Grand Theft Auto: Rosewood Drift, starring Hanna Marin and Spencer Hastings– the broken laws in PLL 6×06

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This is part one for the broken laws in episode 6×06 of “Pretty Little Liars,” “No Stone Unturned.”

Let’s start with some fun Pretty Little Liars translation! In Rosewood; “Spencer has an appointment in Philly” is Hanna-talk for stealing Lesli Stone’s car. They don’t call her a pretty little liar for nothing; Hanna said it without even flinching when Ashley asked where she was going.

Hanna watches Lesli; she follows/ stalks her to her faculty meeting making snarky remarks about her tardiness and adding content to her pretty little criminal record. She uses a fake, dumb blonde ditzy charm to trick the man working for the valet parking service. She acts like her feelings are hurt because this man doesn’t remember her and her car and eventually manipulates him into handing over the car, literally he drives the car to her and hands her the keys! Hanna must have heard I was looking for some good content to put in this blog!

Hanna has taken me back to season one when the girls still had time to attend parties. Hanna was angry because her boyfriend at the time, Sean, wouldn’t ditch his virginity pact for her, so she stole his car and left the party in it. Now her motive was a lot different in this episode with Lesli’s car, but the crime is still the same!

Hanna’s broken laws: 18 PA Cons. Stat § 3928. Unauthorized use of automobiles and other vehicles.

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Songs of Innocence… And Guilt.. Broken laws+ recap of PLL 6×02

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Towards the beginning of the episode, we see Andrew get arrested, but not before Toby is able to tackle him to the ground! As Toby pounces on Spencer’s former academic decathlon captain, Andrew begs for Toby to listen to him and not to be violent. Toby ignores him and proceeds to punch him, pretty hard in my opinion, in the stomach. Admittedly if I believed that someone had kidnapped and tortured my significant other, I can’t imagine my reaction being pretty. However I would also know that I shouldn’t be the on duty police officer in such a circumstance, and this is something Toby doesn’t seem to have learned. Even if you think someone stalked your girlfriend, Toby is in the police department and still has a duty as a police officer that doesn’t get waived so he can kick Andrew Campbell’s ass. Fortunately, Toby’s partner, Lorenzo, stops this before it gets worse, and Toby implies that he would have continued; he demands for Lorenzo to give him 5 minutes alone with Andrew, and I doubt those minutes would have been pretty or peaceful. Thankfully Lorenzo refused to do this, commanding Toby to do his job instead of having an unauthorized, illegal wrestling match with a kidnapping suspect.

Because of police violence becoming an emerging topic of importance in society, I feel that it’s important to cover this. I did some research on the issue because of its complexity, and it turns out there are legal arguments that the current law in Pennsylvania might conflict with the federal law. It is NOT my place to decide if that’s true or not, but I will provide information to explain why it is possible but not guaranteed that Toby could get in legal trouble for what he did to Andrew. Some might argue that his violence wasn’t enough to warrant legal trouble, but others may not agree, and once again I felt this topic was important to discuss regardless of the outcome.

Toby’s Potential Broken Law! : Using Excessive Force as a Police Officer Section 1983 within Title 42 of the United States Code. And 18 PA Cons. Stat. § 508. Use of force in law enforcement. (more…)

Six Girls In A Dollhouse: Broken Laws in PLL 6×01

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Usually I don’t cover A’s crimes until we learn a definitive identity of A, but for “Charles” I am making an exception. His crazy behavior has been the focus of the last two PLL episodes, as he thought it would be a good idea to forcibly restrain six girls in his disturbing, creepy, life-sized dollhouse. It’s scary to think about the fact that we once found Mona’s toy dollhouse problematic. Her entire lair comes dangerously close to looking normal at this point! In case you hadn’t figured this out, Charles’s conduct is NOT legal in the least, which makes him the perfect villain for my blog!

Let’s discuss the major elephant in the room first!

Charles’s Major Crime! 

18 PA Cons. Stat. § 2901. Kidnapping. (in relevant part) (more…)

Ankle Monitor Drama in “Plea,” Episode 4×22 of Revenge

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Highlights from the beginning of the Episode: Stay Tuned for More!

“I’m not pleading guilty to anything!” Emily/ Amanda adamantly declares at her hearing at the beginning of the episode. When the judge awarded her house arrest and warned her of the harsh consequences that would come if she violated it, one would think that she’d be on her best behavior. Then one would remember that this is Emily/Amanda we’re talking about, and as Nolan recently put it, “Emily Thorne wasn’t built for good.” Ben called this one, the second Emily got an ankle monitor, she started dreaming up schemes to escape. With the help of Nolan and David, she briefly succeeded before landing herself back in prison. Let’s start off with Emily’s criminal behavior of leaving her house in clear violation of her house arrest. Despite David’s begging and attempt at being a strict father with rules, Emily quickly snuck out after receiving her monitor.

Broken Law # 1! § 205.15 Escape in the first degree. (more…)

Good news: TVs and Law Degrees: REVAMP

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I have been thinking about how to change this blog to make it easier for me to maintain and better for you readers. I finally figured out how to do it. Presently, my entries come out too long; I know that. They often take so long to do, that I would find myself “forcing” myself to do something I love, which was not what I was going for when I started this blog. It would take hours to watch episodes over again to make sure I got every detail. I have been taking a break and focusing on a happy medium/ compromise so that this blog could be successful.

FROM NOW ON: I will be choosing the glaring, INTERESTING, broken laws; the ones that stand out to me the most in episodes of our favorite tv shows. Instead of one long entry, if an episode has a lot I want to cover, I will do more than one entry. These entries will be shorter — don’t worry, they will never be TOO SHORT; I don’t believe myself to be capable. They will be shorter than my current entries though, but more content rich. I plan on producing better written, more creative, well researched articles by implementing this new method. This will benefit both me as a writer and my readers; it will present me with more realistic goals and allow me to create the content I wanted to when I started this blog, and it will make the entries more enjoyable and palatable for readers. The best part is that this will also allow me to update the blog more frequently and regularly!

This idea came to me because as many of you know, one of my favorite shows, Revenge, is coming to an end. Because of that, I have been thinking about the show more often, and in turn, better options for this blog. One particular part of Revenge’s penultimate episode inspired this new idea, and I will be covering it shortly and you will see what I mean. I am very excited about this, as I will be able to provide you with more of what I wanted to when I first started writing this blog. If there is a part that I don’t cover that you would like to see, PLEASE contact me via comments and let me know. Thank you so much for remaining patient; I wanted to restart this blog and be honest with my readers about why I had been struggling to do so. I hope you enjoy the new change as much as I do!


PLL Theory: Toby is CHARLES/Big A, CeCe is Red Coat/A, Melissa is Uber A: A PLL Novel

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I haven’t posted in awhile, so I am sharing a PLL theory that I worked really hard putting together. I’d appreciate reblogs if you have tumblr, or other types of sharing so that more people can check it out too. It includes a LOT of PLL characters; the ones in the title play the biggest role, but they have help from people like Wren, Wilden and MORE.


Here it is:

Don’t miss this one. I’ll be forcing myself to get back on the tv+ broken laws topic, but for now I hope you enjoy my other writing!

Check it out … I Still Love Writing

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I know it must seem like I am the queen of making excuses, but I am typing this post from the hospital just to let you know that I still intend to keep every promise I made. However, I was in this car when it crashed, so forgive me if I take a little bit. :



Writing, writing, writing

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Until this blog is back up and running, once my writing class is over, I encourage you to keep coming back because this will be happening very soon. In the meantime, for those who enjoy reading other types of my writing, like theories and analysis, I encourage you to check out my tumblr which can be found at .

Once again, this site will be back up and running soon, I just wanted to provide some content for now. 🙂 Don’t think I haven’t noticed how law focused this season of PLL has been, along with How To Get Away With Murder. Stay tuned! Thanks for your patience and understanding my need to prioritize.

PLL theory (for now) Mona and Ali 2.0

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My FINAL writing course ends relatively soon (within a matter of weeks) and once that happens, all of my writing time will be devoted to this blog and its initial purpose, pointing out the laws characters break in TV shows. I will catch up on the 3 shows I currently cover (I currently am working on a PLL entry) and I plan to do at least one guest entry on Better Call Saul. It will be a trial run to see how it goes, because I think it will be perfect for this blog. For now, for those of you who are fans of PLL, I am posting a theory regarding Ali, Mona, CeCe and Jason. It revisits one of my original theories about Ali and Mona secretly working together. Check it out, and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.

Mona and Ali 2.0:

Mona and Ali have always been rivals. They’ve been two characters that all of us love to hate. Mona and Ali are both unreliable narrators, causing the girls to think both of them were lying at times when they may have been telling the truth about important clues regarding Big A.

The girls recently admitted out loud that they wrongfully accused Alison of being A. They wrongfully accused her of LYING to them about being A. They’ve accused Mona of lying to them on many occasions too, which makes sense considering that she was A. But what if the two biggest liars on the show only really had ONE big secret?

What if Alison and Mona TRULY have been working together in secret the ENTIRE time? I’ve theorized about this in the past, before we learned that Alison was alive. I have found more support for this theory in recent episodes, though. It’s very possible that Alison and Mona, the show’s biggest “enemies,” have secretly been a team this whole time, and the girls didn’t figure it out because they were too busy accusing both Ali and Mona of lying to them.


Stay with me!

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I have been very busy lately, but PLEASE stay with me, guys. I’m very inspired, and this blog is going to make a comeback in a huge way. You won’t want to miss it!

Just so anyone reading is aware, I’ll be out of the country until next week, but “wait for it” as Alison from PLL would say. While Revenge is on hiatus I’ll be covering the stuff that went on in its most recent episodes. I have my work cut out for me with PLL and How To Get Away With Murder too!