PLL Theory: Toby is CHARLES/Big A, CeCe is Red Coat/A, Melissa is Uber A: A PLL Novel

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I haven’t posted in awhile, so I am sharing a PLL theory that I worked really hard putting together. I’d appreciate reblogs if you have tumblr, or other types of sharing so that more people can check it out too. It includes a LOT of PLL characters; the ones in the title play the biggest role, but they have help from people like Wren, Wilden and MORE.


Here it is:

Don’t miss this one. I’ll be forcing myself to get back on the tv+ broken laws topic, but for now I hope you enjoy my other writing!

“They Don’t Allow Fireworks In Prison”: The Broken Laws in PLL 5×15, “Through A Glass, Darkly”

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At the beginning of the episode, the girls attend Mona’s Hawaiian-themed funeral which takes place three months after her death. Her body hasn’t been found, but Mrs. Vanderwaal filled a casket with Mona’s keepsakes. She’s looking for closure, but Alison shows up to extend her supposed condolences and to insist that she had nothing to do with Mona’s murder. Mrs. Vanderwaal greets Ali with a loud slap in the face. It’s the kind of slap that I almost don’t want to write about because Ali deserved it so much, yet it’s still against the law.

Broken Law # 1 Alert!

18 PA Cons. § 2701. Simple assault (in relevant part).

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

My reaction to tonight’s PLL and more support for my theories on A’s Motives

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A is for Arbitration : Pretty Little Liars Entertaining Law Quote

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Today’s entertaining law quote comes from an early episode of Pretty Little Liars, “To Kill A Mocking Girl” (Season 1 episode 3 of PLL).

The quote:

“I can’t arbitrate on one cup of coffee!”

The context: Veronica Hastings is the woman behind this entertaining law quote, which is fitting since she plays an attorney on the show. She utters these words during one of Spencer and Melissa’s epic battles. This particular argument stems from Melissa’s anger about Spencer kissing her fiancé, Wren, and leading to their breakup.

Though she’s accustomed to the Hastings’ sibling rivalry, Veronica needs more caffeine before this civil war.

I hope you enjoyed the quote, and I’m still working on the bigger PLL posts that I owe you guys, so stay tuned for those, and for updates on “Revenge” and “How To Get Away With Murder.” As always, thank you for reading!

Toby & Aria PLL theories

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This weekend (today included) will be devoted to finally getting this blog up to date. I have been busier than I expected. But for now, although slightly off topic, I have two theories based on the PLL finale. One is based on the fact that the writers said that some of the characters would find out who “A” was in the finale of PLL, and the other is about who killed Mona. Both of them are farfetched; I don’t necessarily believe they will happen.

Theory 1: Toby is (still) A

The dialogue between Mona and Spencer could have been a clue about who A is.

This is the play-by-play of what happened.

Mona “Emily hasn’t checked in..”

Spencer gets a text..

Mona: “you better make sure that’s not A”

Spencer: “you mean Alison?”

Camera zooms on Spencer’s phone and shows the name TOBY..

Spencer: “it’s Toby.”

Then Mona discourages Spencer from telling Toby that they broke into Radley saying as a cop he wouldn’t want to know.. Maybe that wasn’t why.. Mona didn’t initially say Ali was A outloud even when asked twice.. She only said it to Aria moments before she died. Maybe Toby is A and Mona knew it.. And that could have been the clue to the fans to which the writers of the show were referring.

Theory 2: Aria killed Mona

Aria drops the red paint at Radley and says “I’m so sorry this was all my fault!” The red could be symbolic of blood.. Aria spilling the paint was deliberate and it was to help MONA and Spencer sneak around Radley.. What if this was symbolic of Aria having “blood on her hands?”

Maybe Aria killed Mona.. The paint reminded me of the fact that Mona’s blood was everywhere.. Also the girls get a text from A when they find out Mona died that mimicked what aria said at Radley.. “It’s all your fault-A”. Plus, at Radley, Holbrook mentioned murder to Aria (whether she imagined it or not it was put in that scene) AND mentioned homicide in the scene when Mona died.. Were these scenes purposely parallel? And I am aware that Aria was with the girls when they found Mona’s house that way, but we don’t know if some time passed that could have given Aria time to do this.

I hope you enjoy this for now, and the next thing that gets posted on this blog will be law-related. Somebody call me on it if it doesn’t happen soon 😉


New Law of Pretty Little Liars

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Since so many people enjoyed this on twitter, I thought I’d post it here. Stay tuned, because I am almost done with my major PLL update and I will also be doing a post on tonight’s finale.


PLL Entertaining Quote: Cops In Clown Cars

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One of my favorite recent entertaining law related quotes comes from PLL episode 5×06, “Run, Ali, Run!” After Hanna couldn’t believe that the police officers did not plan to further investigate the cause of the gas leak that led to the fire/explosion at the Cavanaugh house, Caleb said:

The cops in this town should be riding around in clown cars.
I must say that I agree!! Click on the image below for a reminder of the episode to which I’m referring. Let me know if you have any entertaining quotes you’d like me to feature!


The Silence Of E. Lamb, Where Is That Man? (Rhyming Recap of PLL 5×07)

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As I mentioned, PLL did not have enough broken laws tonight for me to cover in a recap. When that happens, I do a creative type of recap instead. The following is a rhyming recap of  Pretty Little Liars episode 5×07, “The Silence of E. Lamb.” Stay tuned for a PLL criminal rap sheet coming up soon!

Mrs. Fields invites Ali and the girls to eat

But Em and Ali both have cold feet.

None of the girls really want to attend,

but they reluctantly agree in the end.

Ali’s nervous about hiding her bruises

She’s sick of all the fake excuses.

Sydney pops out of the bathroom stall,

The girls’ conversation, she heard it all!

To Alison, Sydney introduces herself

It seems like she knows her from somewhere else.


Run, Ali Run… From The Law! (Recap + Broken Laws in PLL episode 5×06)

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Note that this will include broken laws from previous PLL episodes, mainly 5×05.

The episode begins where we left off last week. The girls are stunned to get a text from “A,” apparently they actually believed that Shana was the only “A” they had to worry about. “Did you miss me bitches?” Toby’s house completely explodes and the girls don’t yet know where Toby is. Toby calls Spencer from the hospital. He’s ok, and nobody was inside the house but his father who we have yet to meet broke his leg trying to avoid a tree. Caleb’s at the hospital with Toby, rekindling their bromance. The girls finally figure out that “A” woke up from his or her nap.

Hanna runs into Caleb at the coffee shop (again). Hanna doesn’t understand why “A” blew up Toby’s house when the girls were so nearby. Caleb tells Hanna that “A” doesn’t shoot and miss, so there must be a reason that “A” did not hurt the girls. “The cops in this town should be riding around in clown cars” according to Caleb. I guess he’s excluding the ones who are riding around in coffins, but he makes a good point. It’s obvious that Hanna and Caleb still have feelings for each other even though Hanna  is currently dating Travis. She explains that she had no idea when and if Caleb was returning.  Caleb claims that he won’t be staying in town long, but Tyler Blackburn is a series regular again, so we’ll see what happens! I’m rooting for Haleb.


Surfing The Aftershock… In A Wave Of Broken Laws (Broken Laws + TV Recap of PLL Episode 5×03)

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Note: This entry will also cover relevant broken laws from episode 5×02 This episode begins with a dazed Ali in bed, grieving about her mother. The girls try to help, but Ali’s dad and brother tell them to leave. The DiLaurentis men are always so polite to the girls. Kenneth doesn’t want any police or press at Jessica’s funeral, and Jason says he’s taken care of that. Judging by the family track record, there should be a barricade of detectives surrounding this funeral, but let’s respect their wishes!

The girls have clearly run out of theories; Aria nearly believes that Ali’s new dog is “A.” Does the think it’s Shana’s reincarnation, since the girls are so convinced that “A” died when Shana did? Spencer insists that she’s changed her mind about Jason and no longer believes that he killed Mrs. DiLaurentis. He looked so shocked when he saw the body, and cunning murderers can never have deceiving expressions on their faces! Ali gets ready for her mom’s funeral and winds up “coincidently choosing” the same dress that Mrs. DiLaurentis wore to Ali’s “funeral” back when Ali was “dead.” Ali acts clueless; she claims that she wanted to feel closer to her mother and had no idea that her mother wore the dress to her fake funeral.

At school, the girls are called to Vice Principal Hackett’s office. He promises them that the school will provide them “limited protection,” but he wants them to keep the disruptions to a minimum. Spencer expresses concern about Noel, Mona, and Ezra, since all of them know that Alison was not kidnapped. Spencer insists that they need to make sure everyone will go along with their story, but Aria protests against going to see Ezra to discuss their cover story. Speaking of that cover story, even if Ali’s suffering a bit of culture shock, she surely still knows that lying to the police is illegal!