Grand Theft Auto: Rosewood Drift, starring Hanna Marin and Spencer Hastings– the broken laws in PLL 6×06

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This is part one for the broken laws in episode 6×06 of “Pretty Little Liars,” “No Stone Unturned.”

Let’s start with some fun Pretty Little Liars translation! In Rosewood; “Spencer has an appointment in Philly” is Hanna-talk for stealing Lesli Stone’s car. They don’t call her a pretty little liar for nothing; Hanna said it without even flinching when Ashley asked where she was going.

Hanna watches Lesli; she follows/ stalks her to her faculty meeting making snarky remarks about her tardiness and adding content to her pretty little criminal record. She uses a fake, dumb blonde ditzy charm to trick the man working for the valet parking service. She acts like her feelings are hurt because this man doesn’t remember her and her car and eventually manipulates him into handing over the car, literally he drives the car to her and hands her the keys! Hanna must have heard I was looking for some good content to put in this blog!

Hanna has taken me back to season one when the girls still had time to attend parties. Hanna was angry because her boyfriend at the time, Sean, wouldn’t ditch his virginity pact for her, so she stole his car and left the party in it. Now her motive was a lot different in this episode with Lesli’s car, but the crime is still the same!

Hanna’s broken laws: 18 PA Cons. Stat § 3928. Unauthorized use of automobiles and other vehicles.

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Despite Hanna’s airtight defense that she is only “borrowing” the car, she could still be charged with stealing it according to Pennsylvania law.

18 PA Cons. Stat. § 3921. Theft by unlawful taking or disposition (in relevant part)

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

In Pennsylvania this is a felony in the third degree, something Hanna is lucky she hasn’t already been charged for considering that this is not her first rodeo with stealing cars.

18 PA Cons. Stat. § 3903. Grading of theft offenses. (In relevant part)

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Spencer acts shocked on the phone with Hanna that she had the audacity to steal Lesli’s car, but when Hanna exclaims “I’m borrowing it!” in protest, Spencer doesn’t exactly talk her out of it. She meets up with Hanna for her pretend “appointment” and the rifle through Lesli’s messy car together. Spencer steals a key card to the lab where Lesli works so that Caleb can make a copy, which is also illegal.

Hanna discovers that Lesli has a ridiculous amount of giant pairs of glasses and Spencer realized that they don’t even have a prescription. Hanna disapproves of Lesli’s slob-like tendencies, then both become terrified when they find cages in the trunk that are big enough for them to fit inside, and Spencer believes that Lesli’s next move is to trap them. That’s terrifying, but this is a good time for a reminder that Spencer knows Hanna stole the car and knows that neither of them have any permission to go through and steal any of its contents. She is now complicit in Hanna’s crime. Her next move tarnished her criminal record more, she goes to Caleb to get him to make a copy of that keycard and lies about what the key actually is so that neither he nor Sara will know the truth.

Spencer and Hanna’s broken laws: 18 PA Cons Stat. § 3934. Theft from a motor vehicle.

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

You’ll notice that I said Spencer and Hanna are both guilty of the above although from what I saw only Spencer physically stole anything from the car. The very fact that they’re working together to commit crimes is illegal, and because they’re aware and actively assisting each other, they could likely both be charged; Spencer is also an accessory after the fact to Hanna’s theft of Lesli’s car.

18 PA Cons. Stat. § 903. Criminal conspiracy.

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Stay tuned for part two in which we will discuss what the girls did after Spencer got the key to the lab where Lesli works, and I hope you enjoy part one for now!

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