Hanna Marin TV Criminal Rap Sheet- PLL Season 1 A

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Hanna Marin TV Criminal Rap Sheet – This is a brief summary of the crimes Hanna could be found guilty of during the first 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I hope you enjoy it!

PILOT 1×01 ~Underage Drinking – At the infamous sleepover that started it all. She also brings a flask filled with alcohol to Alison’s funeral. ~Retail Theft – One of the first things we see Hanna do is steal sunglasses from the mall.

THE JENNA THING 1×02 ~Public Drunkenness Or Similar Misconduct -Hanna was obvious enough with her flask at the Grille to get a dirty look from a random old man. ~Failure To Prevent Catastrophe -Hanna and the other girls are guilty of this for not stopping Ali during “The Jenna Thing.” Hanna attempted to talk Ali out of it, but that’s not enough.

TO KILL A MOCKING GIRL 1×03 ~Unauthorized Use Of Automobiles Or Other Vehicles – After Sean refuses her sexual advances, Hanna takes his car without permission and drives it away from the party.

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? 1X04 *Hanna is relatively well-behaved in this episode, dealing with the aftermath of stealing Sean’s car and damaging it.

REALITY BITES ME 1X05 ~Harassment – When she follows Jenna to her therapist’s office trying to figure out where she’s going ~Criminal Trespass- By getting into the therapist’s office by briefly posing as another patient

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOMECOMING 1X06 ~burglary – Hanna rigs the door at the therapist’s office and later goes in there with no permission intending on stealing Jenna’s personal patient files (although she ends up stealing Toby’s) ~Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition – Stealing Toby’s medical records

THE HOMECOMING HANGOVER 1X07 ~Tampering With Records Or Identification – When Hanna continues hiding Toby’s medical records knowing that the police are looking for them since Toby has gone missing. ~Receiving Stolen Property – Also for not returning Toby’s file ~Tampering With Physical Evidence – For Toby’s file as well Note, she would get in so much trouble for this especially when she saw the police looking for the exact piece of evidence that she chose not to disclose

PLEASE DO TALK ABOUT ME WHEN I’M GONE 1X08 Hanna is relatively well-behaved in this one. In fact, she’s the one being harassed by Detective Wilden in light of Jason’s return to Rosewood. Most of this episode is dedicated to Alison’s memorial

THE PERFECT STORM 1×09 Once again, Hanna is well-behaved in this one, and defends Emily from Wilden’s harassment. Most of this episode is spend inside the school where the girls wind up NOT taking their SATs

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE 1X10 Hanna is the victim of Mona’s law breaking in this one; this is the episode where Mona hits her with the car after “Camp Mona.”

Make sure to stay tuned because I have a big PLL update coming up! I hope you enjoyed this criminal rap sheet. Spencer is up next!

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