Melissa as “Big A” on PLL

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This is a theory to hold you guys over as I finally ease myself back into writing about the law! It has been a crazy few months, but it’s time for this blog to make a comeback.

For now, let me know what you think of this theory regarding Melissa on Pretty Little Liars, and I will be getting back on the subject of broken laws in my upcoming entries!

Based on old theories I have written and more recent events on the show:

Maybe Melissa is big A… She has looked guilty in lots of possible ways when the girls were testing to see if she was A. She admitted to sending texts to Ali and this was proven true by Jonah tracing the texts to a law firm where Melissa worked.

Melissa said that Alison knew the texts she sent were from her.. If this was completely true, why would she have had him trace those ones? The girls DID get a text the night of the Mona/Caleb setup but maybe Melissa sent it… Mona could have thought Melissa was working FOR her at first because Melissa found out Mona was A, acted like she was against the girls, even doing HORRIBLE things to get the answers she needed.. Because there was a time she thought that Spencer killed Ali and she buried her to protect her.. So she would need to take care of page 5 of Ali’s autopsy because she could’ve been linked to the night Ali disappeared just like Garrett.

This could also tie in to Melissa being involved in digging Ali’s body. Veronica knew that the prosecution planned on exhuming the body, and Melissa could have found out. But mona got blind sighted when Melissa stole the game the night of the fire which we know Melissa was involved in that night.

And she’s Black widow. It makes sense that she would go to Wildens funeral ..The night Ali disappeared, Melissa called someone and said she needed to call the police to get that person’s attention. Wilden was the only cop she knew at the time.. This was way before Garrett became a cop. She’s also actually a widow, probably sent flowers to Bethany Young’s parents out of guilt when she found out that she didn’t bury Ali; she killed Bethany. Melissa insisted she really thought it was Ali in the grave and I believed her. She seemed to feel awful about what she did. It was one of the first things she said to her mom when they found out Ali was alive.

She has connections to Radley through Wren… She could have helped Mona get in and out then started suspecting Ali was alive and stole the game from Mona. She likely used Jenna when she wanted page 5 too. She dated Garrett immediately after he and Jenna broke up. She was black swan and Mona had the pictures of the costume in A’s lair.

Mona could have planned getting caught and going to Radley with Melissa, but Melissa had ulterior motives. Melissa and Jenna were doing shady things at the party in unmAsked and it’s odd that Mona got caught on purpose. Maybe Ian knew Melissa was one of the people who messaged Ali with threats etc and Melissa did marry him for “an alibi.”

And… WE WOULD FEEL BAD FOR HER…. She has lost everything and she even said so out loud. She yelled at Spencer for thinking everything was about her and said “remember that some people have lost EVERYTHING.” We were told we would feel sorry for A upon learning the identity and reasoning.

Melissa always brings up how toxic ali is, to the point she doesn’t want Spencer anywhere near her. There was one time the parents were talking about something happening to their girls when they lost alison.. Veronica Hastings was the one to correct them and say something happened to the girls when they MET alison. Melissa even said, when Garrett was accused of killing Ali, “If he killed Alison it’s because he thought she deserved it.” She doesn’t want Spencer to know what she thinks happened to Ali, but still got her view out that whoever killed Ali, Melissa understands why they would do it.. She’s said things like this numerous times. That’s why she was willing to bury a body she thought was Alison to protect Spencer, who Melissa believed killed Alison.

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