Chaos…And Chaotically Broken Laws -Revenge TV Recap+ Broken Laws- Episode 1×15-

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Note: Relevant broken laws from previous episodes will be explored in this entry. Because of this, there are 22 broken laws in this entry, which is why it’s longer than usual!

This episode begins with a voiceover in which Emily discusses losing control. We’re taken to the infamous beach shooting scene from the engagement party from the pilot episode as Emily’s voice over continues, “The best way to fight chaos is with chaos.” This time, we see a slightly different version of the scene; we see someone take a piece of paper away from the body before firing two gunshots.

Right when it seems like we’ve finally reached real time for the engagement party, we’re taken back in time, but this time only to 24 hours prior to the party. Nolan and Emily frantically search an empty hotel room. They’re looking for Amanda (Margarita Levieva); her phone was left behind, but Emily’s “revenge box” is missing. Emily insists to Nolan that Amanda would never betray her like this, then she uses Amanda’s phone to call whoever is behind this betrayal.

Tyler answers the call and refers to Emily as “the devil’s daughter.” He explains that he’s gotten out of the institution for the criminally insane. He warns Emily against doing anything rash like canceling the engagement party or calling the police. When Emily asks what Tyler wants, he responds that money would be nice, but so would vindication. Unfortunately, Tyler’s not just taking Emily’s word on his demands; he’s holding Amanda hostage. He has gagged her, and for a crazier touch, is holding her at gunpoint. In case anyone hasn’t guessed, his behavior brings us straight to:

Broken Law # 1 Alert!

Judging by Amanda’s screeches for help, if the gag and gun didn’t prove this sufficiently, Amanda is clearly not with Tyler by choice. NY PEN LAW  § 135.10 Unlawful imprisonment in the first degree.  
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Tyler’s law breaking continues:

Broken Law # 2 Alert!

NY PEN LAW  § 135.25 Kidnapping in the first degree.    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal
Amanda is complying with Tyler because she’s afraid he will harm her and/or others, and he explicitly winds up confirming this fear. This means he is also guilty of:

Broken Law # 3 Alert

NY PEN LAW  § 135.60 Coercion in the second degree. (in relevant part)     
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Something tells me if Tyler got caught this time, he might not be put up in another luxury mental institution! Let’s not forget about the above mentioned gag and gun. Using those to scare Amanda into cooperating also strays away from the world of legal behavior. 

Broken Law # 4 Alert!

NY PEN LAW  § 120.14 Menacing in the second degree (in relevant part).    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal
Additionally, Tyler wasn’t entitled to waltz into Emily’s house and help himself to the box containing all of her father’s possessions that he left her. We know that she kept it in her house, meaning that Tyler got in her house without permission and stole it. He’s racking in behavior points here.

Broken Law # 5 Alert! 

Even though we didn’t see Tyler’s exact method of stealing the box from Emily, we have enough information to know that he’s guilty of: NY PEN LAW  § 140.25 Burglary in the second degree (in relevant part)  
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal
As established above, the box was stolen from Emily’s house, which is a dwelling. As for the “intent to commit a crime” condition, Tyler clearly entered Emily’s house with the intent of stealing from her. He successfully stole the box from her house, bringing us to: 

Broken Law # 6 Alert!

Note: while we don’t know the exact details of the contents of the stolen box, we know enough to deduce that one of the conditions included below would apply here. NY PEN LAW  § 155.30 Grand Larceny in the fourth degree (in relevant part).  
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal
Note: The false passports and Emily/Amanda switch will be explored in this entry. 

Finally, back to the episode! That’s a lot of criminal behavior for the first few minutes of an episode; great work, Tyler!

Next, at the Porters,’ Jack scolds Declan for “getting a 17 year old girl drunk.” He’s referring to Charlotte, who is passed out there. At least the drunk girl passed out at an ideal venue, a bar. Declan blames Jack, claiming that none of this would have happened if Jack hadn’t stuck his nose into his business. Regardless of who wins this brotherly battle, we have a drunk 17 year old girl, which presents a problem for Charlotte in the state of New York.

Broken Law # 7 Alert!

While Charlotte’s behavior seems like nothing compared to what Tyler has done, underage drinking is still against the law. ABC Law § 65-c -Unlawful possession of an alcoholic beverage with the intent to consume by persons under the age of twenty-one years. (in relevant part)
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Declan argues with Jack about Amanda and about the Grayson family. Declan thinks Jack is losing his mind. Jack listens to his voicemail and hears a message from a man wanting to fund a trip for Jack to go to Haiti.

Meanwhile, at the Graysons,’ Victoria is up to her usual snarky behavior towards Conrad. She asks him who he’d prefer to sit with at the engagement party, then chooses the opposite of his response. Typical Victoria. They argue about their children and about Grayson global.

Daniel waits for Emily at her house. They briefly discuss Charlotte, then Daniel’s phone rings, and he tells Emily that his grandfather has called three times that night. Emily encourages him to hear his grandfather out; after all, he’s “grooming” Daniel to be the next CEO of Grayson Global. Daniel begs Emily to just cancel the engagement party, and she explains that while she’d love to cancel it too, it’s too late to do that now. Daniel reluctantly agrees, but insists that Emily promise that there won’t be any secrets between them. Emily promises, then says that she’ll follow him to bed, but we see her sneak off to grab her gun first.

The Tyler and Amanda craziness continues as Amanda insists that Emily is not who Tyler thinks she is, meaning that Emily really is a good person. Tyler takes this literally and throws Amanda’s fake passports in her face, revealing that he knows Amanda is not her real identity, and she’s had other fake IDs, too. (He taunts her, “She’s [(Emily’s)] you and you’re her… and her, and her.” This pile of fake passports takes us to:

Broken Law # 8 Alert! (From Various Previous Episodes/Ongoing)

Note: Since “Revenge” is still a newcomer to this blog, this one hasn’t come up already because this entry is my first one that mentions Emily’s arrangement with Amanda. After spending time in juvie together, they agreed to switch identities; Emily paid Amanda generously. Emily and Amanda have respectively used each other’s identities to defraud others to their benefit in some way. Nolan may be ok with this, but he can’t speak for the New York legal system, no matter how powerful he is.  NY PEN LAW  § 190.25 Criminal impersonation in the second degree (in relevant part).    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal
As I mentioned, the above crime only begins to explain what Emily and Amanda have been doing; they have been at this for years, which brings us to:

Broken Law # 9 Alert! (From Previous Episodes/Ongoing)

NY PEN LAW  § 190.60 Scheme to defraud in the second degree (in relevant part).    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal
Tyler makes a point during his game of pin-the-passport-on-Amanda. We saw Emily, in a previous episode, create at least one fake identity and passport for Amanda, and she likely made all of the fake passports in the box.

Broken Law # 10 Alert! (From Episode 1×08-Treachery/Ongoing)

NY PEN LAW  § 170.10 Forgery in the second degree (in relevant part).    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

It’s necessary to mention that Amanda and Emily have gone beyond violating only state law; they’re also in violation of federal law. Both girls have broken the following federal law: 

Broken Law # 11 Alert! (*From Episode 1×08-Treachery/Ongoing)

18 U.S. Code § 1543 – Forgery or false use of passport (in relevant part).
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Tyler shows Amanda a picture of Mason Treadwell and asks if he looks familiar. She recognizes him because she thinks Victoria Grayson planted his interview tapes on her to frame her for arson. Telling the truth for once, Tyler informs Amanda that Emily made copies of those tapes and that it was actually Emily who framed Amanda for setting Treadwell’s house on fire. This brings us to:

Broken Law # 12 Alert! From Episode 1×12- “Infamy”

Emily went into Mason Treadwell’s house without permission and with the intent to commit a crime. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Tyler committed the same crime. NY PEN LAW  § 140.25 Burglary in the second degree (in relevant part) See Broken Law # 5 of this entry and apply it to Emily’s behavior here!

Broken Law # 13 Alert!

NY PEN LAW  § 150.10 Arson in the third degree (in relevant part).  
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Broken Law # 14 Alert! (*From Episode 1×13-“Commitment”) (re: Emily framing Amanda by putting the tapes in her possession)

NY PEN Law  § 215.40 Tampering with physical evidence (in relevant part).    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal
This is beginning to seem like a crime competition between Emily and Tyler!

Back here in episode 1×15, Charlotte hides out at Declan’s place, but Declan knocks on the bathroom door insisting that she has to speak to her family eventually. He suggests that she see a therapist. Charlotte finds a bottle of oxycodone in the medicine cabinet and takes it before she asks Declan for the therapist’s number. It looks like she’ll need it judging by what she just did!

Broken Law # 15 Alert! 

NY PEN Law  § 220.03 Criminal  possession  of  a controlled substance in the seventh degree (in relevant part).  
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal
*Note that the transfer of prescription medication also violates federal law.

Emily gives Ashley Nolan’s security detail for the party and Victoria rudely interrupts. She asks Emily to convince Daniel to speak to her to reconcile. She’s sure to remind Emily that blood is thicker than water.

Tyler calls Emily and asks her to meet him with a cashiers check for $5 million in exchange for the box he stole from her. He also says that Amanda’s all hers after their deal is done.

Daniel meets with his grandfather and lets it slip that Charlotte plans to see a therapist. His grandfather pretends to be pleased about this. Daniel’s grandpa explains that Tekeda wants a private meeting with Daniel; Grandpa Grayson wants Daniel to convince Tekeda to keep his money invested in Grayson Global.

Jack tells Declan about his upcoming trip to Haiti. Declan is reluctant to support the decision but eventually he does. Charlotte’s grandfather ambushes her and demands if she’s headed to a therapist. He’s concerned that she’ll reveal family secrets to a “stranger” (the doctor) and the stranger will share that information and cause the family company to lose value. Grandpa Grayson uses Declan’s future as a gambling chip to discourage Charlotte from seeing a therapist, even after she tells him that she’s losing her mind. No wonder she has problems if this is how her relatives treat her!

Tyler and Emily meet up; Emily makes sure that Tyler is restrained until she’s satisfied that he’s brought everything that he stole. She locks him to a gate. When she asks about Amanda, Tyler tells Emily that she’ll find out where Amanda is when he gets his money. As Emily rummages through the box to make sure everything’s there, Tyler rambles about how loyal Amanda is to Emily after all that she’s done. Distracted, Emily leaves her gun in Tyler’s trunk and asks him to get Amanda on the phone. He calls her, but then announces that Amanda is right behind Emily, which she is… and she has Emily’s gun.

Amanda holds the gun to Emily’s head while Emily attempts to convince her that Tyler’s crazy and that he lied to her about Emily. Tyler interrupts them. Ignoring Emily’s begging, Amanda releases Tyler from the gate. He still has Emily’s box, and now he also has her money and gun. Amanda and Tyler drive away (Amanda’s at the wheel) after Tyler taunts Emily, “Have fun at the party, I hear there’s going to be fireworks.”

Broken Law # 16 Alert!

NY PEN Law § 105.10 Conspiracy in the fourth degree (in relevant part).    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Broken Law # 17 Alert! (re: stolen money and gun)

NY PEN Law  § 160.15 Robbery in the first degree (in relevant part).    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal
Tyler’s initial demand for Emily to pay to get her belongings back from him is also not legal.

Broken Law # 18 Alert!

NY PEN Law  § 155.40 Grand larceny in the second degree.    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

At Emily’s house, Nolan comments on how quickly Emily got herself a new gun. He tells her to cancel the party before it turns into a funeral. Jack shows up and tells Nolan and Emily about his plans to sail to Haiti. Emily agrees to watch Sammy while he’s gone and tells him that Amanda will contact him when she’s ready. I wonder which Amanda she’s referring to. Nolan insists that Emily go with Jack to sail away and fall in love, but Emily says that she can’t do it. Instead, she wants Nolan to make sure that Jack gets on the boat safely tonight. Nolan reluctantly agrees and goes after Jack.

Conrad and Victoria discuss their divorce on the night of their son’s engagement party. Daniel calls Emily and Emily learns that Tekeda is back in town and coming to the party. Daniel asks Emily if she has any commitments in the next few months.

At the meeting with Tekeda, Daniel informs him that he’s not staying; he plans to ask Emily to run away with him and he will make sure someone from the company contacts Tekeda to provide him with the information he was supposed to get from Daniel. Daniel leaves and Tekeda ignores a phone call from Emily.

Meanwhile Tyler gets all dressed up in a white suit. Amanda deems his look “under-medicated.” Amanda demands why Tyler wants revenge on Emily so badly. He reveals his version of what happened to Frank Stevens, the Graysons’ PI. Tyler thinks Emily killed him and planted Frank’s wallet on Tyler. He’s only half correct as we know; Amanda killed Frank, but Emily did frame him with the wallet.

Broken Law # 19 Alert! (from Episode 1×07- “Charade)

(re: Amanda killing Frank) Since Amanda killed Frank because he knew enough information to expose her and Emily’s criminal behavior, it’s likely that she’d get 1st degree murder.    NY PEN Law § 125.27 Murder in the first degree.    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Broken Law # 20 Alert! (From episode 1×11-Duress) (re: Emily putting Frank’s wallet in Tyler’s possessions)

NY PEN Law  § 215.40 Tampering with physical evidence (in relevant part). See broken law # 14 of this entry!

Amanda is surprised when she learns that Tyler thinks Emily killed Frank, but she doesn’t correct him. Instead she asks him if he plans to kill Emily. He reveals that he plans on killing Daniel and framing Emily for his crime. Tyler tells Amanda to get dressed; she has earned a front row seat. He gives her a red dress.

Victoria informs Conrad that she had his lawyer deliver divorce papers; she’s agreeing to the divorce. We see her look sneakily at a business card for the Securities and Exchange commission. Emily gets decked out in her red dress and hides her gun underneath. Daniel tells Emily that he has a surprise for her. She tells him about the conversation Victoria asked Emily to arrange.

Amanda looks at a picture of Jack and the receipt for Emily’s electronic funds transfer for $5 million. She swipes it and puts it in her pocket. Amanda informs Tyler that she’s not going to the party but won’t interfere with his plans. Tyler can’t take that risk, so he holds Amanda at gunpoint AGAIN. Amanda hits Tyler in the head with a hanger and runs away from him as he fires bullets at her.

While Amanda’s behavior was in self-defense, Tyler could go down for attempted murder.

Broken Law # 21 Alert!

NY PEN Law  § 110.00 Attempt to commit a crime.    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal
NY PEN Law § 110.05 Attempt to commit a crime; punishment (in relevant part).    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Finally, we reach the party. I’m not going to rehash the events from the pilot; this entry is long enough as it is. I’ll only mention parts we haven’t seen. Daniel asks Victoria to talk, courtesy of Emily’s request. Daniel tells Victoria about his plans to take Emily to Paris, and Victoria warns him that Emily’s not going to want to go; she’s going to want to stay and take advantage of the Grayson name. This mother-son relationship definitely still needs work.

Jack gets ready to set sail, and we see that Nolan has planted a surveillance camera on the boat. Nolan’s watching from the party and also monitoring other activity at the party. Nolan placing the hidden camera on Jack’s boat is tame compared to his other spying behavior, but it’s still against the law to put a camera on someone else’s property without permission.

Broken Law # 22 Alert!

NY PEN Law§ 140.05. Trespass.    
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Tekeda greets Emily at the party and gives her a gift; he somehow got the revenge box back. He tells her to bury it far away from there and that when she gets back, she’ll know what he did with Tyler and Amanda. Emily discreetly leaves and heads towards the beach, but Daniel notices. Emily buries the box at the beach, which is not exactly far away at all.

Amanda rushes to Jack’s boat. She apologizes and begs him to bring her with him to Haiti. She promises to answer all of Jack’s questions and that she’ll never leave Jack again. Amanda and Jack hug. Daniel approaches Emily at the beach and asks her to come to Paris with him. Emily doesn’t react well to this idea; she insists that their lives are in New York. They argue; Daniel reveals that his mom said something and she was right about Emily. Then Daniel walks away.

On the boat, Jack insists that Emily encouraged him to have faith in his relationship with Amanda. He hopes they’ll get to know each other better one day. We hear a car horn and Amanda borrows money from Jack saying that she still owes the driver his fare. Amanda tells Jack she loves him then rushes off. Jack notices blood on his hands and figures out that it came from Amanda. He follows her. Amanda gets in a car and says “drive!” She sure leaves quickly for a girl who promised to never leave again.

Daniel sits on the beach when Tyler suddenly approaches him, armed with Emily’s gun. Tyler shows Daniel a picture from Emily’s revenge box, and he tells him that he found it under Emily’s floorboards. Tyler suggests calling Emily so they can ask her to explain, and takes Daniel’s phone to “do the honors.”

Emily runs into Charlotte at the party and sees her drop the bottle of oxycodone on the floor. Emily looks concerned, but Charlotte rushes off to Declan. Victoria comments to Emily about her refusal to run off to Paris with Daniel. She thanks her for arranging the conversation with Daniel and says that her speech will “show her gratitude.”

Amanda gets out of the car and Jack follows her as she runs towards the beach. We hear two gun shots, and Jack sees Amanda looking over at a dead body. He asks her what she did and she sputters, “I can’t…I didn’t!” Then Jack tells her to run and insists that she take his car. Note: We don’t know if Jack believes regarding Amanda’s involvement; this might be explored in future episodes.

At the party, we see both, Emily and Nolan covertly nodding at Tekeda. We don’t know why Nolan has anything to do with Tekeda. It seems he’s involved with everyone; we see that when Amanda can’t get Jack’s car to start, Tekeda agrees to give her a ride. They’re probably not going anywhere safe.

At the end of the episode, we learn that the dead body we’ve been assuming was Daniel is actually Tyler. The maniac is dead! Daniel, covered in blood, slowly approaches his mother. She’s relieved that he’s alive and whispers “Don’t say a word” in his ear. It’s clearly supposed to look like Daniel killed Tyler, but since it also looked like he was dead in episode one, I’m not buying it yet! Tyler’s murder will be explored when I cover the episode that reveals his killer. Thank you so much for reading; I know this had a lot of material!

NOTE: to keep the ball rolling, my next Revenge episode, which will be up ASAP, will probably jump to season 2!

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