individual has driven, operated or been in actual physical control of the movement of the vehicle.
(b)  High rate of alcohol.–An individual may not drive, operate or be in actual physical control of the movement of a vehicle after imbibing a sufficient amount of alcohol such that the alcohol concentration in the individual’s blood or breath is at least 0.10% but less than 0.16% within two hours after the individual has driven, operated or been in actual physical control of the movement of the vehicle…”

§ 3803.  Grading.
(a)  Basic offenses.–Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (b):
(1)  An individual who violates section 3802(a) (relating to driving under influence of alcohol or controlled substance) and has no more than one prior offense commits a misdemeanor for which the individual may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not more than six months and to pay a fine under section 3804 (relating to penalties).

(b)  Other offenses.–
(1)  An individual who violates… section 3802(b)… and who has no more than one prior offense commits a misdemeanor for which the individual may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not more than six months and to pay a fine under section 3804.”
(Nobody tested Wren’s BAC, but I believe it’s possible that he could fall into the “high rate of alcohol” subsection.  If not, he definitely at least falls into “general impairment”). 

§ 3804.  Penalties.
“(a)  General impairment.–… an individual who violates section 3802(a) (relating to driving under influence of alcohol or controlled substance) shall be sentenced as follows:(1)  For a first offense, to:
(i)  undergo a mandatory minimum term of six months’ probation; (ii)  pay a fine of $300;
iii)  attend an alcohol highway safety school approved by the department; and (iv)  comply with all drug and alcohol treatment requirements.”  

“(b)  High rate of blood alcohol: … an individual who violates section 3802(b) hall be sentenced as follows: (1)  For a first offense, to: (i)  undergo imprisonment of not less than 48 consecutive hours; (ii)  pay a fine of not less than $500 nor more than $5,000; (iii)  attend an alcohol highway safety school approved by the department; and (iv)  comply with all drug and alcohol treatment requirements.” 

Don’t drink and drive!

While Wren is breaking the law and causing chaos, Aria bursts into Ezra’s apartment and explodes at Ezra for his ridiculous “To Kill A Mockingbird” lesson.  She tells him that if he was trying to teach her a lesson, she definitely does NOT need that from him.  In his defense, he IS her teacher and it’s his job to teach lessons, but I get her point.  

Spencer confiscates Wren’s keys and drives him to the hotel where he is staying.  At Hanna’s dinner, Kate tells a boring sailing story that would put sailing enthusiasts all over the world to sleep.  Hanna’s dad informs her that she’ll be paying for the damage to Sean’s car by working at his mother’s office.  She’s a dentist, and Hanna is suddenly fascinated by dentistry and plaque.  This invigorating conversation is interrupted by an SOS text from Spencer, who needs Hanna to pick her up from her sister’s ex fiance’s hotel room.  That’s completely normal.  

Emily runs into Toby while she’s throwing the pictures of her and Maya in the garbage.  They bond over the fact that they live in a town filled with idiots.  Toby actually seems pretty nice in this scene.  Ezra “makes really good leftovers” and he apologizes to Aria over a gourmet leftover meal.  Aria decides she has to tell her mother the truth about her father’s affair.  

As Spencer drops Wren off at his hotel room, they kiss, despite the fact that Spencer feels SO bad about their first kiss and she never wanted to hurt Melissa.  Hanna watches this from the car, but is distracted when her “BFF, ‘A'” dedicates the song “I don’t need you anymore” to her on the radio.  

Emily and Maya talk.  Emily needs time and space and Maya is willing to wait for her.  Aria goes home to speak to her mother, but “A” has already sent Ella a typewritten note about Byron’s affair.  Spencer and Hanna return to Spencer’s house, where Spencer can tell someone has been inside because the mess Wren made before has been cleaned up.  She barrels up the stairs immediately assuming thats somebody broke in to steal Alison’s bracelet, rather than the myriad of expensive items in the Hastings household.  Ali’s bracelet is still in Spencer’s drawer, and there is a terrifying note written on her bedroom mirror.  It says “It won’t be that easy bitches! -A”  The scariest part about this is that the note is written in JUNGLE RED, Alison’s signature lipstick color.  It looks like blocking electronic messages from “A” was not the best idea after all.  

PS: For a second there I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough material for this entry, so I’d like to thank Wren (Julian Morris) for his presence in this episode.

To Kill a Mocking Girl Who Mocks The Law (Pretty Little Liars Episode 3 Recap + Laws)

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From the first second of this episode, I KNEW to expect 45 glorious minutes of brilliant decision making by our favorite four girls.  How did I know that? These girls have suffered constant harassment by a mystery person who knows all of their secrets, and their first idea is to meet up… in the WOODS!  It’s totally understandable; I galavant the woods when I’m terrified, too.

They’re headings towards this nostalgic shed where they plan on making a memorial for Ali.  They’d probably be there already if the gnats would stop bombarding Hanna and her cloud of hair product and perfume. The girls are exactly 136 steps from their destination (Spencer is 100% sure of it; she remembers that tree) when the gnats finally stop their mission to invade Hanna’s mouth.  Now that she can finally speak, she announces that she does not believe that Ali is dead.  She has to be alive; she sent them all a text after her funeral!

While the other girls disagree, they do suddenly decide that having an anonymous stalker is creepy and perhaps the woods was not the best choice of venue.  Besides, try as she might, Spencer is not fooling anyone when she says that the scary noise they hear is a rabbit and NOT their stalker.  “A” seems to resent being called a rabbit, so the girls get a vengeful text: “Heads up BFFs, it’s open season on liars and I’m hunting.”  Time to leave the woods, girls!

The next morning, Wilden greets Hanna in the Marin’s kitchen.  He does not want to wear clothing and Hanna does not want to eat waffles. When Hanna’s mother tells Wilden to get dressed, it’s time for Hanna to lay down the law.  She demands for Ashley to stop “squeezing Wilden’s grapefruit.”  Hanna takes a firm stance; she does NOT want to have to shoplift a fathers’ day card for this detective.  Unfortunately, Ashley plans on squeezing all of the cop grapefruit she has to until Hanna’s shoplifting charges are dropped, and even more unfortunately, Wilden is eavesdropping on their entire conversation.

Meanwhile, Aria is having breakfast with her parents.  Byron asks her if she likes her English teacher, which briefly terrifies Aria until she realizes that he actually wants to know if she has a good English teacher.  She mumbles that he’s “ok,” and starts talking about “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  That conversation lasts all of three seconds before their very own real-life, less sympathetic Hester Prynne interrupts.  Aria gets to formally meet Meredith (Amanda Schull), the woman who nearly destroyed her family.

Legal Comment: While Byron insists he is not seeing Meredith that way anymore, if that’s a lie, NOW it wouldn’t be illegal.  While Meredith is still at Hollis, she’s no longer a student; she’s a teaching assistant.  Because she’s now a teaching assistant, Pennsylvania’s pesky institutional sexual assault law that we discussed in the pilot entry no longer would affect a sexual relationship between Byron and Meredith, unless Hollis has a policy against dating co-workers.  However, it seems like Meredith gets around, and now that she’s a teaching assistant, that law forbids her from sleeping with any Hollis students.  

While Aria’s breakfast definitely sucked because of Meredith, I’m not sure it compares to the Hastings horribleness that ensues when Spencer attempts to eat breakfast.  Veronica Hastings warns the girls that she cannot arbitrate on only one cup of coffee, but Melissa hates Spencer so much that she could not care less if her mother’s coffee was decaf.  Melissa laments about her abrupt changed Facebook relationship status and throws a ridiculously large pile of wedding magazines in the garbage.  Nobody reads that many wedding magazines; not even people preparing for a royal wedding. Spencer FEELS for Melissa, she truly does, but it’s “not her fault” that Wren kissed her and she kissed back.  Oh, and Melissa is not the only one who can abuse the garbage can; Spencer violently throws her muffin in there before making her dramatic exit.

I know that it seems like everyone has been abnormally well-behaved, but fear not.  The worst is yet to come… in a good way of course.

When the girls FINALLY arrive at school (does anybody else notice that their mornings seem to last an eternity?), Hanna and Mona are greeted by Sean and Noel Kahn (Brant Daughtery).  Noel’s party is on Friday and everyone’s excited, even Sean.  Nobody said that virgins who are waiting until marriage can’t party!  Mona thinks that Hanna NEEDS to have sex with Sean at the party though, otherwise they might not even really be a couple!

Hanna isn’t the only one not getting action from her boyfriend though; Emily actively avoids Ben’s attempts at kissing her.  Even without her current sexual orientation struggle, I wouldn’t blame her.  Every time he goes to kiss her, he looks like a terrifying monster.

In the hallway, Aria and Spencer come dangerously close to being victims of the avalanche of books flying out of Spencer’s locker.  Then we hear our favorite tapping noise, the two second warning that Jenna is approaching.  This time, her step brother Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) is escorting her to her classes.

We see a brief flashback of Toby rushing Jenna out of the burning garage.  Back in real time, everyone is staring at Toby like he’s Jeffery Dahmer, and Maya notices.  When she asks Emily who he is, Emily explains that Toby is Jenna’s step brother who was sent away to juvie for setting fire to his garage while his step sister was in it.  Now I’ve been watching this show very carefully, and I’m pretty sure Alison and her friends are the ones who did that, so Emily’s response is intriguing.

Apparently Wilden can’t get enough of Hanna at her house, so he comes to school and gets her excused from class so he can ask her more questions.  Her friends freak out because he’s asking her questions alone, then, tap tap tap, here comes Jenna with a creepy comment.  “Whisper, whisper whisper.  It almost feels like Alison is still here.”  Then she taps away without another word.

In the principal’s office, Wilden asks Hanna for dieting tips; she has lost SO much weight and it’s bizarre that he’s talking about it!  Hanna has a flashback from when she was still hefty, and Alison was pressuring her to ask Sean to Noel’s party.  Sean and Hanna’s were having a cringeworthy, awkward conversation, so Alison came to the rescue.  She knew that if she told Sean that SHE was going to the party then he’d obviously go.  Alison should win an award for giving the most sarcastic “sympathetic” glances in the world; that’s the best way I can describe the look that she gave Hanna.

In real time, skinny Hanna doesn’t really have much weight loss advice for Wilden, but Alison helped her make those changes, so if it turns out that she isn’t dead, perhaps she can help him.  In the meantime, his keg stand habit probably won’t help.  Wilden asks her about her “yearbook picture,” but it turns out the picture he’s talking about was never in the yearbook; he saw it in her living room.  Awkward much?  Good thing he’s seeking clues for his murder investigation during all this grapefruit squeezing.

Aria had such a great time seeing a movie with Ezra and her mother that she invites him to come to Ella’s art gallery.  Spencer pays a visit to Wren to beg him to tell her parents “the truth” about what happened.  Spencer, I hate to break it to you, but you were involved in that kiss, too!  When she leaves, Wren makes a smug comment about “the wretched place” she calls home.  Maybe it wouldn’t have been so wretched if you and Melissa didn’t steal Spencer’s loft, Wren.  Enjoy squatting on your friends couch.

Here come the crimes!  Back at Rosewood, Ben is in the girls’ locker room giving off a serial killer/rapist vibe while pinning Emily against the wall and ignoring her protests.  First of all, who invited him into the girls’ locker room? While the legality of his presence in there comes down to Rosewood’s school policy, it’s still time for:
Crime # 1 Alert! : Disorderly Conduct: 18 Pa.C.S. § 5503“(a) Offense defined.–A person is guilty of disorderly conduct if, with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof, he: 
(1) engages in fighting or threatening, or in violent or tumultuous behavior; (2) makes unreasonable noise; (3) uses obscene language, or makes an obscene gesture; or (4) creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act which serves no legitimate purpose of the actor.
(b) Grading.–An offense under this section is a misdemeanor of the third degree if the intent of the actor is to cause substantial harm or serious inconvenience, or if he persists in disorderly conduct after reasonable warning or request to desist. Otherwise disorderly conduct is a summary offense.”

Note: I’m going to go with the misdemeanor; no way that behavior is only a summary offense.
Also note: language in this statute clarifies that the use of the word “public” includes school.

Additionally, Ben’s attempt to force himself on Emily even when she screamed for him to stop leads us straight to:

Crime # 2 Alert! : Indecent Assault (in relevant part): 18 Pa.C.S. § 3126: 
“(a)  Offense defined.–A person is guilty of indecent assault if the person has indecent contact with the complainant, causes the complainant to have indecent contact with the person… and:
(1)  the person does so without the complainant’s consent;
(2)  the person does so by forcible compulsion;
(3)  the person does so by threat of forcible compulsion that would prevent resistance by a person of reasonable resolution; …”
In terms of grading/ranking the crime, subsection (a)(1) would constitute a misdemeanor in the second degree, but (a)(2) and (a)(3) constitute a misdemeanor in the 1st degree.  You cannot be charged with both, and Ben would probably be charged with the 1st degree misdemeanor. 

Emily’s inability to escape from Ben does not last long; in swoops TOBY to save the day and bring us to:

Potential Crime # 3 Alert!: Aggravated Assault :  18 Pa.C.S. § 2702: 
“a)  Offense defined.–A person is guilty of aggravated assault if he:  (1)  attempts to cause serious bodily injury to another,  or causes such injury intentionally, knowingly or recklessly under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the  value of human life;
(b)  Grading.–Aggravated assault under subsection (a)(1) and(2) is a felony of the first degree.”

Take note that I labeled this as a potential crime.  Certainly if Toby had done this without Emily in the equation, he’d be guilty.  However, in certain circumstances, Pennsylvania law allows for justification on the grounds of protection of another person.

Use of force for the protection of other persons (in relevant part) – 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 506: 
” (a) General rule.–The use of force upon or toward the person of another is justifiable to protect a third person when: 
(1) the actor would be justified under section 505 of this title (relating to use of force in self-protection) in using such force to protect himself against the injury he believes to be threatened to the person whom he seeks to protect; 
(2) under the circumstances as the actor believes them to be, the person whom he seeks to protect would be justified in using such protective force; and 
(3) the actor believes that his intervention is necessary for the protection of such other person…”The justifications in section 505 (in relevant part) : “the actor believes that such force is immediately necessary for the purpose of protecting himself against the use of unlawful force by such other person on the present occasion…”

I believe that Toby would be successful with this justification. 

Aria brings desperately needed cups to Ella’s gallery and finds Meredith pretending to be Ella’s BFF. Ella has invited her to the gallery tonight and Aria angrily tells Meredith that she had better not come.

Hanna is leaving for Noel’s party and Wilden makes a stupid joke about driving her to the party in a squad car. “I won’t use the cuffs.” Because he’s saving them to use on Ashley in the bedroom later. This whole “relationship” is appalling already, so it’s a good thing Wilden screws it up.

As soon as Hanna is out of the house, Wilden invites himself into Hanna’s purse, removes her friendship bracelet from the bag and starts asking Ashley about it. When he reveals that he saw it earlier “during his day job” of harassing Hanna with ridiculous questions while she should be in class, Ashley gets pissed off very quickly. She demands to know why Hanna is the only one who got questioned for a second time. Wilden gives a BS excuse, leading Ashley to tell him that he will need a search warrant to go through Hanna’s purse.

Potential Crime # 4 Alert! Even though some might argue that Ashley allowed Wilden into the house and he believed that he had consent to search (although he probably did not even believe he had consent), the 4th amendment of the United States Constitution (U.S. Const. amend. IV) begs to differ. The 4th amendment guarantees privacy against unreasonable searches and seizures by government officials.  

The Supreme Court came up with a broad test for reasonableness in a case, Katz v. United States (389 U.S. 347). In that case, the Supreme Court expanded the 4th amendment protection to include any place where a person has a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” Although Ashley DID allow Wilden to enter her home, a reasonable person would still have a reasonable expectation of privacy regarding the contents of a pocketbook inside the house.  paraphrased

Additionally, Hanna certainly had a reasonable expectation of privacy regarding the contents of her bag which was at her house. The fact that her mother had this unfortunate and disturbing relationship with a police officer does not mean that Hanna should no longer have a reasonable expectation of privacy for her property in her home. A reasonable person would not expect a police officer to overstep his boundaries that way.  

Note: I labeled this as a potential crime because he did stop when he realized that he clearly did not have consent, and he stopped before anything (ie someone getting arrested) happened as a result of the search. Although his search did violate the 4th amendment, it’s doubtful that any legal action would happen under these circumstances.  BUT, he still broke a Pennsylvania law during his inappropriate investigation. 

Crime # 5 Alert! : Abuse of Power- Official Oppression (in relevant part): Pa. Stat. Ann. Title 18 § 5301:  
“A person acting or purporting to act in an official capacity or taking advantage of such actual or purported capacity commits a misdemeanor of the second degree if, knowing that his conduct is illegal, he:
 (1)  subjects another to arrest, detention, search… or other infringement of personal or property rights…” 

What a terrible excuse for a police officer!  

While all of that is taking place at Hanna’s house, she’s partying! Actually, she’s bored out of her mind watching Sean play his 8 millionth fuse-ball game. I don’t even think she had one drink at the party, which is surprising considering that she brings her flask everywhere.

Emily arrives at the party with Maya and immediately insults Ben, adding salt to the ridiculous wound Toby left on his face. He definitely knows how to fight.

Spencer has not arrived at the party yet because she’s busy writing her history paper that’s due on Monday. Let me try that again. She’s busy plagiarizing her sister’s paper from six years ago. Before I comment on Spencer’s behavior, I just want to point out that Melissa’s paper was written in 2004, before Macbooks even existed. It was all about the iBook G4 in 2004. I’m not saying that Melissa didn’t just simply get a new computer, but isn’t she in graduate school at this point? Why would she feel the need to keep her high school homework on her desktop? Weird.

Moving on:

Crime # 6 Alert! : As strange as it is that Melissa had that paper on her desktop, Spencer was definitely not allowed to steal it. Congratulations Spencer, on violating federal law! : Infringement on Copyright: 17 USC § 501: This federal statute forbids anyone from distributing another person’s copyrighted work without getting the author’s permission to do so or properly citing the author’s work. Plagiarism is included in the federal law against copyright infringement.

Note that a work does not have to go through a formal process to become copyrighted material and it does not have to be published either. Any author’s original work is protected by copyright, and state schools are required to comply with federal law in terms of academic integrity.  


Melissa and Veronica come home from the club and almost catch Spencer in the act. They talk about eating pasta as if it’s the equivalent of eating 8 tons of crisco oil in one sitting.

After Spencer’s daunting copy and paste session, she makes her way to Noel’s party so that she can gossip with the girls about Toby being a terrible person. When Spencer brings up the time when “they” caught Toby spying on them, Emily is quick to remind her that Ali was the only person to see that happen. Spencer has a flashback of the night of “The Jenna Thing.” In the flashback, Spencer stood across the street while Ali screamed “I’ll make sure everybody knows!” in Toby’s ear. She was pretty loud for somebody who didn’t want any of her friends to hear her; perhaps she wanted to make Jenna go blind and Toby go deaf all in the same night.

Also in the flashback, Ali persuaded the girls to flea the crime scene. She dismissed Hanna’s suggestion to tell the police what had happened in the rudest way possible. She reminds her that this show is not called “Pretty Little Honest Girls” and that if Hanna wanted to tell the police, she could also go back to being a fat loser who eats chips and plays Dance Dance Revolution.
Of course, ignoring Hanna’s idea to behave like decent human beings, Ali and her posse bring us to:

Potential Crime # 8 Alert! : Flight to Avoid Apprehension, Trial or Punishment (in relevant part) Pa. Stat. Ann. Title 18 § 5126.: 

“(a)  Offense defined.–A person who willfully conceals himself or moves or travels within or outside this Commonwealth with the intent to avoid apprehension, trial or punishment commits a felony of the third degree when the crime which he has been charged with or has been convicted of is a felony and commits a misdemeanor of the second degree when the crime which he has been charged with or has been convicted of is a misdemeanor..”
Note that I put potential because the girls were neither charged with nor convicted of a crime, but they easily could have been if they stayed there for another second.

Back at the party, Hanna tries again and fails again at seducing her boyfriend who does not want to have sex with her. Emily and Maya take pictures of themselves kissing in a photo booth and somebody steals the pictures before they even have time to get out of the booth. It’s almost as if Emily has a stalker or something!

Aria makes an appearance at Ella’s gallery which Meredith attends despite Aria’s demand. Meredith wants Aria to know that she can have her father and there is absolutely nothing Aria can do about it. The next stunt Meredith pulls also symbolizes Aria’s powerlessness; she snatches Aria’s cup — the cup that SHE BOUGHT FOR HER MOTHER– silently telling Aria “I’m taking your dad and your drink. You can go now.”

Hanna receives a text from “A” that reads, “Heads up, hon. Hefty Hanna never gets the guy.” Hanna’s had enough for one night, so she does what any girl in that situation would do. She takes her boyfriend’s car without asking his permission. To make matters worse, she winds up crashing it, and crashing us right into:

Crime # 9 Alert! : Unauthorized use of automobiles and other vehicles (in relevant part): Pa. Stat. Ann. Title 18 § 3928 : 

(a)  Offense defined.–A person is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree if he operates the automobile… without consent of the owner.” 

Again, I did not see Hanna have anything to drink at the party, so I’m not going to jump to any drinking and driving conclusions. She’s done enough damage as it is; I don’t need to make it worse.

Emily goes to Toby’s front porch to thank him for beating the crap out of Ben. When Emily leaves, Jenna demands to know why Emily was thanking him, as if Toby’s her bitch.

Needless to say, the girls all have had a pretty horrible day, so the following day they make another smart decision. They meet up in the woods… AGAIN! Spencer finally discloses that Toby took the blame for “The Jenna Thing” because Ali “had something huge on him” and she blackmailed with it. Of course that means :

Crime # 10 Alert! (Don’t worry, this is finally the last one… for now at least). : Intimidation of Witnesses or Victims (in relevant part): Pa. Stat. Ann. Title 18 § 4952: 

“(a)  Offense defined.–A person commits an offense if, with the intent to or with the knowledge that his conduct will obstruct, impede, impair, prevent or interfere with the administration of criminal justice, he intimidates or attempts to intimidate any witness or victim to:
 (1)  Refrain from informing or reporting to any law enforcement officer, prosecuting official or judge concerning any information, document or thing relating to the commission of a crime. 
(2)  Give any false or misleading information or testimony relating to the commission of any crime to any law enforcement officer, prosecuting official or judge. 
(3)  Withhold any testimony, information, document or thing relating to the commission of a crime from any law enforcement officer, prosecuting official or judge…
(b)  Grading.–
(1)  The offense is a felony of the degree indicated in [the above] paragraphs if: The actor employs force, violence or deception…upon the witness… 
(2)  The offense is a felony of the second degree if a felony of the second degree is the most serious offense charged in the case in which the actor sought to influence or intimidate a witness… 
(3)  The offense is a felony of the third degree in any other case in which the actor sought to influence or intimidate a witness or victim as specified in this subsection. (
4) Otherwise the offense is a misdemeanor of the second degree.”

All in all, great job abiding by the law, everyone! I’ll give you an A+; you already have an A.

At least there’s a happy ending; after hearing a creepy noise and finding Ali’s bracelet on the ground, the girls LEAVE THE WOODS!

Thank you everyone for reading. I apologize for the delay in posting this; researching and writing this took me two full days, no exaggeration.