The Truth Will Out– But Is The Truth More Twisted Than The Lies? (Twisted episode 1×09 recap + broken laws)

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This entry will also contain comments about episodes 1×06, 1×07 and 1×08

Episode 1×09 begins just like your average television show about teenagers, with a secret couple discussing a murder.  Danny and Lacey are talking inside the police station, which seems to be a regular hangout spot for the Twisted crowd.  Lacey wants to know how Danny feels about his mother’s recent confession; in the previous episode, “Docu-Trauma,” Karen confessed to killing Regina Crane.  This confession has come as a shock to everyone, and many people are hesitant to believe that Karen really is to blame for Regina’s death.  Jo joins them at the station and wants them to fill her in on what has happened.

Meanwhile, inside a holding room, Karen and Kyle are talking, and it appears as if it has been a long, repetitive conversation.  Karen has not convinced Kyle that she really killed Regina; Kyle believes that she is just trying to take the blame for a crime that her son committed.  Karen gives Kyle her reason for murdering Regina when she claims that she noticed Regina wearing the red and gold necklace that we all love to hate, and decided to confront her about it. Karen claims that when she did so after Regina’s party, Regina confessed that she was in love with Vikram, Karen’s husband.

Legal Note # 1: 

During this oh-so-pleasant conversation between Kyle and Karen, Kyle asked Karen if she had suspected that Vikram cheated on her during their marriage.  She answered affirmatively.  If she’s correct, and Vikram is still alive (no body was ever found after his “death”), Vikram would be guilty of: 

New York Penal- Article 255- § 255.17 Adultery.

  “A person is guilty of adultery when he engages in sexual intercourse with another person at a time when he has a living spouse, or the other person has a living spouse.”

Grading: “Adultery is a class B misdemeanor.” 

Kyle wants more details, but when he asks Karen what she used to hit Regina, she can’t remember.  When Kyle remains unconvinced, Karen asks, “Why would I lie about this?”  Kyle clearly believes that Karen is lying to protect Danny.  He informs Karen that he will not arrest her until he is sure, and that he has 48 hours before he legally has to call the DA.  He needs more answers before he’s going to make that phone call.  Judging by Kyle’s stubborn behavior, he probably does not plan on sleeping for the next 48 hours unless a lot more has been resolved.  Karen realizes this and demands to speak to her son.

When Kyle leaves the holding room, he is surprised to see our favorite trio waiting there, especially his daughter.  He offers to have an officer drive Lacey and Jo home, but both of them refuse to leave.  These two girls are going to be incredibly pissed off if Danny turns out being a murderous sociopath.

When Danny leaves the girls, they begin discussing Karen’s confession.  Lacey wonders if Karen is really capable of murder and believes that Karen’s confession confirms their suspicions about Vikram Desai and Regina Crane having an affair.


The girls developed a theory about a possible affair between Vikram and Regina after their surprising discovery in episode 1×06, “Three for the Road.”  In that episode, they went on a road trip to figure out who lived at the return address listed on an envelope mailed to Regina, which indicated that Regina was being blackmailed by its sender.  When they arrived at the mysterious apartment, the girls discovered that Vikram Desai (who is supposed to be dead) was named as the owner.

Danny also confronted his mother with this allegation in episode 1×08, and Karen responded that what he was implying was disgusting.

Legal Note # 2: 

IF it turns out that Danny, Lacey and Jo are correct about the Vikram/Regina affair, Vikram (if he is still alive of course) could be charged with a crime:

New York Penal- Article130- § 130.25 Rape in the third degree. (in relevant part)
 “A person is guilty of rape in the third degree when: … 2. Being twenty-one years old or more, he or she engages in sexual intercourse with another person less than seventeen years old;…”
Grading: “Rape in the third degree is a class E felony.”

Vikram was definitely over the age of 21 when and if anything between him and Regina happened.  Regina passed away at the age of 16.

Let’s hope that Karen knows her husband better than Detectives Masterson, Porter and Desai, because she’s right about the alleged affair being disgusting; it’s more than just disgusting.  It’s illegal!


Meanwhile, here in episode 1×09, Jo wonders if this means that Karen sent Regina the money and the note, which indicated that Regina was being paid to shut her mouth about some sort of illegal conduct.  In my entry on episode 1×03, “The Fest and the Furious,” we discussed that if Regina accepted such bribes, her behavior would not be within the law.

Legal Note # 3:

If Jo’s current allegations about Karen being the person behind the note Regina received, Karen would be guilty of: 

New York Penal- Article 215- § 215.00  Bribing a witness.
  “A person is guilty of bribing a witness when he confers, or offers or agrees to confer, any benefit upon a witness or a person about to be called as a witness in any action or proceeding upon an agreement or understanding that (a) the testimony of such witness will thereby be influenced, or (b) such witness will absent himself from, or otherwise avoid or seek to avoid appearing or testifying at, such action or proceeding.”

Grading: “Bribing a witness is a class D felony.”

This will have to remain a question for later, because right now, Lacey is too exhausted to think about who sent Regina that crazy and terrifying note.  She has more dreadful, looming events to consider.  Her sister’s birthday party is coming up this weekend, and it’s going to be a disaster!  To make things worse, her father is flying in for the occasion.  This definitely trumps the ongoing murder investigation involving her secret boyfriend and his mother.  The girls’ conversation makes it abundantly clear that there’s tension between Lacey and her father.

There’s even more tension in the holding room where Danny and Karen are having a mother-son moment in the form of a conversation about murder.  Danny demands to know why Karen confessed to the murder and accuses Karen of still believing that he murdered Regina.  Karen insists that she killed Regina.  They are arguing over who committed the murder as if the killer wins an olympic type gold medal upon getting arrested.  Karen explains that she couldn’t continue to watch Danny get attacked for a crime that she committed and that she couldn’t live with the guilt.  Danny questions her about the necklace, Chief Masterson style.  He looks like he doesn’t know what to believe.  Karen pleads with him to be happy and enjoy his life.

When Karen refers to Danny getting attacked for a crime she committed, she is referring to the stunts that happened in episode 1×08, “Docu-Trauma.”


In episode 1×08, Tyler Lewis (Chris Zylka), Phoebe’s brother, worked on a documentary, but it turned out that this was at Danny’s expense.  He got all of the pranks pulled on Danny on film, which is not smart considering that a lot of the “jokes” were not legal.  

Very early in the episode, after Karen and Danny had their awkward conversation regarding Vikram and Regina, Karen opened the front door and screamed.  Danny went to see what had happened and discovered that somebody covered his entire lawn with jump ropes, a reference to how Danny allegedly killed his aunt.   Later in the episode, we learned that Tyler was behind this prank among others. 

Broken Law # 1 Alert! (episode 1×08)

New York Penal- Article 145- § 145.00 Criminal mischief in the fourth degree. (in relevant part) :

A person is guilty of criminal mischief in the fourth degree when, having no right to do so nor any reasonable ground to believe that he or she has such right, he or she: …Intentionally damages property of another person;…”

Grading: “Criminal Mischief in the fourth degree is a class A misdemeanor.”  

In the same episode, Lacey agreed to go on a date with Danny, but only — of course — if they had the date at night, in secret, in the pitch-black where nobody could see them.  This is how every romantic love story begins, right?  

The date was rudely interrupted by a creepy crowd of people wearing masks of Danny’s face.  This is terrifying for more than one reason, as Lacey eloquently pointed out afterwards.  First of all, those people were clearly following them, and even worse, now everyone in the school might know about their relationship!  They’re probably too busy finding more laws to break at Danny’s expense to care, though.

Broken Law # 2 Alert! (episode 1×08) 

New York Penal- Article 120- § 120.45 Stalking in the fourth degree. (in relevant part) : 

 “A person is guilty of stalking in the fourth degree when he or she intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, engages in a course of conduct directed at a specific person, and knows or reasonably should know that such conduct:
  1. is likely to cause reasonable fear of material harm to the physical health, safety or property of such person, a member of such person`s immediate family or a third party with whom such person is acquainted;…” 

Grading: “Stalking in the fourth degree is a class B misdemeanor.”

At this point, Tyler has already targeted Danny twice, and it only gets worse throughout the episode.  Although Danny may not be afraid for his own safety, it is clear that he is concerned about protecting Lacey.  

Tyler is likely also guilty of:

Broken Law # 3 Alert! (episode 1×08) 

New York Penal- Article 240- § 
240.26 Harassment in the second degree. (in relevant part) 

  “A person is guilty of harassment in the second degree when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person: …
  2. He or she follows a person in or about a public place or places; or
  3. He or she engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which alarm or seriously annoy such other person and which serve no legitimate purpose…”

Grading: Harassment in the second degree is a violation. 

(Since this is only a violation, which is an offense that is not serious enough to amount to a misdemeanor in New York, it’s likely the only punishment for this behavior would be a fine.)

However, Tyler is not off the hook yet.  Remember that this group of people were wearing masks to deliberately mimic Danny’s face.  Later at Danny’s party, people in masks (under Tyler’s direction) showed up and simulated a strangulation, intending to simulate Danny strangling his aunt.  

Broken Law # 4 Alert! (episode 1×08) 

New York Penal- Article 190- § 190.25 Criminal impersonation in the second degree. (in relevant part)

  “A person is guilty of criminal impersonation in the second degree when 
he:  1. Impersonates another and does an act in such assumed character with intent to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud another…”

Grading: “Criminal impersonation in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.”

Note that the behavior of the person who video taped Danny and Lacey in this episode will be addressed when his or her identity is revealed.


Back in episode 1×09, Eddie, an officer who works with Kyle asks him if he’s considered the possibility that Karen is telling the truth about having murdered Regina.  He attempts to remind Kyle that they have evidence against Karen, but Kyle dismisses this because they “only” have evidence that Karen disposed of evidence and obstructed their case.  His tone indicates a hint of bias. 

Legal Note # 4: 

Please see the “legal note” after broken law # 1 in my entry on episode 1×03, “The Fest and the Furious” for a reminder of why Kyle would likely be removed from this case because of his personal interest in the outcome. 

Eddie continues to argue with Kyle.  He points out that if Regina and Vikram were having an affair, then Karen has a motive, whereas they have yet to prove any motive that Danny would have to kill Regina.  Lastly, the officer points out that if Danny has any sort of conscience, then if he killed Regina, he will not let his mother take the blame for it.  

When Danny finishes his conversation with Karen and joins Jo and Lacey, they ask him what Karen said and whether he had asked her about Regina and his father.  Danny gives them short answers that don’t really reveal his stance on whether or not Karen is telling the truth.  He also doesn’t tell the girls about Karen’s comments about wanting Danny to be happy. 

Next, Kyle joins the three of them and informs Danny that Karen is going to be held for 48 hours before the police decide if they’re going to formally charge her.  The fact that Kyle is having this conversation with Danny, Jo and Lacey reinforces the above point in Legal Note # 4.  Kyle continues to press Danny for information about Karen and Regina, but Danny says that he doesn’t know anything.  Kyle then announces that since Danny is a minor and his mother is being held in police custody, Danny will be staying at the Mastersons’ house.

While Danny packs his bag for a vacation that no one would ever want to take, he and Lacey discuss the recent turn of events.  Lacey suggests telling Kyle what they know about the letter to Regina and the apartment, even though it was her idea to hide it from him in the first place.  Danny feels strange about staying with a police officer who suspects him for murder, but agrees that they should tell him what they know.  Danny and Lacey discuss the possibility of Karen really being guilty.

Lacey points out that it’s going to be difficult for them to hide their secret relationship while Danny is staying at the Mastersons’ house.  Danny tries to convince Lacey that they should just tell Jo the truth, but Lacey dismisses this idea once again.  

The next scene takes place in the Mastersons’ kitchen.  The three musketeers are sitting with Kyle and coming clean about the money that was sent to Regina and what they know about it.  Tess listens in on the conversation and refuses to believe that Karen would do any of this.  One last emphasis on Kyle’s proximity to this case: he is currently sitting at the same table where he will be eating dinner later, with someone he suspects of murder, going over evidence regarding said murder case.  Kyle is unhappy that Jo, Lacey, and Danny kept this information a secret from him.  When Lacey takes the blame, Jo defends her.  

While it’s obvious that Kyle isn’t about to arrest his daughter and her two close friends, they should still feel guilty, because they ARE guilty of: 

Broken Law # 5 Alert! (Episode 1×09)

New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.40 Tampering With Physical Evidence (in relevant part)

“A person is guilty of tampering with physical evidence when:… 2. Believing that certain physical evidence is about to be produced or used in an official proceeding or a prospective official proceeding, and intending to prevent such production or use, he suppresses it by any act 
of concealment, alteration or destruction, or by employing force,  intimidation or deception against any person…”

Grading: “Tampering with physical evidence is a class E felony.”

Luckily for the three of them, Kyle is a lot more concerned with solving this murder case than their pesky tampering with evidence.  

To ease the tension in the room, Tess changes the subject by telling Danny that she’s setting up an air mattress for him.  Kyle quickly reminds Danny that this situation is only temporary and that if Karen is charged with murder, Danny is legally required to live with his next of kin, his grandmother in Arizona.  

The following day, Danny goes to visit his mother again.  This time, he has another reason that he wants Karen to retract her confession; she just told him yesterday that she wants him to be happy and he will not be happy if he has to move to Arizona.  Karen responds that Arizona is better than prison; she’s convinced however that no matter what she does, Chief Masterson will go after Danny.  Danny informs her that there is new evidence in the case that could prevent that from happening, and maybe neither of them will wind up in an orange jumpsuit.  

Kyle walks in, interrupting Karen and Danny’s mother-son bonding, armed with the new evidence.   When Danny leaves the room, Kyle wants to discuss the new evidence with Karen immediately.  He catches Karen up on what he has learned about a connection between Vikram and Regina.  He talks about the apartment in Connecticut, and Karen does not appear to know about it.  She claims that Vikram never went to Connecticut.  Kyle informs Karen that while he has no idea who sent Regina the note, he does not believe that Karen sent it.  Karen maintains that whether or not she sent the note, she is the one who killed Regina.  Kyle, now clearly frustrated, explains to Karen that he wants to solve this, but he can’t proceed his investigation unless she retracts her confession.

Meanwhile, Jo is sitting with Rico in the diner, a pleasant change of scenery from the police station.  She’s updating him on the recent events, and Rico is overwhelmed.  Can’t they just go back to doing their physics homework?  Rico accidentally blurts out what he had already known about Karen throwing the necklace in the lake.  He tells Jo that when he saw her do that, he was sure that it was because she was covering for Danny, not because she herself had murdered Regina.  Rico quickly attempts to distract Jo from noticing his slip-up, but his awkward banter about necklaces being shiny and pretty does not work.  Jo demands to know exactly what Rico meant.  Rico finally comes clean about seeing Karen throw the necklace and telling Chief Masterson about it.  Rico attempts to console Jo, but she remains upset about the possibility of Danny moving to Arizona.

Meanwhile, Lacey walks into her house and is surprised to see her father there; he got there earlier than expected.  Mr. Porter makes a bitter remark about Lacey’s younger sister, Clara, being at gymnastics.  Apparently he does not approve of her coach.  As if Lacey needs more tension in her life, her parents are now arguing about how rarely her father visits the family.  This argument is tame compared to everything else that is happening, but Lacey still does not want to deal with it.  When her father mentions Danny, Lacey refuses to discuss him. 

Kyle is back at his second home, the police station.  He is speaking with the other officer from earlier in the episode, Eddie.  Kyle continues to insist that Eddie dig for as much information as possible about Vikram and their newfound evidence; he clearly is stalling because he doesn’t want to call the DA and arrest Karen.  He’s not buying one word of her confession, and he’s already commented previously about Karen’s bad poker face; he’s not changing his mind any time soon.  

In the woods at night (AGAIN, guys?!  Nothing good ever happens in the woods at night.  Say it 3 times fast.) Jo fills Danny and Lacey in on what she just learned from Rico about the necklace.  Never before has a television show made a piece of jewelry so terrifying.  Danny needs some alone time to continue to lie to the girls about what HE knows about the necklace.  When Danny leaves, Lacey changes the topic of conversation to her sister’s 13th birthday party; it’s tomorrow, and it’s one shindig that Lacey does not want to attend.  We find out that Lacey has always blamed herself for her parents’ divorce.  Lacey is currently juggling a ton of parental problems; with her dad back, her parents are constantly fighting, her secret boyfriend’s mother might have murdered Lacey’s best friend, and his dead father might be alive.  That’s an extraordinary amount of drama for a high school girl to have in her life.  Jo offers to go to the birthday party with Lacey for moral support.  Lacey accepts Jo’s offer. 

The following morning, murder suspect, Danny Desai greets the sherif who has been investigating him, Kyle, in the Mastersons’ kitchen.  This situation is clearly 100% normal.  Danny asks Kyle if he has any new information regarding the money that was sent to Regina, then he reveals that he knows about Rico seeing his mother throw this disaster of a necklace in the lake.  When Kyle tells Danny that his mother said that she took the necklace from Regina, Danny immediately insists that she’s lying.  He admits to Kyle, a secret that he has been keeping for a long time, that Karen took the necklace from Danny.  While Karen is likely doing all of this as a noble effort to be a better mother to Danny, she unfortunately is not  being a law abiding citizen in the process.  

Danny has just confirmed that Karen took that necklace, attempted to dispose of it, and lied about where she found it all for the purpose of protecting her son from being blamed for a murder.  She wouldn’t be doing this if, as Danny has pointed out previously, she did not believe that Danny was guilty of the crime.  If Karen didn’t murder Regina (which Danny’s admission proves), then she has managed to commit a crime in the process of confessing to a crime that she did NOT commit.  If that sounds confusing to you, don’t forget the title of this show.

Broken Law # 6 Alert! (1×09) 

New York Penal- Article 205- § 205.50 Hindering prosecution; definition of term. (in relevant part)

“As used in sections 205.55, 205.60 and 205.65, a person “renders criminal assistance” when, with intent to prevent, hinder or delay the discovery or apprehension of, or the lodging of a criminal charge against, a person who he knows or believes has committed a crime or is being sought by law enforcement officials for the commission of a crime,… he…

…4. Prevents or obstructs, by means of… deception, anyone from performing an act which might aid in the discovery or apprehension of such person… ; or 

  5. Suppresses, by any act of concealment, alteration or destruction, any physical evidence which might aid in the discovery or apprehension…”

The degree of hindering prosecution depends on the degree of the underlying crime for which the person (here Karen) is “rendering criminal assistance.”

New York Penal- Article 205-  § 205.65 Hindering prosecution in the first degree.

“A person is guilty of hindering prosecution in the first degree when he renders criminal assistance to a person who has committed a class A felony, knowing or believing that such person has engaged in conduct constituting a class A felony.”

Grading: “Hindering prosecution in the first degree is a class D felony.”

Under the presumption that Karen is lying because she believes that Danny is guilty of murdering Regina, she would be guilty of hindering prosecution in the first degree, because both, first and second degree murders are class A felonies. 

Legal Note # 5: First Degree Murder vs Second Degree Murder

In legal note/broken law # 1 of my entry on the pilot episode of Twisted, we briefly discussed first degree murder in explaining why Danny’s alleged murder of his Aunt Tara was likely second degree murder.  Then we discussed second degree murder at length.  

Regardless of which degree of murder Danny would convicted of if he killed Regina, Karen would be guilty of the same crime. However, I wanted to briefly note the possibility of Danny being charged with first degree murder for Regian’s death.  As discussed in my entry on the pilot, first degree murder requires certain enumerated factors that make the offense worse than a second degree murder.  One of these enumerated factors could be applied to Danny.

New York Penal- Article 125- § 125.27 Murder in the first degree (in relevant part)

“A person is guilty of murder in the first degree when: 1. With intent to cause the death of another person, he causes the death of such person or of a third person; and…
…(ix) prior to committing the killing, the defendant had been convicted of murder…”

Moving on.  Danny and Kyle discuss this new information about this necklace that must be driving everybody insane at this point.  Danny explains that he had hidden the necklace in the chair in his living room, then proceeds to make a snarky remark about the police officers’ poor performance in raiding his house and failing to discover the necklace.  Somehow, this conversation goes from Kyle not believing Danny at all, to the two of them teaming up to find proof that Karen did not murder Regina.  A murder suspect working with the man who suspected him the most certainly makes a dynamic duo.  They come up with a plan to search Karen’s computer in attempt to prove that she was home, shopping online at the time Regina was killed.  All they need is Mona Vanderwaal and Caleb Rivers from Pretty Little Liars to take a field trip out of Rosewood and into Green Grove and this will be a done deal.  

Meanwhile, Tess is at the police station visiting Karen.  Tess still does not believe that Karen is a killer, and she tells her this.  She brings up the idea of Karen doing this to be a good mother and protect Danny, and we’re led to a flashback.  

In the flashback, a 10-year-old Danny interrupts a conversation between Tess and Karen.  He talks about some rocket ship mumbo jumbo that Karen does not understand and does not want to understand.  High-tech toys are Vikram’s territory, Karen explains to Tess while Danny is still in the room.  Karen continues to ramble about how she wishes she had a daughter because “girl stuff is more fun.”  She likes makeup better than rocket ships and remote control cars.  Tess berates her for making this comment.

In real time, Tess attempts to comfort Karen and assures her that Danny likely didn’t even notice her incredibly rude comment.  However, Karen is certain that he noticed.  

While Kyle and Danny are planning their computer searching adventure and Karen and Tess are talking in a police station, it’s party time for Jo and Lacey.  They’re at Lacey’s sister, Clara’s birthday party.  Lacey’s mother is thrilled to see Jo, which means that Jo’s plan to provide Lacey moral support is working.  Jo is also greeted by Clara’s gymnastics coach, followed by Lacey’s father, Samuel.  Samuel is happy to see Jo, and for a split second it’s all about hugs and smiles.  Then the tension comes back as Samuel makes a rude remark to Clara’s gymnastics coach.  This angers both Lacey and her mother.

Jo remembers her role at the party and changes the subject to some party that the Porter family hosted a million years ago, before all of this murder nonsense.  Everyone is laughing again and Lacey is impressed by Jo’s ability to charm her parents.  Lacey goes to call Danny, but he hits the ignore button on his secret lover.  

Danny is too busy with his new BFF, Kyle.  Kyle and Danny look at Karen’s computer to find evidence that she was home when Regina died.  Kyle notices and points out that Karen has a picture of Vikram as the wallpaper on her computer and that she still wears her wedding ring.  Danny comments that he thinks Karen still hopes Vikram is alive.  Danny reveals a hint of bitterness when he remarks that both Kyle and Karen think that he’s guilty.  He finds nothing on Karen’s computer, until Kyle suggests searching the trash bin.  

What Danny finds in there certainly constitutes disgusting trash.  There’s a folder in the trash bin labeled “pictures for Karen.”  In it, Danny and Kyle are shocked to find a bunch of lewd pictures of Danny’s high school principal.  They’re inappropriate and disgusting; we all saw them, and as the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  I don’t need to add any more to that.  

Meanwhile, at the party, Jo is helping Lacey with party duties, and one of them leads her to the pantry to get napkins for Lacey.  Jo finds more than napkins in there; she sees Lacey’s father kissing the (male) gymnastics coach to whom he was making all of those snide remarks earlier.  Lacey’s dad asks to speak with Jo alone.  When Jo asks him if this had been going on while he was married to Lacey’s mother, his silence makes the answer obvious.

Broken Law # 7 Alert!


Samuel wants Jo to keep what she just learned a secret from Lacey and her mother.  Jo does not like this idea but she reluctantly agrees to it.  

Meanwhile, Kyle and Danny have a very short, awkward conversation about Danny not knowing about any relationship between his mother and his school principal.  They immediately decide to sop talking about this.  Then, we’re led back to Karen, who is still thinking about her behavior during Danny’s childhood.  We are taken to another flashback.

In this flashback, Karen attempts to apologize for the remark she had made about wanting a daughter.  She claims that she didn’t mean it, but Danny loudly responds that he knows that she did mean what she said and that Karen doesn’t want him and never loved him.  

No wonder Karen feels so bad now!  In real time, Tess has returned to the holding room with food that she brought for Karen.  Tess begs Karen to reconsider what she’s doing, but Karen adamantly refuses.

Danny requests a meeting with Principal Tang, and they meet at the school, DURING THE WEEKEND, as the principal is sure to point out.  As if that’s the biggest problem here.  Danny threatens to ruin the Principal Tang’s family life by revealing how much of a pervert he is.  Danny explains that he found the grotesque photo album on Karen’s computer, but that Principal Tang should keep his ego in check, because the photos were in the trash bin.  

Danny wants to make a deal with Principal Tang; Danny will not tell anybody about the pictures if Principal Tang will tell the police that he was with Karen on the night of Regina’s murder.  Now, the tables have turned, and Danny is trying to be a good son to Karen and breaking the law in the process.

Broken Law #8 and # 9 Alert! 

 New York Penal – Article 135 – § 135.60 Coercion in the Second Degree (in relevant part)

 “A person  is  guilty  of coercion in the second degree when he or she compels or induces a person to engage in conduct which the latter has a legal  right to abstain from engaging in, or to abstain from engaging in conduct in which he or she has a legal right to engage…by means of instilling in him or her a fear that, if the demand is not complied with, the actor or another will:… 

…4. Accuse some person of a crime or cause criminal charges to be instituted against him or her; or
 5.  Expose a secret or publicize an asserted fact, whether true or false, tending to subject some person to hatred, contempt or ridicule;”

 Grading: “Coercion in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.”

Come on, Danny; that’s a rookie error!

The principal shoots back with his own threat.  He informs Danny that he is the reason that Danny was able to come back to Green Grove High School after his time in juvie.  He further explains that he is the reason that Danny was not expelled for his fight with Archie, and more importantly, for the rumors going around that Danny poisoned his soccer teammate, Cole Ferrell.  He promises that he will continue to make sure Danny can stay in school in exchange for Danny’s secrecy regarding the disturbing pictures.

This conversation makes Danny guilty of coercion because of of subsection 5, and the principal guilty because of subsection 4.  

While he was threatening Danny, the principal also admitted to other behavior that would be frowned upon by New York law, when he mentioned Danny’s teammate getting poisoned.  This happened in episode 1×07, “We Need to Talk About Danny.


In episode 1×07, Danny was forced to leave the soccer team due to rumors that he had poisoned his friend and teammate, Cole Ferrell.  Danny’s coaches allowed him to claim that he was leaving the team for “personal reasons,” and kept quiet about the accusations.

It is fairly obvious that Danny was framed for poisoning Cole, and that the real culprit behind the mothball stunt is Lacey’s ex-boyfriend, Archie.  Either way, a student at the school is guilty of:

Broken Law # 10 Alert!

New York Penal- Article 120- § 120.05 Assault in the second degree (in relevant part)

 “A person is guilty of assault in the second degree when:…  5. For a purpose other than lawful medical or  therapeutic treatment, he intentionally causes… physical impairment or injury to another person by administering to him, without his consent, a drug, substance or preparation capable of producing the same;…”

Grading: Assault in the second degree is a class D felony.

That’s right, boys.  This is more than just a little locker room prank.  AND, the coaches and principal of the school know about this and aren’t reporting it to authorities.  That doesn’t sound right at all, because it’s not. :

Broken Law # 11 Alert! 

New York Penal – Article 105 – § 105.00 Conspiracy in the Sixth Degree 

“A person is guilty of conspiracy in the fifth degree when, with intent 

that conduct constituting a crime be performed, he agrees with one or more persons to engage in or cause the performance of such conduct.”

Grading: “Conspiracy in the sixth degree is a class B misdemeanor.”

Danny’s soccer coaches and the principal could be found guilty of conspiracy for agreeing to commit the same crime that Karen did in broken law # 6 alert of this entry, hindering prosecution.  And since they currently ARE covering up the fact that Cole was assaulted, they are guilty of: 

Broken Law # 12 Alert! 

New York Penal- Article 205- § Hindering prosecution in the third degree.

“A person is guilty of hindering prosecution in the third degree when he renders criminal assistance to a person who has committed a felony.”

Grading: “Hindering prosecution in the third degree is a class A misdemeanor.”

The reason they would get third degree, while Karen got 1st degree, is because Assault in the 2nd degree is not a class A felony like murder. 


Back here in episode 1×09, Jo and Lacey are still at the party, but Jo is no longer having fun.  She’s harboring a secret about Lacey’s father, meanwhile Lacey is incredibly happy because her family has finally stopped fighting.  Lacey almost reveals her secret relationship with Danny to Jo, but before she can, Jo blurts out, “Your dad is gay!”  Unlike Danny and Lacey, Jo does not think that it’s right to keep secrets from friends.  Jo tells Lacey what she saw in the pantry and Lacey gets up and walks away.

Danny is still at the high school, shocked at how his meeting with the principal went.  He runs into Rico, who is at school on a Sunday for Mathlete practice.  In typical Rico fashion, he attempts to talk up Arizona so that Danny doesn’t feel so bad about possibly having to move there.  He mentions the “cool, sharp, pointy” cacti that can be found in Arizona.  Danny appreciates the gesture.  He tells Rico that he knows about Rico seeing the necklace incident and telling Chief Masterson about it.

They proceed to have an entertaining conversation, during which Rico starts to reveal what his first thought was when he saw Karen throw the necklace of doom.  When Danny guesses that the thought was “holy crap,” Rico corrects himself and reveals his SECOND thought, that Karen must love Danny a lot if she was willing to break the law to protect him.  Rico also makes Danny promise not to tell Jo about his behavior after drinking Karen’s wine – admitting (in episode 1×08) that he has romantic feelings for Jo.  

Back at the birthday party, Lacey confronts her father about being gay.  He attempts to convince Lacey that Jo lied, but this fails immediately.  Lacey forces her father to talk to her mom.  

While Lacey’s father is at his ex wife’s house, coming out of the closet, Jo’s father is at the police station again.  He should seriously be paying rent; he lives there.  Eddie is filling him in on the trip that he took to Connecticut to investigate their new evidence.  He informs Kyle that Vikram had been paying rent for the apartment from a business account, a company that nobody knew about.  Eddie also reveals that $2000 (the exact amount of money that was sent to Regina) was withdrawn from the business account two days before Regina Crane was murdered. 

Kyle still doesn’t think Karen had anything to do with it; he suggests that Vikram might have sent the money on his own.  After all, his body was never found, because nobody dies without some sort of mystery on ABC Family.  Eddie and Kyle agree that they need time to investigate this further, time that they will not have if they’re forced to charge Karen the next day.

Danny walks in and asks if he can have one more chance to convince Karen to retract her confession.  He approaches his mother and tells her that he knows everything that happened between her and Principal Tang.  He tells Karen that she is a good mother and that he knows that she loves him.  He begs her to retract the confession because he needs her in his life.  

Karen retracts the confession and is released from police custody.  Kyle and Danny discuss the fact that Kyle still has a murder to solve.  Kyle tells Danny that he needs to tell Jo and Lacey the truth about the necklace; he believes that Danny owes his friends that much.  He also tells Danny to stop tampering with evidence so he doesn’t get sent back to juvie.  

Jo and Lacey are still at the party, and Lacey appreciates that Jo was honest with her, even though the information she just found out about her father is shocking.  Both girls get a text message from Danny; he needs to talk to them.  

Kyle is still at the police station looking up Vikram’s secret business.  The logo for this mysterious company happens to look exactly like our favorite, enigmatic necklace.  Meanwhile, Tess and Karen are back at the Desai household, where Tess is making Karen some vodka.  This leads to another flashback.

In this flashback, we learn that contrary to what Karen said before, Vikram had in fact gone to Connecticut, and each time he went there, Karen lied for him and said that he was away on business in Manhattan.  

In present time, the girls meet with Danny to see what he wants.  He tells them the truth; that Karen got the necklace from HIM.  Lacey is furious and screams that she does not believe a word that he’s saying.  She storms off after saying “We’re done!” to Danny.  That was a short relationship!  Danny begs Jo to stay and listen to him, but she walks away with Lacey.  Neither of them believe Danny’s story about the necklace being left in his locker at school.

At the end of the episode, Rico is in the diner on his laptop.  He’s sitting there, minding his own business, when he receives an email that has a video attached to it.  The video is the one that a mystery person wearing a Danny mask took of Danny and Lacey making out (in episode 1×08).  Rico seems thrilled to know yet another secret that would devastate Jo.  We have no idea who the person in the Danny mask is, and at this point, it would not surprise me if “A” from Pretty Little Liars drove the RV to Green Grove and decided to wreak havoc on another ABC Family show.  We’ll see what happens in the next episode!  

The Fest and the Furious — People Would Be More Than Furious If They Knew About The Crimes in Green Grove (Twisted Episode 1×05 Recap + Broken Laws)

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This entry contains comments regarding episodes 1×02 and 1×04.  Episode 1×03 did not have much criminal activity.

This episode begins with Lacey having a terrifying nightmare about Regina.  In this nightmare, Regina starts off behaving calmly (for a dead person) – and randomly eating peanut butter- but becomes increasingly angry when the infamous gold necklace is brought up in conversation. Lacey wakes up horrified by her dream.

Next, we see Jo in the kitchen with her parents.  They’re watching the news on TV, and the anchor is discussing Regina’s unsolved murder and the failed attempt at finding evidence by raiding the Desai house in episode 1×04, “Sleeping with The Frenemy.”

Legal Comment:

It’s a good thing that Kyle decided to approach the raid the professional way this time instead of attempting to find evidence in Danny’s bedroom while eating dinner in his house, the way he did in episode 1×02 of Twisted, “Grief is a 5 Letter Word.”  If he had found any evidence during the latter search, it would have been inadmissible against Danny because the search would have been a violation of the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Had Kyle found evidence in the raid for which he had a search warrant, it would have been admissible. 

Next, Tess turns off the TV and the conversation shifts to Green Grove’s annual Fall Fest.  Jo doesn’t want to go because she thinks the tradition is dated; Kyle remarks that he hopes Danny shares that viewpoint, because he does not want Danny attending the festival.  Jo fires back with a comment about Kyle’s unsuccessful raid, and she points out that they didn’t even find the mysterious necklace.  Jo then explains to her mother that Regina’s missing necklace once belonged to Tara Desai.  When Jo leaves for school, Kyle acts like walking to school is the most rebellious behavior in the world.    

In the next scene, Danny has the necklace in his hands.  In the previous episode, “Sleeping with the Frenemy,” we learned that Danny hid the necklace in his father’s old chair in his living room, and that Karen discovered this secret hiding spot at the end of the episode.  This family secret leads us to:

Broken Law # 1 Alert!

Danny and Karen are both intentionally concealing missing evidence from a crime scene; both of them are aware that the police are searching for the necklace as part of their ongoing investigation of Regina’s murder. 

New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.40 Tampering With Physical Evidence (in relevant part): 

“A person is guilty of tampering with physical evidence when: Believing that certain physical evidence is about to be produced or used in an official proceeding or a prospective official proceeding, and  intending to prevent such production or use, he suppresses it by any act  of concealment, alteration or  destruction, or by employing force, intimidation or deception against any person.”

Grading: Tampering with physical evidence is a class E felony.

Danny and Karen are sure going through an extraordinary amount of trouble to accessorize old furniture!

The expression on Karen’s face is indicating that she’s starting to wonder if she should really trust her son.  As the two of them watch the news, an angry man named Tim appears on the screen, screaming that a murderer should not be welcome at a family event like Fall Fest.  When Karen suggests that Danny should skip the upcoming event, he informs her that he’d be violating his doctor’s orders if he missed the opportunity to “connect with meaningful events of his past.”  When Karen watches Danny slice a banana, she appears to become more afraid of her son.  Suddenly the knife looks sharper and more dangerous.  To test her suspicions about Danny, Karen informs him that she’s arranged to give some of his father’s old belongings to Goodwill, including the old chair.  Note to Karen: it is probably not a good idea to donate evidence of a murder to charity.  Danny reacts to Karen by claiming that he has a problem with getting rid of his dad’s belongings, because it makes him feel like his father is still there with him.  That approach goes over a lot better than if he would have told his mother that he wants to keep the chair so that he can continue secretly using it as a jewelry box.

At school, Rico and Lacey are talking about the exciting booth that the mathletes are setting up for Fall Fest; Rico needs Jo’s help to sell “Pi Pies.”  The mathletes have made an attempt at creativity by deciding to sell pies decorated with the “pi” symbol.  The following scene takes place in Lacey’s bedroom, where she and Phoebe are discussing Fall Fest and Phoebe’s upcoming trip to Manhattan.  Lacey mentions her dream about Regina and Phoebe suggests that Lacey should ask Regina’s mother about the necklace.  With all of the attention this necklace is getting, you’d think that it was a Horcrux straight out of “Harry Potter.”  Plot twist: everyone on this show is secretly a witch or a wizard and Tara Desai was Voldemort. 

Meanwhile, Kyle is busy attempting to keep a town meeting under control.  Tim, the same furious man from earlier, is flipping out at Kyle about Danny attending Fall Fest.  When Kyle promises to make sure Fall Fest is safe, Tim remains unsatisfied.  He bellows more complaints towards Kyle regarding the amount of time that Jo has been spending with Danny, and Kyle yells that Tim should leave Jo out of this argument.   

Legal Note: 

It is possible that Kyle’s involvement in this case could be viewed as a conflict of interest under New York law, and he could potentially get tossed off of the case because of how close his family is to the Desai family. 

New York Public Officers – Article 4 – § 74 Code of Ethics (in relevant part): 
“An officer or employee of a state agency… should not by his conduct give reasonable basis for the impression that any person can improperly influence him… or that he is affected by the kinship, rank, position, or influence of any party or person… An officer or employee of a state agency should endeavor to pursue a course of conduct which will not raise suspicion among the public that he is likely to be engaged in acts that are in violation of his trust.”

Penalties: “Any such officer… who shall knowingly and intentionally violate any of the provisions of this section may be fined, suspended or removed from office or employment in the manner provided by law…” 

Next, we meet the town Mayor, John Rollins (Christopher Cousins).  It is excellent to see Ted Beneke from “Breaking Bad” with a full head of hair again.  Mayor Rollins assures Tim and the rest of the people at the town meeting that Chief Masterson will keep Fall Fest safe. 

At the diner, Jo and Danny reminisce on old times, including a crazy dance that they used to do when they were younger.  Jo offers to accompany Danny to Fall Fest.  Lacey enters the diner and makes it abundantly clear that she does not want Danny attending the festival, especially after the recent police raid of the Desai household.  Jo, once again, points out that no evidence came about from that raid.  Then the Horcrux/ murder evidence/ necklace gets brought up in conversation, and Danny confesses to Lacey that Regina’s missing necklace belonged to his aunt Tara.  Lacey goes ballistic and shouts that if Danny attending the festival would be selfish.  

Finally, we get to this festival that has been built up for the entire episode.  When Danny arrives at Fall Fest, he approaches Tess’s pottery booth and expresses interest in learning about the craft.  When Tess suggests that he sign up for the class, Danny complies; it’s time for him to delve into the world of ceramics.  He is certainly well-rounded; he’s just barely out of juvie, and he has already written a script for a school assembly, joined the soccer team, and now he’ll be taking a pottery class.  Jo thinks it’s awesome that Danny is going to take Tess’s class, and she informs him that he’s also going to come with her to help Rico and the mathletes sell Pi Pies.  Jo and Danny also decide to go to the formal later that night, and Tess jumps at the chance to get Jo to wear a fancy dress. 

Lacey approaches Regina’s mother in the hopes of getting answers about the necklace.  She brings old pictures of Regina as an excuse for showing up at the house, but she quickly starts questioning Regina’s mother about the necklace.  Lacey is overwhelmed with guilt when she realizes that Regina’s mom knows about her ulterior motives, so she offers to help sort condolence cards to make up for her behavior.  

Later, at the police station, Mayor Rollins screams at Kyle because Danny spent the entire day at the festival and was seen spending time with Jo and Tess.  Mayor Rollins is furious that Kyle’s entire family is embracing Danny’s presence; he feels that Kyle is making a mockery of the town.  He’s also angry about the lack of progress in solving Regina’s murder.  He’s had enough of Kyle’s obsession with the necklace; he wants some real evidence.  He warns Kyle that he will hold him personally responsible for anything that goes wrong at the festival.  

At the festival, Jo and Danny are at the mathletes’ booth selling Pi Pies with Rico.  Although the mathletes have zero charisma, Danny is doing a good job.  Danny may not love math, but he sure can solve Pi problems.  Rico is bitter when Jo calls Danny a “selling machine.”  He wanted Jo’s help, not Danny’s.  The Selling Machine’s success is abruptly interrupted when the lovely, pleasant, Tim shows up at the Pi Pie booth.  He immediately screams at Danny and winds up violently shoving him into the booth, destroying a bunch of Pi Pies in the process.  Tim’s altercation with Danny pushes into: 

Broken Law # 2 Alert!         

New York Penal – Article 120 – § 120.00 Assault in the Third Degree (in relevant part):
 “A person is guilty of assault in the third degree when: With intent to cause physical injury to another person, he causes such injury to such person…” 
Ranking:  Assault in the third degree is a class A misdemeanor.

Tim might want to take note that assaulting a murderer is not exactly an intelligent decision.

When Jo assures Rico that Danny is going to replace the pies, Rico angrily responds that “Danny has done enough.”  Rico is concerned with how much time Jo is spending with Danny, a sentiment that he shares with Kyle.  Kyle runs into Danny, armed with pies, and they briefly talk.  Danny thanks Kyle for kicking ass when he got Tim away from Danny, and Kyle responds that he was doing his job.  He then proceeds to take the pies from Danny and requests for Danny to refrain from returning to Fall Fest or attending the formal dance that night. 

Karen has skipped Fall Fest, and instead is meeting with Danny’s therapist.  Karen pretends that she’s completely supportive of Danny, but when she asks the therapist about the signs that someone is a sociopath, it is clear that she’s beginning to agree with Danny’s peers about the possibility of Danny being a sociopath.  Let’s hope she doesn’t create another twitter trend.  

Danny and Jo discuss Tess’s desire to get Jo into a trendy dress at the formal, but Danny has clearly been influenced by his encounter with Jo’s father.  He suggests that they stay at home and watch a movie instead.  Jo tries to act indifferent, but the look on her face displays her disappointment.  Jo advises Danny that behaving like a pariah murderer will not help his already fantastic reputation in Green Grove. 

Back at Lacey’s house, she and Phoebe are talking in Lacey’s room again; this time they’re discussing Lacey’s condolence letter project that she’s taken on, and Phoebe’s concern about looking like a whore in Manhattan.  While she sorts through the condolence letters, Lacey discovers a letter that was addressed to Regina, postmarked two days before her death.  The envelope contains a heap of money, and a note that reads, “This is your final payment. Deal holds, keep your mouth shut.  If you tell anyone, you know what’ll happen.”  Regina clearly knew a secret about whoever sent that letter, and if that secret involves any criminal activity, then Regina’s acceptance of payment is against the law. 

Broken Law # 3 Alert! 

New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.05 Bribe Receiving by a Witness: 
“A witness or a person about to be called as a witness in any action or proceeding is guilty of bribe receiving by a witness when he solicits, accepts or agrees to accept any benefit from another person upon an agreement or understanding that (a) his testimony will thereby be influenced, or (b) he will absent himself from, or otherwise avoid or seek to avoid appearing or testifying at, such action or proceeding.”
Grading:  “Bribe receiving by a witness is a class D felony.”

Jo, all dressed up in a fancy dress that Tess picked out, shows up at Danny’s door.  Her hair is styled impeccably  and she looks great, just like her mother has wanted for the past 16 years.  Jo wants Danny to come to the formal with her; she explains that Fall Fest meant a lot to her, and a lot of that was because Danny was there.  Danny is convinced; he gets dressed up in one of his dad’s old suits.  His mother admits that she’s glad she held on to Danny’s father’s belongings after all.  Even the chair with the incriminating necklace inside?  Danny asks for Karen’s help in tying his tie, and he quips that he’s a bit rusty because “there are not a lot of occasions for formal-wear in juvie.”

Legal Comment:

Even if there was some sort of fancy shindig in juvie, Danny would not have gotten any practice perfecting his tie skills or lack thereof.  In New York juvenile detention facilities, the only ties allowed are clip-on.  
Here is a link to a pamphlet regarding juvenile detention centers in New York which discusses this: 
(For anyone who’s interested, see Appendix C which explains allowable items). 

The next scene takes place at the formal, where we see Lacey wearing a pretty dress and carrying a horrifying letter.  She is clearly debating showing the letter to Chief Masterson, but after she speaks to Regina’s mother for a few minutes, she decides against it.  She wants to preserve the happy memories that people in town have of Regina.  That’s very noble of Lacey, but a judge in a courtroom would not likely approve of her behavior.  

Broken Law # 4 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.40 Tampering With Physical Evidence (in relevant part):
SEE BROKEN LAW # 1 where this was discussed regarding Karen and Danny’s concealing the necklace.

When Jo and Danny arrive at the formal, Mayor Rollins is less than pleased, to say the least, to see them there.  He requests for them to leave, but Danny points out that they’re in front of a bunch of reporters who would be all over the story of the town mayor kicking a resident out of the formal.  Next, Mayor Rollins announces that it’s time for another tradition, the apple toss.  He explains that the contestants are chosen at random, but as luck would have it, Danny and his biggest fan, Tim, are both chosen.  Danny is awful at throwing apples; apparently his talent for creepily slicing bananas hasn’t left him much time to brush up his apple tossing game.  Tim wins by a landslide and ignores Danny’s attempts to be witty.  

Rico approaches Jo; he thinks that she looks amazing, and Jo comments that he cleans up nice, too.  Rico remarks that he wears that suit every year, clearly jealous that while Jo came to the formal with Danny tonight, she has never attended this event with him.  Maybe Rico should try going to juvie to become Jo’s type.  Kyle graciously thanks the mayor for keeping Danny’s participation in the apple toss under control, to which Mayor Rollins remarks that he wouldn’t have had to do anything if Kyle had been doing his job.  Once again, it’s likely that Kyle would be removed from this case for being too close to the subject matter. 

Danny and Jo greet Jo’s parents, and Tess is ecstatic to see Jo wearing a dress for the first time in her life.  She frantically fixes Jo’s hair, wanting her to look gorgeous for the dance.  Kyle does not approve of Jo’s choice in dates for this formal.  Lacey approaches Danny and Jo, and while treats them better than she did earlier, she still declines their offer to do the funny dance together.  She still has a reputation to maintain; after all, she’s a bitch now.  Jo and Danny do the crazy dance, and it turns out the name suits the dance perfectly.  Rico sees Danny and Jo’s next dance, which, to Rico’s dismay, is a slow dance.  Rico and Chief Masterson both look furious.  Jo appears to have romantic feelings for Danny, Rico obviously wants more than friendship from Jo, and Danny seems to only like Jo as a friend.

After the slow dance, Danny receives a mysterious text message.  Last time one of those plagued his iPhone, it did not end well.  Upon Jo’s inquiry, he claims that he has to run home really quickly, but his demeanor suggests that he’s not telling Jo the whole story.  It turns out, in Danny’s vocabulary, “running home” really means “meeting Lacey in a dark, secluded area.”  Danny comments on the secrecy; he wants to know why Lacey wanted to meet up like this.  Lacey proceeds to show Danny the money and threat was mailed to Regina.  Danny insists that needs to show this to Chief Masterson immediately because it could be evidence of Regina’s murder, but Lacey refuses.  She contends that she doesn’t want to ruin everybody’s memories of Regina.  Danny refuses to keep this a secret from Jo, but he reluctantly agrees not to tell Chief Masterson about the potential evidence.  We already know that Lacey’s choice to conceal this evidence is against the law, and Danny deciding to help her brings us to:  

Broken Law # 5 Alert! 

New York Penal – Article 105 – § 105.05 Conspiracy in the Fifth Degree (in relevant part):
“A person is guilty of conspiracy in the fifth degree, when, with intent that conduct constituting: a felony to be performed, he agrees with one or more persons to engage in or cause the performance of such conduct.” 

Grading: “Conspiracy in the fifth degree is a class A misdemeanor.”

The reason that this is Conspiracy in the fifth degree, rather than a more serious level, like first or second degree conspiracy, is because conspiracy in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree involve an agreement regarding a class A or B felony, and as stated above, tampering with physical evidence is a class E felony.     

Additionally, Danny’s participation in the crime he and Lacey are conspiring to commit takes us to, you guessed it: 

Broken Law # 6 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.40 Tampering With Physical Evidence (in relevant part)
SEE BROKEN LAW # 1.  This would constitute Danny’s second offense for tampering with physical evidence; his first one was the one discussed above, involving the necklace.

For somebody who just got out of juvie, Danny sure takes a lot of risks involving the law!

Before the scene with Danny and Lacey ends, Danny confronts Lacey again about her decision to meet him alone in the dark, and the two of them wind up kissing.  So, just to keep track, Rico likes Jo, Jo likes Danny, Danny likes Lacey, Lacey likes Danny, BUT she has a boyfriend, Archie.  Forget about love triangles; this shape is definitely more complex! 

Speaking of Jo and Rico, when Jo asks Rico to come with her to meet Danny at the diner, Rico declines, and he cites fake bunions as his excuse.  He assures Jo that despite his brand new bunions, he can still walk home.  At the Masterson house, Kyle and Tess are arguing; Kyle expresses his rage that Tess has allowed Danny to sign up for her pottery class, and Tess admonishes him for lashing out on her because he can’t solve Regina’s murder.  Kyle reminds Tess that Danny murdered his aunt Tara, and he makes sure to include the gory details about Tara getting strangled with a jump rope.

Next, we’re back in another pitch black scene; this one features Karen Desai.  She’s walking on a bridge towards a pond, but she’s not just out there for the fresh air and exercise.  She has the necklace with her, and she throws it in the river.  The necklace lands in the water, splashing us into:

Broken Law # 7 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.40 Tampering With Physical Evidence (in relevant part)
SEE BROKEN LAW # 1.  This would constitute Karen’s second offense for this crime.

The viewers in the audience are not alone in witnessing Karen dispose of the necklace; another person appears out of nowhere, and we learn that Rico saw the whole thing. 

In the final scene, Jo waits for Danny to meet her at the diner, but when he arrives, he brings a surprise guest with him.  Lacey joins them at the table, and she and Danny show Jo the letter to Regina.  Assuming that Jo does not tell her father about this — and judging by body language, she appears to be working cooperatively with her old best friends– our favorite police officer’s daughter is now involved in:

Broken Law # 7 & # 8 Alert!

# 7: New York Penal – Article 105 – § 105.05 Conspiracy in the Fifth Degree (in relevant part)
# 8: New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.40 Tampering With Physical Evidence (in relevant part)

SEE BROKEN LAWS 5 AND 6.  The only difference is that this would be Jo’s FIRST offense for tampering with physical evidence.** 

Next week we’ll see what the 3 musketeers find out about their newly discovered evidence, and whether or not Rico keeps Karen’s secret.  Suspense is the real killer in this show!

Twisted Pilot: Trying to Twist the Law in Your Favor Only Gets You Locked Up (Twisted Season 1 Episode 1 Recap + Broken Laws)

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Opening note: “twisted” takes place in New York, and accordingly I will be basing the legal aspects of my blog posts about this show on New York law.

The series premiere of “Twisted,” a new show on ABC Family, begins with two eleven-year-old girls playing on the swings. The scene seems innocent enough for approximately three seconds.  Then suddenly the swing set looks as if it belongs in a horror film, and the mood has gone from innocent to ominous.  The creaking noise coming from the swings does not sound fitting for the soundtrack of a play date among eleven-year-olds.

The blonde girl’s name is Jo, and her friend’s name is Lacey.  They’re at their friend Danny’s house, but we haven’t seen him yet.  Jo is worried about him because he has been acting different and strange lately, but Lacey reassures her that there’s nothing wrong — another sentiment that lasts all of two seconds.  The third musketeer of this group, Danny Desai, comes outside and approaches the girls.  He is armed with a red jump rope, but it’s obvious that he’s not in the mood to play any games.  With a pale and terrifying expression on his face, he says, “I had to.  I didn’t have a choice.  Please don’t hate me.” Who else is already reeled in and terrified by the intense beginning of this show?

It turns out, now 16-year-old Jo Masterson (Madelaine Hasson) is terrified as well.  The opening scene that we just watched was a nightmare she was having, but we quickly find out that it is based on an event that really happened when she was 11 years old.  Jo wakes up shaking, and her mother, Tess Masterson (Kimberly Quinn) calls her into the kitchen to eat breakfast before school.  This is going to be more than your average day at school, though.  Jo and her parents have the news turned on, and the anchor is talking about this upcoming school day; Danny Desai (Avan Jogia) is returning to school after spending five years in juvenile detention for strangling and killing his aunt.

Legal Comment/ Broken Law # 1!

I’m confident that I do not need to alert you that Danny has (allegedly) broken a law, I will explain the reasoning behind his conviction.  First of all, in New York, to be convicted of murder in the first degree, one has to not only intend to kill somebody and actually kill them, but additionally meet one of the enumerated conditions, such as killing a police officer, murdering for hire, terrorism, etc.  Since there is no indication that Danny met any of the enumerated conditions for first degree murder, he was more than likely found guilty of second degree murder:

New York Penal – Article 125 – § 125.25 Murder in the Second Degree
 § 125.25 Murder in the second degree.
    “A person is guilty of murder in the second degree when:
    1.  With intent to cause the death of another person, he causes the death of such person or of a third person; except  that in any prosecution under this subdivision, it is an affirmative defense that:
    (a) The defendant acted under the influence of extreme disturbance for which there was a reasonable explanation or excuse, the reasonableness of which is to be determined from the viewpoint of a person in the defendant’s situation under the circumstances as the defendant believed them to be.  Nothing contained in this paragraph shall constitute a defense to a prosecution for, or preclude a conviction of manslaughter in the first degree or any other crime”

I included the above affirmative defense, because Danny insists that he had a reason for what he did and that he had no other choice, yet he will not tell anybody what that reason actually was.  It’s possible that if he DID tell somebody, his conviction could have been lowered from 2nd degree murder to manslaughter in the 1st degree.  

Additionally, Danny’s sentencing was different because he allegedly killed his aunt when he was eleven years old, as opposed to committing the same crime as an adult.  Therefore, he was subjected to New York’s laws for sentencing juvenile offenders :

New York Penal – Article 70 – § 70.05 Sentence of Imprisonment for Juvenile Offender (in relevant part)
 ” 2. Maximum term of sentence. The maximum term of an indeterminate

sentence for a juvenile offender shall be at least three years and the

term shall be fixed as follows:

  (a) For the class A felony of murder in the second degree, the term

shall be life imprisonment;

3. Minimum period of imprisonment. The minimum period of imprisonment
under an indeterminate sentence for a juvenile offender shall be
specified in the sentence as follows:
  (a) For the class A felony of murder in the second degree, the minimum
period of imprisonment shall be fixed by the court and shall be not less
than five years but shall not exceed nine years…”

Therefore, it appears that Danny was sentenced for 2nd degree murder and given the minimum period of imprisonment for a juvenile offender.  I’m sure his upcoming return to school is INCREDIBLY comforting for his peers.  At least he’s not one of those REALLY bad murderers given the maximum sentence.  Now THAT would be crazy. 

Moving on.  As the anchor discusses Danny’s return on TV, Jo’s parents suggest that she should start seeing her psychologist again.  However, Jo has a different idea on how to approach the situation; she wants to yell at her “lunatic freak” of an ex-best friend and tell him how much she hates his guts.  Her father, Kyle Masterson (Sam Robards), the town sheriff, quickly informs Jo that this might not be the greatest idea.  It must be all of the experience in his line of work that gives him the insight that screaming at a confessed murderer could be a poor choice.    

Next, Jo’s former best friend Lacey Porter (Kylie Bunbury) comes onto the screen and expresses her feelings on Danny’s return.  “If it were my choice, I wouldn’t let that socio anywhere near my school,” she proclaims.  At least Danny has a shiny new nickname for his first day back!  As the anchor elaborates on Danny’s family life, we learn that his father recently fell off of a company yacht while he was intoxicated, and his body was never recovered.  So we already have a deadly jump rope and a fatal cruise in one family.  We also see Danny’s mother, Karen Desai (Denise Richards), who clearly spent hours in hair and makeup for her brief cameo on the news.  I would like to take this moment to formally apologize for any of my complaints about the negativity on my local news channel.

Jo’s father drives her to school, and Jo finally admits that she is upset about Danny’s return to school and that she feels like suddenly she is eleven years old again.  When she gets out of the car, she sees that the school is surrounded by reporters.  She is greeted by her best friend, Rico (Ashton Moio), who is also concerned about the difficult day that awaits.  The only difference here is that Jo is worried about a murderer’s return to school and Rico is worried about a pre-calc quiz.  Jo puts Rico in his place by reminding him that a child murderer roaming the school hallways trumps a math quiz.  

Meanwhile, Lacey is walking towards the school with her two current best friends, Regina (Karynn Moore) and Sarita (Jamila Velasquez).  Regina informs Lacey that her “socio” line is trending on Twitter.  Fun fact: it was also trending on Twitter in real life. #Socio.  Lacey’s two best friends assure her that they have her back against Danny.  Inside the school, Lacey’s boyfriend, Archie (Grey Damon) tells her that he saw her on the news and that he thinks she’s sexy when she’s traumatized.  Wow, what a compliment!  He’s definitely a charmer.  Archie and Lacey’s other friends make fun of Jo’s appearance.  

Lacey approaches Jo to discuss Danny.  Then, she “invites” Jo to Regina’s party, by saying, “If you want, you can come.  I don’t care.”  Is Jo supposed to RSVP to that polite invitation?  This awkward conversation is abruptly interrupted when Danny arrives at school.  Regina thinks that he’s hot.  He walks up to Lacey and Jo and creepily says “boo!”  He claims that he is just kidding, but neither of the girls seem entertained.  Fortunately for the girls, this encounter is cut short by the principal (Rob Yang) who tells Danny to come to his office.  Danny wears an unfazed, “whatever, the principal’s office is nothing compared to juvie” look on his face.  He’s your regular dark, brooding, high school bad boy.  He just also happens to be a killer.   

The next scene is a meeting between the principal, Danny, and Danny’s mother.  Danny’s mother is clearly more excited about Danny’s return to Green Grove High School than Danny is.  The principal explains that he thinks Danny will be fine academically, but he might have a difficult time socially.  His mother insists that there won’t be any problems, and this conversation is met by Danny’s sarcastic banter.  “Yes, mother, I’m sure you’ll be running the PTA again by spring,” he promises.  Danny’s sarcasm is interrupted by the principal awkwardly hitting on Danny’s mother.  Did he really just say “am I right?” after calling Karen Desai beautiful?  Right, and Danny is the socially awkward one.  That sounds about right!  

After his lovely meeting in the principal’s office, Danny approaches Jo at her locker.  He tells her that he is nervous to be back at school and he begs her to chat.  Jo angrily blames him for her lost childhood and her “journey to post traumatic stress disorder.”  She demands to know Danny’s reason for killing his aunt, but Danny refuses to disclose that information.  He can never tell that to anybody, which makes everybody want to know what the reason is RIGHT NOW. 

Much to Jo’s dismay, when Danny asks her to direct him to his next class, she learns that he is in her psychology class.  The teacher, Mrs. Fisk (Kathy Najimi), uses Danny as her lesson plan for the day.  She informs him that his nickname on “The Twitter” is “Socio.”  Danny replies, “I guess I should get into this whole Twitter thing.”  “You should, it’s a delightful waste of time,” Mrs. Fisk tells him.  Is the username @Socio taken?  Lacey’s idiot of a boyfriend attempts to humiliate Danny in front of the class by telling Mrs. Fisk that the class is distracted because they’ve never seen a “real psycho” before.  In this class session, the students learn that sociopaths are good at mimicking human emotion.  This clearly makes Jo wonder if that’s exactly what Danny has been doing all day.  

Afterwards, in the school cafeteria, Lacey sits with her friends and they discuss Regina’s desire to have sex with Danny.  Regina beckons Danny to their table by screaming “Socio!” across the room.  She invites Danny to her party, and Danny is enjoying the conversation.  When Regina tells him that everyone will get over the whole murderer thing, he likens the school to “Glee” and says that he expects the students to break out into song any minute.  When Regina expresses surprise that Danny’s familiar with “Glee,” he tells her that watching the show was part of his punishment when he was in juvie.  His tone quickly turns creepy when he notices Regina’s necklace.  His reaction to it is incredibly strange, and he wants to know where she got the necklace.  He looks incredibly suspicious when he asks her, as if the necklace has frightened him somehow or brought up a bad memory for him.  He seems skeptical when Regina responds that she got the necklace as a gift. 

The next scene takes place at a diner where Jo and Rico are studying.  In reality, Rico is studying, and Jo is just a “lady who’s apparently ok with an A-minus on this problem set.”  Rico is definitely a nerd, but he’s hilarious.  When Danny walks into the diner, Rico warns Jo, “whatever you do, don’t turn around and then look up.”  Guess what Jo does next?  If you guessed that she turns around and looks up, you’re correct!  Danny approaches the table where Jo and Rico are sitting, and he echoes the words that Jo said to her father earlier, “It’s like suddenly I’m eleven again.”  Then, he introduces himself to Rico, who quickly and candidly responds, “Hi, I’m Rico.  I’m extraordinarily uncomfortable right now.”  When Danny leaves, Rico exclaims, “Oh, my god that was tense.  I feel like I just lived through a Hitchcock movie!”  His one-liners are already becoming an essential part of this show.  

Jo goes after Danny outside.  She wants him to stop trying to talk to her, which is all well and good, except that when he agrees to leave her alone, she continues talking to him.  She offers her condolences about Danny’s father, and Danny makes sociopath jokes and then invites Jo to accompany him to Regina’s party.  In two seconds they have gone from not speaking to partying together.

The next thing we know, Danny and Jo are walking into Regina’s party.  Jo explains that she doesn’t drink alcohol or mingle, but she came to the party so that she can tell her grandkids that she did something stupid in high school.  Regina is ecstatic to see that Danny accepted her invitation.  “Socio!  You came!” she shouts.  Then she drags Jo away to ask her “what’s up with [her] and Danny.”  Regina informs Jo that she wants Danny, but that she’s willing to “pass him to her after” because “sharing is caring.”  Regina then goes on to half-insult, half-compliment Jo by remarking, “You’re so cool- everyone is so wrong about you!”  Then she grabs drinks for the two of them and instructs Jo to “twirl it, swirl it, knock it down.”  And now we get to twirl and swirl and knock into:

Broken Law # 2 Alert! 

New York Alcoholic Beverage Control – Article 5 – § 65-C Unlawful Possession of an Alcoholic Beverage With the Intent to Consume by Persons Under the Age of Twenty-one Years (in relevant part): “No person under the age of twenty-one years shall possess any alcoholic beverage… with the intent to consume such beverage.”  There is an exception which allows people under the age of 21 to possess an alcoholic beverage with the intent to consume it if the alcoholic beverage was given to them by their parent or guardian.  (paraphrased).  However, since Regina had this party while her parents were out of town, and it does not appear that the alcohol was provided to her by her housekeeper, she would not likely fall into this exception, and neither would any of her underage guests.  

Grading: (in relevant part) “Any person who unlawfully possesses an alcoholic beverage with intent to consume may be summoned before and examined by a court having jurisdiction of that charge… If a determination is made sustaining such a charge the court may impose a fine not exceeding fifty dollars and/or completion of an alcohol awareness program… and/or an appropriate amount of community service not to exceed thirty hours…”

Although it’s rather tame compared to the murder premise in this show, anyone who is drinking underage at that party is not within New York law.  

Next, Danny approaches Lacey, who is with her friend, Sarita at the party.  Sarita calls Danny a stalker, and Danny calls Sarita out on her 5th grade facial hair issues.  He makes fun of some lazer surgery that Sarita supposedly got when she was younger.  Lacey comments that Jo is already following Danny like a puppy.  When he observes that she’s being harsh, she justifies her behavior.  “Didn’t you hear?  I’m a bitch now.”  Regina walks up to them and suggests that Lacey invite her boyfriend to the party so that there can be a “stud-off” between Socio and the Soccer captain.  Danny claims that his new nickname is catchy. 

Jo is completely wasted; this may or may not be her first time ever drinking.  Sarita convinces Jo to do a body shot off of Scott.  Then, Scott and Sarita physically try to make Jo take off her shirt.  Sarita claims that she has to do it and that it’s “Green Grove High School law.”  Sarita and Scott have a thing or two to learn about New York State’s REAL laws.  

Broken Law # 3 Alert!

While some might believe that Sarita and Scott’s behavior seems typical in the party scene, you’re actually not allowed to physically abuse people, EVEN at parties. Their behavior definitely places Jo in fear of being physically injured. 

New York Penal – Article 120 – § 120.15 Menacing in the Third Degree: 

“A person is guilty of menacing in the third degree when, by physical menace, he or she intentionally places or attempts to place another person in fear of death, imminent serious physical injury, or physical injury.

Menacing in the third degree is a class B misdemeanor.”  

What’s the main lesson here?  Don’t grab a girl and try to force her, violently, to remove her shirt when she clearly doesn’t want to.  It’s rather simple.  Oh, and another important lesson: “Green Grove High School Law” is a bunch of BS.  It’s becoming comical that the same people doing this to Jo are so concerned that a criminal attends their school.  If this is how they behave regularly, it’s surprising that they haven’t been to juvie as well.  

Additionally, Scott and Sarita could get nailed for:

Broken Law # 4 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 120 – § 120.20 Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree:
 “A person is guilty of reckless endangerment in the second degree when he recklessly engages in conduct which creates a substantial risk of serious physical injury to another person.  
Reckless endangerment in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.”

While all of this is happening, Regina attempts to bring Danny to her room.  She uses the upfront approach of telling him that she has something to show him, then giving him a hint that, that “something” is her bed.  Fortunately for Jo, Danny does not take Regina up on this offer, and he notices what Scott and Sarita are doing to Jo and intervenes. 

When Danny gets Scott off of Jo, Scott tells him to mind his own business, then he calls Danny a freak.  This leads to a dramatic moment.  The party music immediately stops playing as Danny informs Scott that “freak” is a little too generic of an insult.  Scott then calls him “rope boy” and violently shoves Danny across the room.  Pretty soon everyone at school is going to be gossiping about Scott and giving him new nicknames if he keeps up this type of behavior.  

Broken Law # 5 Alert!

When Scott shoves Danny across the room, he is not obeying New York law.  

New York Penal – Article 120 – § 120.00 Assault in the Third Degree (in relevant part):  
“A person is guilty of assault in the third degree when:
with intent to cause physical injury to another person, he causes such injury to such person…”
“Assault in the third degree is a class A misdemeanor.”

So far, Scott seems more violent than the school’s resident Socio/Murderer.  

When Scott tries to get violent with Danny again, Danny grabs him and whispers something in his ear. We don’t get to hear what he said, but we see that it immediately gets Scott to back off.  Danny and Jo leave the party, and Jo asks Danny what he said to Scott.  Danny claims that he said “something about suing him for assault and winning.”  

Legal Comment/Broken Law # 6!

If Danny really wants to successfully sue Scott for something, it would be the tort of BATTERY rather than the tort of assault.  In New York, if someone is criminally guilty of assault, they can be found liable in tort for battery.  New York follows the 2nd restatement of torts in its definition for the tort of battery:

Tort of Battery (in relevant part): Sections 13 and 18 of the Restatement state that “an actor commits a battery if he acts intentionally… to cause a harmful or offensive contact…”  An offensive contact, under the restatement, is considered any contact with someone that was not permitted and would offend a reasonable person.  Conversely, in New York, the tort of assault would impose liability on someone for placing another in reasonable apprehension of imminent harmful or offensive conduct.  Essentially, in New York, the tort of assault places someone in fear of an imminent tort of battery. (paraphrased).  

After this night of wild partying, Lacey offers to give Jo and Danny a ride home.  When Jo gets home, she has not sobered up at all, and she drunkenly engages in conversation with her parents.  When she knocks on the door to her house and her parents open it for her, she greets them by crying out “Mom, dad!  You came!  Welcome!”  Jo is most definitely a light-weight.  Since Danny is so intimidating, he tries to boss Jo’s father around by telling him to try not to go too hard on her.  Jo’s version of what happened between Danny and Scott is entertaining to say the least.  She slurs to her parents that Scott tried to get her to take off her shirt and Danny said “get away from her, you suck!”  Drunk Jo is definitely funny even if her parents don’t appreciate it.  

After dropping Jo off at home, Danny bribes Lacy into his house with the promise of blue ranch potato chips.  He thanks her for saving him from an hour of tedious drunk walking.  Lacey describes how difficult Danny made her life, but Danny believes that deep down, Lacey misses her friendship with Jo and Danny.  He tells Lacey that he regrets not growing up with her and Jo.  Lacey proceeds to pass out in Danny’s room, cuddling the bag of blue ranch potato chips.  Her boyfriend would definitely not be happy about this!  

Then, we see that in his two days out of juvie, Danny has already gotten himself an iPhone.  He receives text messages from Regina, who invites him to come back to her house for “an after party of two.”  She’s incredibly persistent; she really wants to get him into that bed!  When Danny rejects this invitation, he receives another text from Regina, but this one is a lot more disturbing.  It reads: “Come over.  We have to talk.  I know why you killed your aunt.”  

The following morning, Lacey bolts out of Danny’s house while he is still asleep.  Danny’s mother sees her leaving, and is abnormally happy that his son had a girl spend the night.  Meanwhile, we see Jo in her room looking at an old picture of herself and Lacey and Danny.  Then, Regina’s housekeeper finds Regina on the floor… DEAD!  Jo goes to Danny’s house to thank him for rescuing her from the “wannabe rapist jock douche” formerly known as Scott.  Danny’s mother is happy to see Jo, and exclaims that she’s “So big.  Not in a fat way but in a grown up way.”  Um, thanks?  Then, a story about Regina’s death comes on the news at Danny’s house.  As Danny watches this with his mother and Jo, we can tell that Jo is wondering if Danny could be the one who killed Regina.  

At school, Lacey mourns the loss of Regina with her other friends.  Archie and Scott insist to Lacey that Danny is definitely the person who killed Regina.  Scott claims that Danny threatened to kill him and “enjoy it like he did last time” if he didn’t get away from Jo at the party.  Then, there’s an assembly in Regina’s honor at the school.  The students begin chanting “Socio!”  They clearly suspect that Danny is guilty of murdering Regina.  Jo’s father and two other police officers interrupt the assembly to take Danny in for questioning.  Jo stands up and gives a speech to her fellow students about how they shouldn’t jump to any conclusions about Danny.  Jo and Lacey argue in the hallway afterwards.  Jo is upset that Lacey doesn’t want to help her stand up for Danny.  Jo believes that Lacey cares way too much about her high school social status.  

Jo’s father questions Danny about the text messages he received from Regina.  He also shows Danny a picture of Regina’s necklace and asks him if it looks familiar.  Danny says that it doesn’t.  Jo’s father informs Danny that he asked about the necklace because Regina’s housekeeper said that Regina never took that necklace off, yet it was the only item missing from the house after Regina’s death.  Danny comments that this sounds like a burglary gone wrong.  

Legal Comment/ Broken Law # 7!

Actually, if the person responsible for Regina’s murder and the theft of her necklace was NOT Danny, this sounds more like a burglary gone RIGHT, in New York.  

New York Penal – Article 140 – § 140.30 Burglary in the First Degree (in relevant part): 
 “A person is guilty of burglary in the first degree when he knowingly enters or remains unlawfully in a dwelling with intent to commit a crime therein, and when, in effecting entry or while in the dwelling or in immediate flight therefrom, he… causes physical injury to any person who is not a participant in the crime.”  
“Burglary in the first degree is a class B felony.” 

If Danny IS responsible for this, then his comment about a “burglary gone wrong” would be more accurate, because he wouldn’t have been in Regina’s dwelling unlawfully, because she invited him over.  However, assuming somebody else, who Regina did not give permission to enter, did this, that person would be guilty of burglary, because that person would have unlawfully entered Regina’s dwelling with the intent to commit a crime therein (kill Regina, steal the necklace).  Then, the person would have met the next requirement, because Regina was physically injured (ore more accurately, Regina was KILLED).  

Jo’s father’s questioning of Danny is cut short when Danny’s mother and her lawyers arrive at the police station.  Afterwards, Danny talks to Jo about the speech she gave in his defense during the assembly.  He also tells her about the text messages he got from Regina, and he still refuses to tell Jo his reason for killing his aunt.  He says that he is protecting Jo by not telling her this information.  He swears that he is not the one who killed Regina, and he needs Jo to trust him.  He gives her the perfect reason to trust him, too.  “I may have killed someone before, but I never lied to you,” he insists.  How comforting and convincing!  

At the end of the episode, Danny’s mother comes into his room as he is looking at an old picture of himself and his father.  Danny’s mother says that she believes that he is innocent.  She tells him that if he doesn’t feel comfortable in this town and at this school, they can find somewhere else to live and start over.  Danny doesn’t think this is a good idea.  He explains, “I haven’t brushed up on my criminal law lately, but I think fleeing town might make me look guilty.”  Maybe Danny should be the one writing this blog!  

At the very end of the episode, we see Danny looking at an old picture from when he was 4 years old.  It’s a picture of him and his aunt Tara, who he allegedly killed.  In the picture, his aunt is wearing the exact same necklace that Regina had — the necklace which is now missing.  Then, we see that the necklace is now in Danny’s bedroom.  We are left in a state of complete suspense, wondering if Danny killed Regina and then took the necklace from her house, or if there is some other explanation for all of this.  Maybe we will find out more information in the second episode of “Twisted,” which airs tonight on ABC Family, right after “Pretty Little Liars.”  Stay tuned!