Dead Men Tell Big Tales… And Most Of Them Involve Crime (Recap + broken laws of Twisted, Season 1 Episode 12)

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Twisted definitely came back with a bang and a vengeance. This entry is lengthy, mostly because it involves a man coming back from the “dead,” and contains 16 broken laws.

The “Twisted” premiere begins minutes after the finale; Danny is on the run and Kyle has his officers searching everywhere. There’s one catch; when Danny is found, he wants it reported to HIM and not Marilyn Rossi, the new detective that the mayor assigned to assist with the case. Even though this began in the finale, we must address the fact that Danny is the prime suspect in a murder investigation and is hiding from the police. If you guessed that he’s not allowed to do that, congratulations, you’re correct!

Broken Law # 1 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 205 – § 205.30 Resisting Arrest

“A person is guilty of resisting arrest when he intentionally prevents or attempts to prevent a police officer or peace officer from effecting an authorized arrest of himself or another person.
Grading:  Resisting arrest is a class A misdemeanor.”

Karen looks terrified about what could happen to her son. She brings up the new detective, and Kyle comments that it’s obvious that Karen recognized her from somewhere. Karen admits that when she thought that Vikram was cheating on her, she hired a PI to have him followed. It turns out, according to Karen, that it wasn’t an affair, but that Marilyn used to work for Vikram. Kyle nonchalantly reveals to Karen that he suspects that her “dead” husband, Vikram is still alive. During this conversation, the camera zooms in on a vent, strongly suggesting that somebody is eavesdropping on them.

Next, Lacey shows up at the Mastersons’ house to tell Kyle what she learned about Regina. Tess informs Lacey that Kyle’s busy locating Danny, which shocks Lacey; this is the first she’s hearing about a murder weapon with Danny’s fingerprints on it and about Danny running from the cops. Danny and Lacey definitely have some communication issues to work on if they ever want a successful relationship! Most people want to know important information about their significant other… especially if that important information is that the significant other is currently hiding from the police. Obviously, this type of issue is very common in high school relationships. 

Lacey tries to talk to Jo about the murder weapon and her newfound knowledge about Regina’s fight with a mysterious person, but Jo cuts her off. She tells Lacey to take it up with her father. Defeated, Lacey asks Jo to tell Kyle that she needs to talk to him. 

Tess attempts to comfort Jo about Danny, but Jo interrupts; she no longer cares about Danny and his whereabouts. Jo ignores a phone call from “a mistake” also known as Tyler. Jo goes up to her room, leaving her concerned mother wondering about Danny and about Jo’s “mistake.” 
Unfortunately, Jo doesn’t find comfort in her bedroom, instead she finds our favorite fugitive, who has taken the liberty of climbing through her bedroom window. Jo wants nothing to do with this and refuses to help him despite his begging. It seems Danny’s charm has finally worn off for Jo. She ignores his pleas that the murder weapon must be fake. She doesn’t care when Danny tells her that he overheard his mom and Kyle talking about Vikram being alive. She screams for her mother that Danny is in her room, so Danny quickly escapes through the window. 

Lacey sees someone who she thinks is Danny. She pulls over and jumps out of her car calling after him. When she catches up, she realizes that the person isn’t Danny at all; she’s just accosted a guy named Charlie McBride (Jack Falahee) who is new to Green Grove. Charlie’s attempts at flirting with Lacey are interrupted by a welcome wagon of cops, flashing lights in his face and screaming at him to freeze. These cops also have mistaken Charlie for Danny, and Lacey insists that Charlie take down his hood so he won’t look like a murder suspect. The cops order them to go inside so they can find their actual suspect. Before leaving, Lacey apologizes, and Charlie officially introduces himself. It turns out, he’s joining the Green Grove High student body! When Charlie asks about Danny, Lacey says that it’s a long story that she doesn’t have time to tell. That’s an understatement! 

Kyle comes home and Tess and Jo fill him in on what just happened with Danny. Kyle says that Jo did the right thing by yelling for Tess; Karen disagrees and screams at Jo for not breaking the law and harboring a fugitive. Karen eventually apologizes; she’s clearly stressed out that her dead husband might be alive and her son is wanted for murder. I suppose that’s reasonable.  

At Johnny Cakes Cafe, we see Lacey getting interviewed by a female cop. When the cop leaves, Lacey sees Rico, a few booths away. Rico tells her that he got interviewed also; the cops are even questioning the “little people.” Lacey mentions that the “Danny Thing” has gotten out of control and that Jo is still angry with her. Rico quickly responds that he doesn’t want to talk about Jo, Danny, or the situation. When Lacey protests, saying that Rico and Jo are such close friends, Rico sarcastically agrees. They’re just like “two peas in two pods in two different corners of the universe.” Rico’s always good for some comic relief!

After Rico finishes telling Lacey that he doesn’t want to talk about Jo or Danny, he follows up by telling Lacey that Jo might forgive her; she just doesn’t know what she wants. Then Rico says that it’s obvious that Lacey wants Danny back. So, they pretty much talk about everything Rico said he doesn’t want to discuss. Lacey wants to help Danny, and Rico points out that this would be easier if Danny would stop hiding. When Lacey leaves, a waitress mentions Jo to Rico, and he cuts her off — “…is amazing, and complicated, and out of my life. So if you could please never mention her again.” Tell us how you really feel, Rico!

Tess attempts to comfort Jo about Danny, but Jo surprises her by telling her that she slept with Tyler. They have a mother-daughter birds and the bee chat, despite all of this murder drama that’s consuming their lives. Tess insists that the right guy will come along one day. Maybe he won’t even be a criminal! 
The next day, Lacey approaches Kyle outside of the school. She fills him in on what she knows about Regina and the fight she had in the infamous black car with Connecticut license plates. Kyle appears to shoot Lacey down, and Lacey leaves, confused. We quickly learn the reason for Kyle’s behavior when he explains it to his partner, Eddie. He points out that a car matching Lacey’s description is parked in the street right near them, and its driver is watching them. That driver is none other than the creepy new detective, Marilyn Rossi. Kyle discreetly tells Eddie to investigate everything about this alleged murder weapon. 

 In the hallway, Charlie finds Lacey and uses cheesy pick-up lines on her. She makes fun of him. Then Rico bursts into the hall and “politely” requests that the new guy leave. “Hi new guy, bye new guy!” Rico claims that he needs Lacey’s help on a sponge painting project at home; it’s a “two person job.” Rico clearly isn’t being honest about why he wants Lacey to come over, and Lacey knows that, but agrees to go to his place after school anyway. She wants him to tell her the real reason on the way to his house. Rico looks incredibly nervous (as usual) during this whole exchange. When Jo arrives, Rico quickly excuses himself. 

Jo fills Lacey in on Danny coming to her room the night before. Lacey looks jealous that Danny went to Jo first, then gets angry when Jo tells her that she called for her mother instead of helping him. Lacey is stunned as she takes all of this in, especially when Jo mentions Danny’s suspicion that his father is alive. 

Tess shows up at Karen’s house and they have an awkward conversation. Tess acts like she’s shocked about the possibility of Vikram being alive, even though we know that she spoke to Vikram in the season finale. She’s lying to Karen and perhaps trying to find out how much Karen knows about Vikram. When Tess mentions the possibility of Vikram framing Danny, Karen says that she never suspected that Vikram was alive and does not believe that he’d frame Danny. It’s nice that Karen has so much faith in her fake dead husband.

When Lacey and Rico walk into his loft for the “sponge painting project,” Lacey quickly sees the real reason Rico invited her there. Danny is inside! Our favorite nerd is helping Danny hide from the police. What happened to the Mathletes’ code of ethics?! That is not the only problem with Rico’s behavior… and now Lacey’s, since it’s abundantly clear that she’s keeping Danny’s location a secret as well. This sponge painting project brings us to:

Broken Law # 2 & 3 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 205 – § 205.50 Hindering Prosecution; Definition of Term (in relevant part)
 “a person “renders criminal assistance” when, with intent to prevent, hinder or  delay  the
  discovery  or  apprehension of, or the lodging of a criminal charge against, a person who he knows or believes has committed a crime or is being sought by law enforcement officials for the commission of a crime,… he:
    1. Harbors or conceals such person; or
    2. Warns such person of impending discovery or apprehension;…”
New York Penal – Article 205 – § 205.65 Hindering prosecution in the first degree.
    “A  person  is guilty of hindering prosecution in the first degree when he renders criminal assistance to a person who has committed a class A felony,  knowing  or  believing  that such person has engaged in conduct constituting a class A felony.
 Hindering prosecution in the first degree is a class D felony.”

Look at our little mathlete growing up and becoming a felon! Maybe this will make him more of Jo’s type.

This is labeled as broken law 2 and 3 because both Rico and Lacey could be found guilty. But that’s not all… These people break so many laws that I’m beginning to sound like a broken law informercial. The fact that Rico and Lacey are working together to hide Danny brings us to:

Broken Law # 4 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 105 – § 105.05 Conspiracy in the Fifth Degree (in relevant part)
“A person is guilty of conspiracy in the fifth degree when, with intent that conduct constituting:
    1. a felony be performed, he agrees with one or more persons to engage
  in or cause the performance of such conduct…”
“Conspiracy in the fifth degree is a class A misdemeanor.”

Lacey fills Danny in on the police questioning everyone who knows Danny. Rico has a mental stop-watch and reminds them exactly how much time they have left in his loft. At least we know he’s still a nerd! Lacey and Danny briefly catch up; they discuss Lacey’s desire to help him and the possibility of Vikram being alive. Danny wants Lacey to help him find Vikram. 

 Next, we see Karen at a boat shop, which doesn’t seem to be the type of place she’d frequent. A man who we’ve never seen before greets her. It turns out, his name is Jack (Ivan Sergei), and he’s a former employee of Vikram’s. Karen needs his help, and Jack knows the issue must be important if she came to him. When she reveals that she thinks Vikram is alive, Jack doesn’t seem surprised. When Karen calls him out on this, he elaborates that nothing Vikram ever did surprised him. Apparently faking his own death is not the only weird stunt that Vikam has pulled in his day. Jack attempts to turn down Karen’s request for help, but he quickly caves and agrees to see what he can do.

At the police station, Kyle continues to suspect Marilyn, especially after learning that she worked with Vikram. Needing to distract her so that he can look into this more, he requests that Eddie lie to her about a “possible Desai sighting,” hoping that she will believe it and drive out of her way to investigate this “lead.” Eddie understands Kyle’s plan and agrees to it, then gives Marilyn the fake information. She believes it! Since police officers are not allowed to lie to a detective on a case to deliberately steer her in the wrong direction, this false lead leads us to:

Broken Law # 5 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 105 – § 105.00 Conspiracy in the Sixth Degree
  “A person is guilty of conspiracy in the sixth degree when, with intent that  conduct  constituting  a crime be performed, he agrees with one or more persons to engage in or cause the performance of such conduct.”
 “Conspiracy in the sixth degree is a class B misdemeanor.”

Broken Law # 6 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 195 – § 195.00 Official Misconduct (in relevant part)
“A public servant is guilty of official misconduct when, with intent to obtain a benefit or deprive another person of a benefit:
    1.  He  commits  an  act  relating  to  his office but constituting an unauthorized exercise of his official functions, knowing that  such  act is unauthorized;…
    Official misconduct is a class A misdemeanor.”

Back at Rico’s garage, Danny and Rico have an awkward bromance moment. Danny asks Rico how he’s doing with all of his dramatic criminal behavior. We learn that at least Rico is completely aware that he’s shattering the law into pieces. He explains that at first he felt adventurous. “Wow.. I’m doing this. I’m actually harboring a fugitive…’accused fugitive.'” If he ever wants more information, he’s welcome to come read this blog! Rico admits that harboring a fugitive is getting a bit scary. Then the two of them have a heart-to-heart about Jo. Rico can’t believe that Danny isn’t interested in Jo, Danny doesn’t think Jo can ever trust him again, and Rico is sad that his love for Jo is unrequited. 

Kyle has obtained a warrant to search Marilyn’s hotel room. I confess that I’m relieved he has done this, so I don’t have to once again scold him for not complying with the 4th amendment. In one of Marilyn’s suitcases, Kyle finds a bundle of a LOT of cash, which makes Marilyn look even more shady.

Lacey runs into Jo at Johnny Cakes. Jo is looking for Rico, because he goes there every day after school. When Lacey reacts to this, she is the exact opposite of slick. Her behavior and comments about Rico make Jo incredibly suspicious. Lacey is such a bad liar in this scene that I’m surprised she hasn’t given the police a map to Rico’s loft by now. 

Lacey describes this differently to Danny when she gets back to Rico’s loft; she’s under the impression that her lie worked and that Jo doesn’t suspect a thing. Jo shows up at Rico’s, immediately proving Lacey wrong. When he begs for Jo’s help again, he blurts something out that surprises both, Lacey and Jo. He says that his father is framing him, and that he knows this because “he’s done it before!” Remember that time Danny told Jo, “I may have killed someone before, but I’ve never lied to you”? Well, it appears it’s actually the other way around! Danny explains to the girl that HE didn’t kill his aunt; Vikram did. 

When Danny tells the girls the story, we go into a flashback of the infamous day that Tara died. It’s in Danny’s point of view. This time, we see Danny go inside his house and find Vikram standing over Tara’s dead body. In present day, Danny explains to the girls that Vikram insisted that Danny take the blame. He said that he’d be taken away forever if the police found out what he had done, and if Danny took the blame, he’d be away for a few months, at most. Sound pretty bad for you? It should. I’ll start with the obvious one, which we discussed in my entry on the very first episode of “Twisted,” but we were talking about the wrong perpetrator! 

Assuming Danny’s story is true, Vikram Desai would be guilty of:

Broken Law # 7 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 125 – § 125.25 Murder in the Second Degree (in relevant part)
“A person is guilty of murder in the second degree when:
    1.  With  intent  to  cause the death of another person, he causes the death of  such  person….”

Next, this one is coming up a lot, but what Vikram convinced Danny to agree to brings us to: 

Broken Law # 8 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 105 – § 105.17 Conspiracy in the First Degree
    “A person is guilty of conspiracy in the first degree when, with intent that conduct constituting a class A felony be performed, he, being over eighteen years of age, agrees with one or more  persons under sixteen years of age to engage in or cause the performance of such conduct.
    Conspiracy in the first degree is a class A-I felony.”

The felony that Vikram convinced Danny to agree to commit :

Broken Law # 9 Alert!

We have heard about Danny’s trial for killing his Aunt Tara numerous times, and we know that he confessed to killing her. Now that we know this is not true: 

New York Penal – Article 210 – § 210.15 Perjury in the First Degree

    “A  person  is  guilty  of  perjury  in the first degree when he swears falsely and when his false statement (a) consists of testimony, and  (b) is material to the action, proceeding or matter in which it is made.
    Perjury in the first degree is a class D felony.”

Danny explains that by the time he got out of juvie, the only witness as to what really happened with Tara, was his “dead” father. Suddenly, they realize that the police are outside Rico’s house. Rico continues to lie for Danny. Jo insists that Danny turn himself in; she’s sure that Kyle will believe his story. However, Danny counters that the rest of the police force will not believe his story without proof… and he needs Jo’s help to get that proof. 

At the police station, Kyle reveals to Eddie that he found around $100,000 in Marilyn’s suitcase. They speculate about who was blackmailing whom, and NOTE when we find out for sure, it will be discussed in this blog. 

Tess leaves Vikram a message urging him to come forward and saying that she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep quiet. NOTE When we know exactly how much information Tess knows, her possible culpability will be discussed. 

Next, fulfilling Danny’s plan, Jo approaches Marilyn and tells her that Danny wants to turn himself in, but he needs to speak to his father first. Marilyn claims that Vikram is dead, but quickly realizes that Jo and Danny know that’s not true. She says that she could easily just arrest Danny, but Jo slips her a piece of paper with a phone number on it and says that Danny’s willing to take that chance. Since Marilyn ends up taking Danny and Jo up on this offer, ANOTHER legal issue comes up! 

Broken Law # 10 & 11 Alert!

New York Penal- Article 215- § 215.00  Bribing a witness.
  “A person is guilty of bribing a witness when he confers, or offers or agrees to confer, any benefit upon a witness or a person about to be called as a witness in any action or proceeding upon an agreement or understanding that (a) the testimony of such witness will thereby be influenced, or (b) such witness will absent himself from, or otherwise avoid or seek to avoid appearing or testifying at, such action or proceeding.”

I listed this as two broken laws because Danny would be guilty, and Jo would likely be guilty as an accomplice, for offering the bribe, and Marilyn would be guilty for accepting the bribe.  

Next, Karen asks Jack if he found any sign of Vikram being alive. Jack said he searched for every possible clue of Vikram being alive and found nothing. Then, as Rico did earlier in the episode, Jack literally tells us the next broken law out loud. Let’s hear it: 

When Karen answers affirmatively to Jack asking if she cares about Vikram, by saying “Of course I care; he’s my husband,” Jack’s response is interesting and incriminating. “He was your husband when we were together…” Bad girl, Karen! Now we know you’re guilty of:

Broken Law # 12 Alert!

New York Penal- Article 255- § 255.17 Adultery.
  “A person is guilty of adultery when he engages in sexual intercourse with another person at a time when he has a living spouse, or the other person has a living spouse.”
“Grading: “Adultery is a class B misdemeanor.” 

Vikram’s status as a living spouse is admittedly confusing, but from this conversation, it’s obvious that this affair took place a long time ago, back when Vikram was publicly alive. For a reminder on the illegality of adultery in New York, we discussed it in my entry on episode 1×09 of “Twisted,” “The Truth Will Out.” See Legal Note 1, where we discussed the possibility of Vikram cheating on Karen. 

At the Masterson household, shockingly, Kyle is home and not out getting warrants, searching hotels, looking for fugitives, or at the police station. This lasts for all of one minute, before the house phone rings. His partner, Eddie is on the phone and informs him that the murder weapon that Marilyn found has been tampered with and Danny’s prints are NOT, in fact on the weapon. Kyle rushes out of the house, in a hurry to bring us to: 

(Potential) Broken Law # 13 Alert!

NOTE I usually do not write in detail about broken laws until we know who exactly is behind the broken law. However, here, it is strongly implied that Marilyn is the one behind tampering with the murder weapon, because she is the one who found it and presented it. If it wasn’t her, we will revisit this when we find out who was actually responsible for doing this. That’s why  labeled this as a potential broken law; SOMEBODY definitely broke the law, but we don’t know for 100% sure who it was.

New York Penal – Article 215 – § 215.40 Tampering With Physical Evidence (in relevant part)

“A person is guilty of tampering with physical evidence when:… 2. Believing that certain physical evidence is about to be produced or used in an official proceeding or a prospective official proceeding, and intending to prevent such production or use, he suppresses it by any act 
of concealment, alteration or destruction, or by employing force,  intimidation or deception against any person…”
Grading: “Tampering with physical evidence is a class E felony.”
Next, Lacey is at the horse stables when she runs into New Guy, as Rico has named Charlie. He seems to be popping up everywhere in Lacey’s life. Charlie explains that he works there, and we learn that Lacey has a horse there that is “half hers” because the horse belonged to her and Regina. When Lacey mentions Regina, Charlie immediately brings up the fact that Danny was accused of killing her. Lacey sharply says that Danny didn’t do it, but Charlie seems skeptical… or a little too interested for somebody who just moved to town. Lacey tells Charlie to tell Regina’s mother, Gloria, that she was there; that’s who she came to see. Before she leaves, she and Charlie look at a wall with ribbons, trophies and pictures. When Lacey sees a picture of Vikram and Gloria, Charlie says that he always assumed that they were a married couple. 
NOTE If this is true, we’ll explore yet another instance of adultery on ABC family. 

Next, we see Danny in an abandoned Church. Jo arrives, surprising him. Danny begs Jo to go home; he’s done running, and “one way or another this ends tonight.” Jo refuses to leave because she’s afraid of what might happen to Danny. Before the two can resolve this, the door opens and in walks Vikram, creepily saying “Hello, son,” as if he hasn’t been pretending to be dead for the past few months. 

Vikram continues his creepy banter by telling Danny that it was smart for him to go to Marilyn and that she’s been “helping [Vikram] find [Danny]. Danny is furious and still believes Vikram is framing him for Regina’s murder. Vikram screams that he needs to stay dead because people are trying to kill him. He sounds like an older, male version of Alison DiLaurentis from Pretty Little Liars. Danny is furious and doesn’t care about Vikram’s excuses. He once again begs Jo to go home, but she stays. 

Danny gives Vikram an emotionally charged speech about the damage Vikram has caused in his life. He also tells Vikram that Jo knows that Vikram killed Tara and forced Danny to take the blame. Vikram thinks he can win Danny over by inviting Danny to run away with him. Is Danny supposed to pretend to die, too? Vikram attempts to get Jo to support this idea, and Danny is enraged that Vikram would even try to speak to Jo. Danny wants Vikram to pay for all that he’s done, but Vikram denies this as a possibility. He claims it would destroy the lives of anyone close to him, and that Danny is “ruining everything.” Then Vikram sees Jo with her phone, seemingly recording this encounter. He screams at her to stop, then starts chasing after her. 
When Danny attempts to get in the middle of Vikram and Jo, Vikram knocks Danny out and he falls down in pain. This fight is incredibly violent, and, you guessed it, not legal!

We discussed behavior like this in my entry on “The Fest and the Furious,” and Danny was the one who got hurt back then too! 

Broken Law # 14 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 120 – § 120.00 Assault in the Third Degree (in relevant part):
 “A person is guilty of assault in the third degree when: With intent to cause physical injury to another person, he causes such injury to such person…” 
“Ranking:  Assault in the third degree is a class A misdemeanor.”
Nice, Vikram. I’m sure Danny will want to go off in the sunset with you now into your fantasy father-son world. 
Kyle and Eddie have planned to find Marilyn at her hotel upon learning about the tampered murder weapon. They knock on the door and Marilyn invites them in to have tea. No, just kidding. When do the cops ever find the person that they’re looking for easily in this show? Marilyn’s hotel room is completely empty, which makes her look even more suspicious. I have a feeling I’ll have a lot to write about regarding her behavior in the future.

Meanwhile, Vikram is still chasing Jo demanding that she surrender her cell phone. Danny has gotten up from Vikram’s violent shove. Vikram catches up to Jo and grabs her. Defending Jo, Danny slams into Vikram and pulls him off of Jo. 

NOTE  Throughout this fight, Vikram would likely be guilty of assault again, but since it’s continuous, it would probably be included in the assault I mentioned above. 

However, his chasing Jo through the dark woods, screaming at her, grabbing her and calling her a bitch does present some problems. Vikram is clearly stronger than Jo and all of this behavior likely put Jo in fear of physical injury. “Dead” people really do enjoy breaking the law!

Broken Law # 15 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 120 – § 120.15 Menacing in the Third Degree: 

“A person is guilty of menacing in the third degree when, by physical menace, he or she intentionally places or attempts to place another person in fear of death, imminent serious physical injury, or physical injury.

Menacing in the third degree is a class B misdemeanor.”  


Broken Law # 16 Alert!

New York Penal – Article 120 – § 120.20 Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree:
 “A person is guilty of reckless endangerment in the second degree when he recklessly engages in conduct which creates a substantial risk of serious physical injury to another person.  
Reckless endangerment in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.”

For a person who’s supposed to be dead and who has people trying to kill him, Vikram sure is creating a lot of trouble for himself. Getting violent with a young girl? Really? Maybe the idea of him killing Regina isn’t as crazy as it originally sounded. 

LEGAL NOTE I’m aware that it takes two people to have a fight like this, and I’m also aware that Danny hasn’t just been sitting there baking cupcakes while Vikram hits people. However, Danny’s behavior would likely be considered justified by self defense: 
“New York Penal – Article 35 – § 35.10 Justification; Use of Physical Force Generally (in relevant part)

 6. A person may, pursuant to the ensuing provisions of  this  article, use  physical  force upon another person in self-defense or defense of a third person…Whenever a person is authorized  by  any such  provision  to use deadly physical force in any given circumstance,nothing contained in any other such provision may be deemed to negate or qualify such authorization.”

At this point, the fight is taking place by the edge of a cliff, which is always a safe and excellent idea! Vikram continues to come towards Danny violently, while screaming that the whole thing is his fault. To avoid getting injured again by Vikram, when Vikram goes to attack Danny, Danny hits him with a piece of wood. Vikram falls off of the cliff and it looks like he’s dead! After all of this speculation about whether or not Danny is guilty of murder, did he just inadvertently kill his dad? 

LEGAL NOTE Do not take anything in this article to mean that it’s ok to push people off of cliffs. That is definitely not ok. However, for now, this is where I’m stopping. It LOOKS like Vikram died, yes, but he’s fooled us before. I will explore what Danny did to Vikram when we find out if Vikram is really dead. Legal Spoiler Alert: if Vikram IS dead, we will likely be looking at a discussion about manslaughter and self defense. Also, we will likely discuss the fact that Danny using a piece of wood could make his case worse because he had a “weapon.” 
Thank you all so much for reading!

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