Hanna Marin TV Criminal Rap Sheet- PLL Season 1 A

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Hanna Marin TV Criminal Rap Sheet – This is a brief summary of the crimes Hanna could be found guilty of during the first 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I hope you enjoy it!

PILOT 1×01 ~Underage Drinking – At the infamous sleepover that started it all. She also brings a flask filled with alcohol to Alison’s funeral. ~Retail Theft – One of the first things we see Hanna do is steal sunglasses from the mall.

THE JENNA THING 1×02 ~Public Drunkenness Or Similar Misconduct -Hanna was obvious enough with her flask at the Grille to get a dirty look from a random old man. ~Failure To Prevent Catastrophe -Hanna and the other girls are guilty of this for not stopping Ali during “The Jenna Thing.” Hanna attempted to talk Ali out of it, but that’s not enough.

TO KILL A MOCKING GIRL 1×03 ~Unauthorized Use Of Automobiles Or Other Vehicles – After Sean refuses her sexual advances, Hanna takes his car without permission and drives it away from the party.


Character Criminal Rap Sheets + More

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Introducing: Character Criminal Rap Sheets!

~I am going to implementing a “character criminal rap sheet” for this blog that’s updated a few times per week in between recaps. It’s going to have a list of crimes committed by a character of my choice during a period of time of my choice. For example, Emily Thorne in Season 1A of Revenge. I’ll list crimes the character has committed and some other fun facts about that character. Since I know I owe you guys a Revenge post, I will actually be starting with the example I just mentioned, so stay tuned for that, as well as my admittedly overdue episode 2×02 recap!

~I will occasionally take the opportunity for “guest appearances” of characters from different tv shows that I don’t yet cover regularly by including their rap sheets!

~These entries will be shorter than my usual posts and be more based on memory than on re-watching episodes, so feel free to comment if you find something that I’ve left out!

~I’ve been working on the layout of this blog and I’m hoping to continue with the “show/hide” buttons that I have in my most recent PLL posts. If you didn’t notice them, they’re under some of the broken laws, and you can press them to expand the information about the broken law.

~Please comment on my blog with your thoughts; I’d love to interact with more of you! Definitely let me know if you have any suggestions for this blog.

Thanks for reading, and let’s hope for a bunch of broken laws on tonight’s Pretty Little Liars! I’d like to thank my friend Cole for his help with the character rap sheet idea. 🙂

ETA: There’s a paypal donate button on the towards the bottom of the left sidebar of the blog in case anyone wants to be generous and contribute to me continuing my hard work.


Surfing The Aftershock… In A Wave Of Broken Laws (Broken Laws + TV Recap of PLL Episode 5×03)

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Note: This entry will also cover relevant broken laws from episode 5×02 This episode begins with a dazed Ali in bed, grieving about her mother. The girls try to help, but Ali’s dad and brother tell them to leave. The DiLaurentis men are always so polite to the girls. Kenneth doesn’t want any police or press at Jessica’s funeral, and Jason says he’s taken care of that. Judging by the family track record, there should be a barricade of detectives surrounding this funeral, but let’s respect their wishes!

The girls have clearly run out of theories; Aria nearly believes that Ali’s new dog is “A.” Does the think it’s Shana’s reincarnation, since the girls are so convinced that “A” died when Shana did? Spencer insists that she’s changed her mind about Jason and no longer believes that he killed Mrs. DiLaurentis. He looked so shocked when he saw the body, and cunning murderers can never have deceiving expressions on their faces! Ali gets ready for her mom’s funeral and winds up “coincidently choosing” the same dress that Mrs. DiLaurentis wore to Ali’s “funeral” back when Ali was “dead.” Ali acts clueless; she claims that she wanted to feel closer to her mother and had no idea that her mother wore the dress to her fake funeral.

At school, the girls are called to Vice Principal Hackett’s office. He promises them that the school will provide them “limited protection,” but he wants them to keep the disruptions to a minimum. Spencer expresses concern about Noel, Mona, and Ezra, since all of them know that Alison was not kidnapped. Spencer insists that they need to make sure everyone will go along with their story, but Aria protests against going to see Ezra to discuss their cover story. Speaking of that cover story, even if Ali’s suffering a bit of culture shock, she surely still knows that lying to the police is illegal!


EscApe from New York… Pretty Little Crimes From New York to Rosewood- broken laws+tv recap of PLL episode 5×01

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Note that some of this entry will refer to Pennsylvania law and other parts will refer to New York law. This depends on where the crimes of this episode take place.

The premiere of season 5 begins in New York, seconds after we left off in the finale of season 4. The girls are in hiding, especially Alison. “A” is still on the loose because the girls thrive on letting “A” escape. The police arrive at the scene of Ezra’s shooting. Noel shows up right after Ezra got shot; he tells the police that he heard a gun shot and ran up to the roof where he found Ezra already on the ground. Noel’s arrival seems quick for a person allegedly neither aware of nor involved in the chaotic events of the season 4 finale. An ambulance arrives to rush Ezra to the hospital, and the girls stop Aria from approaching Ezra, because that could subject her to a long night of police questioning. The girls devise a brilliant plan based on Spencer and Alison’s vast, historical knowledge. They decide, once again, that it’s best to split up. It’s worked so well for them in the past, so why not? Part of the plan involves Hanna calling the police informing them that the man who was shot is Ezra Fitz and that it didn’t look like an accident. Hanna suggests that the police send someone to the hospital because Ezra might not be safe there.

At the Hastings’ house, Veronica and Melissa discuss Alison; they have differing opinions. Veronica attempts to refrain from judging too quickly; nobody knows what Alison has been through during the past few years. Melissa sympathizes with the family of the other missing girl, the one who’s dead in Alison’s grave. Melissa emphasizes that she really thought it was Alison in that grave. Her tone is odd, like she knows more than she’s letting on. Melissa strongly disapproves of Alison, the walking time bomb, playing dead to her friends and family for all of this time. Melissa starts telling her mother that there’s something she should know, but Peter Hastings gives her a “shut up” look, and the Hastings family notices police lights outside of their house. Their doorbell rings just as they notice the lights.

CeCe escapes from police custody, and Detective Holbrook pays the Hastings a house call to inform them of this. He explains that CeCe knows that Alison was alive and that he thinks CeCe knows where the other PLLs are as well. He suggests that CeCe assaulted Officer Maple in some way and stole his patrol car to escape.