CeCe & Meredith: PLL’s Crazy Twins? THEORY

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Since I really like wordpress, instead of using my other blog, I’m going to post this PLL theory on here even though it’s off topic in regards to broken laws. I should have 3 broken law recaps coming up on here soon. For now, here’s a theory about Meredith and CeCe from PLL being twins.

I noticed in Aria’s dream/ Ali hallucination (when she had been drugged to sleep by Meredith) Aria did not realize the blonde girl in the room was Ali and not Meredith until Ali turned around. She initially assumed that it was Meredith, because of how similar she and Ali look when they have their backs turned.

This is now a reoccurring theme considering that the same could be said about Cece and Bethany when we consider what we know so far about the night Ali “went missing.” Plenty of PLL fans have noticed that CeCe and Ali look a lot alike, some speculating that they might be related. Melissa’s video revealed that she thought that Bethany was Alison when she didn’t look at the person’s face. Although it has been awhile since we have seen Meredith on the show, I wonder if her resemblance to these girls might have significance.

Could Cece and Meredith be fraternal twins?

If Meredith is CeCe’s fraternal twin, that could explain why Ali cared so excessively about Aria needing to tell Ella about Byron’s with Meredith. Ali was so persistent, one would have almost thought this involved her own family. But the show has portrayed CeCe as someone close with Ali and to her family.

Ali’s Obsession With Meredith And Byron’s Affair

Remember the twin story that Alison told in “The First Secret?” If there was anything REMOTELY true about Ali’s Halloween twin story, it could have been about Meredith and CeCe. Both of these characters seem a little crazy, or perhaps more than a little. Meredith’s father told Byron that she had a history of “issues” like the ones she displayed in the episode where she attacked and drugged Aria. Regarding CeCe, her behavior has come off as peculiar from the first time her character was introduced. If Meredith is CeCe’s twin, Ali’s friendship with CeCe gives her more of a stake in the issue of finding out that Byron was hooking up with Meredith. This holds more weight if CeCe and Meredith did not have a good relationship.

Ali cared so strongly about Ella finding out the truth that she tormented Aria about it and blackmailed her father to the point that he paid her a substantial amount of money to keep quiet. Even if Ali desperately needed the money, blackmailing Byron is an interesting choice, considering that Ali knew secrets about people far richer than Byron. Maybe this specific situation meant more to Ali than we realize; perhaps Ali chose to blackmail Byron because it would also help CeCe.

The Night Ali Disappeared/ How Bethany Fits Into This

Meredith and CeCe’s ages could make sense in terms of them being twins, which is more than we can say about Bethany Young being someone’s twin; her age does not match. However, considering what we know about Meredith’s mental health, and how quick people on this show are to institutionalize people, perhaps Bethany Young met Meredith and maybe even CeCe at Radley.

Meredith knew about Ali’s threats and said herself she did not want Byron to meet up with Ali the night she “disappeared,” but he went to see her anyway after he left Meredith’s apartment. Based on the other behavior we have seen Meredith display, are we supposed to believe that she stopped there and just stayed at her apartment the rest of the night? Meredith has always come off as a stubborn person who would do anything to get her way. She could have followed Byron when he went to meet Ali.

If Meredith and CeCe are twins, it would make sense for Meredith to recognize Ali because of her friendship with CeCe. And if, as suggested above, Meredith and CeCe have a bad relationship, this would give Meredith added motive to hurt Ali; knowing Meredith, she already would have some motive to hurt Ali because of her threatening to expose Meredith and Byron’s affair. Meredith following Byron would place her in Ali’s backyard along with all of our other suspects. Perhaps Aria’s dream in which she thought Meredith was Alison was foreshadowing and/or a hint that Meredith had once made a similar mistake.

Meredith could have made said mistake on the night of Alison’s disappearance. She could have been after Ali, and CeCe could have figured it out. She could have helped Ali lure Bethany to Rosewood for this reason; it would create a win-win situation for CeCe and Ali.

Based on the “blondes looking the same from behind in PLL” theme I’m working with, Meredith could have hit Bethany in the head thinking that she was hitting Alison. Something in Alison’s diary could have triggered Meredith to realize that it might not have been Alison who she hit. Meredith wanted those pages really badly and claimed that her only reason for this was to protect Byron. I don’t believe that. She went through some intense lengths to get those pages away from Aria; she drugged her and assaulted her. Did she really do all of that for Byron? REALLY? Meredith could have wanted to see if Ali mentioned her in the diary and if so, what was written about her. Protecting Byron is a really great cover story for Meredith.

Byron also said that he thought that Meredith was in some way involved in Ali blackmailing him a second time. He thought that Meredith tried to convince Alison to demand more money from him. Maybe he wasn’t so far off; maybe he just got the wrong sister and CeCe was the one who convinced Alison to threaten Byron again. CeCe could have even anticipated that Byron would accuse Meredith, which makes the plan even more favorable to her. Not only would she get money if everything went as planned, but CeCe would also get an opportunity to make her sister look guilty in the process.

CeCe Stealing The Game/ Meredith Getting Set On Fire

Additionally, if CeCe is Big A and/or involved in stealing the game from Mona, this could be the real reason that Meredith got injured in the fire that Lucas started outside of Rosewood High. According to Lucas, he set the fire to scare Mona because he didn’t want her blackmailing him anymore. Mona’s version of the story blames Harold, the innkeeper turned janitor for this fire, but Mona’s too smart to be that wrong about something this dangerous. Additionally, Meredith received a note which directed her to the exact place that went up in flames. Mona might NOT have been the real target; perhaps someone really was out to get Meredith, and that person was CeCe.

After all, Mona said that she “made a deal with the devil” and she helped her get in and out of Radley. Who would know how to help a patient escape from a mental institution? For all we know, CeCe could have spent some time at Radley herself; she could have gone there deliberately if her sister (Meredith under this theory) was a patient there, to torment her sister. Alison got a lot of her ideas from CeCe and likely knew about CeCe doing this. That could have eventually caused Alison to find out about Bethany Young, another patient at Radley who had some sort of relationship with Mrs. DiLaurentis.

Either way, CeCe strikes me as someone who has a crazy side, to say the least, and could figure out how to escape a mental institution. Why does this matter? Whoever stole the game from Mona, as mentioned above, knew how to get somebody in and out of Radley. The infamous letter that Bethany wrote to Alison that recently surfaced on PLL proves that Alison knew how to do this. Alison and Bethany had plans for Labor Day, whether or not Alison genuinely wanted anything to do with Bethany. Alison invited Bethany to come see her, completely aware that Bethany was currently a patient in the confines of Radley. Obviously she knew some way to get Bethany out of there, or none of that would make any sense. The fact that Bethany actually DID escape from Radley further supports this idea. Alison could have perfected her mental patient refugee plan by learning from CeCe. We know that CeCe managed to trick members of the Radley staff when she pulled that stunt and pretended to be Alison. CeCe definitely knows her way around Radley, and Meredith being her sister and perhaps a patient there would further explain this.

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