Emily Thorne Criminal Rap Sheet for Season 1A of Revenge

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This is Emily Thorne’s criminal rap sheet for the first half of season 1 of Revenge. I hope you enjoy it, and definitely stay tuned for more of these!

PILOT 1×01

~Unlawful Surveillance – Emily had video surveillance of Conrad & Lydia at the hotel ~harassment- Emily followed Conrad & Lydia to the hotel ~Criminal Impersonation – Emily pretended to be a hotel employee by wearing an employee’s uniform to gain access to Conrad’s room ~Assault – Emily poisoned Conrad’s soup & may have injured Nolan because he knew her real identity

TRUST 1×02

~Scheme to Defraud – Emily tricks “Uncle Bill” into making poor investments for his clients ~Larceny & Unlawful Possession of Personal Identification Information: Emily steals a confidential client list from “Uncle Bill”


~Conspiracy – with Nolan when she plans to ruin the senator’s career ~Computer Trespass -Emily is just as guilty as Nolan is for hacking the senator’s computer

DUPLICITY 1X04 ~Computer Tampering – Emily used Dr. Banks’s computer to compile humiliating videos on hamptonsexposed.com ~Unlawful Imprisonment – Emily locked Dr. Banks in a storage facility

GUILT 1×05 ~Conspiracy (1) & Computer Trespass -with Nolan when they agreed for him to hack the catering company’s computer so Emily could get her picture off of an old photo ~Conspiracy (2) -Emily & Nolan agreed for Nolan to sneak into Lydia’s home to get a fax and photo that could expose her identity ~burglary -Nolan only went into Lydia’s house because it was Emily’s idea ~larceny -Nolan stole the photo and fax from Lydia on Emily’s behalf

INTRIGUE 1×06 Emily is relatively well behaved in this one

CHARADE 1X07 Note: This is the episode where we meet Amanda ~Criminal Impersonation ~Scheme to defraud ~Criminal Impersonation -All of these are related to Emily pretending to be Amanda & using her identity.

TREACHERY 1×08 ~Hindering Prosecution – Emily helped hide Amanda after she killed Frank ~Forgery & False Use of Passport – Emily created a fake passport for Amanda ~Scheme to defraud ~Tampering with physical evidence – Having Nolan steal Frank’s phone and wallet

SUSPICION 1X09 *Relatively good behavior in this episode)

LOYALTY 1X10 *While Emily isn’t involved in much illegal behavior in this episode, she’s planning her next moves which will lead to a lot of criminal behavior.

Stay tuned for the next Emily Thorne Criminal Rap Sheet for the next half of season one! I will also be posting a full broken laws recap for Revenge soon. Thanks so much for reading!

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