Illegal, Crazy Sibling Rivalry – Broken Laws + Recap of Revenge 4×02- Disclosure

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Note, this entry will contain references to relevant broken laws in prior episodes that I have not covered yet.

In the second episode of season 4 of Revenge, “Disclosure,” David Clarke and Victoria reunite officially; this time Victoria is actually conscious, at least after the nightmare she has about David strangling her. Back from the “dead” for just a few short days and David Clarke is already breaking the law.

Broken Law # 1 Alert! (From Episode 4×01)

At the end of episode 4×01, we saw David sneak up behind Victoria and abduct her. No matter how many people may dislike Victoria, David still had no permission to behave this way.

NY PEN LAW § 135.20 Kidnapping in the second degree.

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Resurrection… Back To A Life Of Crime (Recap of Revenge 2×02 + Broken Laws)

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*This will contain relevant broken laws from episode 2×01.

This episode starts with a flashback of Emily/Amanda with her mother singing in the car. In present time, Nolan wakes Emily up from the nightmare induced by the Victoria Grayson horror movie, as Nolan calls it. Emily insists that the white-haired man won’t kill her. She tells Nolan that Victoria was lying about the government protecting her.

Emily calls Daniel to tell him that Charlotte is scared of her doctor. She reveals that she did research on the doctor and he has a history of keeping patients longer than usual. Emily insinuates that the doctor may have fixed the drug test, which we know is true based on the events in the previous episode. Daniel asks Emily to email him everything she found about Charlotte’s doctor. The arrangement between Conrad and Charlotte’s doctor breaks a myriad of laws.

Broken Laws # 1 Alert! (From Episode 2×01)

Conspiracy in the fifth degree (in relevant part). NY PEN Law § 105.05

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Character Criminal Rap Sheets + More

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Introducing: Character Criminal Rap Sheets!

~I am going to implementing a “character criminal rap sheet” for this blog that’s updated a few times per week in between recaps. It’s going to have a list of crimes committed by a character of my choice during a period of time of my choice. For example, Emily Thorne in Season 1A of Revenge. I’ll list crimes the character has committed and some other fun facts about that character. Since I know I owe you guys a Revenge post, I will actually be starting with the example I just mentioned, so stay tuned for that, as well as my admittedly overdue episode 2×02 recap!

~I will occasionally take the opportunity for “guest appearances” of characters from different tv shows that I don’t yet cover regularly by including their rap sheets!

~These entries will be shorter than my usual posts and be more based on memory than on re-watching episodes, so feel free to comment if you find something that I’ve left out!

~I’ve been working on the layout of this blog and I’m hoping to continue with the “show/hide” buttons that I have in my most recent PLL posts. If you didn’t notice them, they’re under some of the broken laws, and you can press them to expand the information about the broken law.

~Please comment on my blog with your thoughts; I’d love to interact with more of you! Definitely let me know if you have any suggestions for this blog.

Thanks for reading, and let’s hope for a bunch of broken laws on tonight’s Pretty Little Liars! I’d like to thank my friend Cole for his help with the character rap sheet idea. 🙂

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