Meet Bonnie & the Other Criminals: How To Get Away With Murder Recap + Broken Laws

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Episode 2×05 of How To Get Away With Murder, “Meet Bonnie” begins with a conflicted Asher Millstone fleeing court, where he is supposed to be testifying against Annalise and Co in exchange for immunity in the present case and a mysterious incident from his past. His mind was made up regarding testifying until the end of episode 2×04 (which led to more events in this episode) when Bonnie claimed that she was the one who murdered Sam. Bonnie’s desperate attempt to stop Asher from testifying along with Annalise furthering Bonnie’s attempts by trying to gain sympathy from Asher via footage that allegedly displays Bonnie as a child getting sexually abused by her father. Annalise goes along with Bonnie’s fabricated story that Sam tried to rape Bonnie and she killed him in self defense. This brings us to our first offense of the episode!

Broken Law 1 Alert!

Bonnie and Annalise’s Broken Law: 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 4952. Intimidation of witnesses or victims (in relevant part)
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

These two women are not the best role models when it comes to abiding by the law! Their plan does cause Asher to question his plea deal, although at the end of the episode he seems prepared to cooperate with his father and ADA Sinclair. The remaining Keating 4 catch wind to the threat Asher poses when Asher finally makes an appearance at work, threatening to break Frank’s face if he doesn’t move out of his way and let him speak to Annalise. This leads them to contemplate drugs and orgies before jail.

After a motion by ADA Sinclair to include the Hapstall siblings’ murdered aunt’s testimony in their trial, Annalise assigns the students the task of finding proof that the aunt lied in her testimony; they have until 5 pm.

Michaela finds a video of the aunt’s initial interview with detectives immediately after the murders. It contains the aunt bellowing slurs riddled with “old school racism” as Connor calls it. This show is known for bad timing, so of course, Caleb Hapstall walks in just in time to hear his aunt’s epithets about him and his sister. Michaela assures him that they’re doing their best to get her testimony suppressed.

Next, Michaela and Connor enlist Oliver’s help in the form of hacking into the police department to see what else they can uncover from the bigoted, deceased aunt’s conversation with the detectives. Oliver wonders if Annalise would consider paying him for his criminal endeavors, pointing out that he hacks into the police department almost every other week for them, risking jailtime. Connor and Michaela both insist that Oliver would not want to work for Annalise. They’re correct about that, but Oliver is right about something as well; his conduct does put him at risk of jail time. He would go down for at least one of the following crimes!


Broken Law # 2 Alert!

Oliver’s Broken Laws!

18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 7613. Computer theft.

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal


18 Pa. Cons. Stat.§ 7615. Computer trespass.

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Additionally, since the information they’re working with is evidence to an ongoing case, he would also be guilty for another crime.

Broken Law # 3 Alert!

Oliver’s Broken Laws Continued!

18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 4910. Tampering with or fabricating physical evidence (in relevant part)

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

*Legal Note: Connor and Michaela would also be guilty for these crimes, and the three of them would likely go down for conspiracy as well.

Oliver’s hacking pulls up the rest of the audio from the aunt’s exchange with the detectives, in which she admits she doesn’t remember anything from the night of the murders. This conflicts with her testimony in court, so Annalise tries to use the footage to get the aunt’s testimony suppressed. ADA Sinclair calls “bull,” and the judge agrees; she plans to investigate the manner in which Annalise obtained this evidence, since it wasn’t in discovery, and find out if she obtained it illegally. Lawyers have laws to abide by too, and Annalise has not done so here.

Broken Law # 4 Alert!

Annalise’s Broken Law!

This information was found in the model rules for professional conduct, which attorneys are expected to follow.

Rule 8.4 Misconduct (in relevant part)

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

After court, Wes leaves, claiming that he’s going to get the orgy drugs since they just lost and Asher’s still out there. Instead, he and Levi/Eggs911 confront Bruno at the cemetery about his interactions with Frank. Levi decides it would be a great idea to pull out a gun on Bruno. Wes disagrees with his actions and so does Pennsylvania law.

Broken Law # 5 Alert!

Levi’s Broken Law!

18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 2701. Simple assault (in relevant part)

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

It’s great to see Wes exercising such good judgment in the company he keeps. Frank and Annalise don’t want the students anywhere near Levi, so Frank takes care of him by planting drugs in his car then calling the police to report a drug dealer. Pat yourself on the back if you guessed that Frank’s behavior is against the law!

Broken Law # 6 Alert!

Frank’s Broken Laws!

18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 4906. False reports to law enforcement authorities (in relevant part)

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Let’s see what other trouble our favorite crew of criminals gets into! Thanks for reading and I will update soon!

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