PLL theory (for now) Mona and Ali 2.0

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My FINAL writing course ends relatively soon (within a matter of weeks) and once that happens, all of my writing time will be devoted to this blog and its initial purpose, pointing out the laws characters break in TV shows. I will catch up on the 3 shows I currently cover (I currently am working on a PLL entry) and I plan to do at least one guest entry on Better Call Saul. It will be a trial run to see how it goes, because I think it will be perfect for this blog. For now, for those of you who are fans of PLL, I am posting a theory regarding Ali, Mona, CeCe and Jason. It revisits one of my original theories about Ali and Mona secretly working together. Check it out, and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.

Mona and Ali 2.0:

Mona and Ali have always been rivals. They’ve been two characters that all of us love to hate. Mona and Ali are both unreliable narrators, causing the girls to think both of them were lying at times when they may have been telling the truth about important clues regarding Big A.

The girls recently admitted out loud that they wrongfully accused Alison of being A. They wrongfully accused her of LYING to them about being A. They’ve accused Mona of lying to them on many occasions too, which makes sense considering that she was A. But what if the two biggest liars on the show only really had ONE big secret?

What if Alison and Mona TRULY have been working together in secret the ENTIRE time? I’ve theorized about this in the past, before we learned that Alison was alive. I have found more support for this theory in recent episodes, though. It’s very possible that Alison and Mona, the show’s biggest “enemies,” have secretly been a team this whole time, and the girls didn’t figure it out because they were too busy accusing both Ali and Mona of lying to them.

If any of Alison’s story regarding her interactions with Mona the night she disappeared are in fact true, Mona helped Alison fake her own death and leave town so that she could escape A. Whether or not she also did it because she wanted Ali to get the hell out of town so she could rule the school is besides the point. If Ali was being honest, Mona developed a plan for her to skip town and let A believe that she had died; that way Ali would be safe. There are major parallels with this story and even some of its wording, to the one Mike told when recounting the flashback with Mona to Aria.

According to Mike, Mona wanted to finally be the hero and save Aria and her friends from big A, the person who has been torturing the girls for all this time. She said that she wanted to EARN THE RIGHT TO BE A PART OF IT. These are the same words she once used when explaining the A team dynamics to Spencer. That’s not the only parallel with the Mona/Spencer exchange, either. Mona said that the girls stopped being friends when Ali LEFT (never used the word “died”), then warned Spencer, “the same thing will happen if you GO AWAY.” Once again, using the terminology, “go away,” rather than “die.” When Mona explained her plan to fake her own death to Mike in the above-mentioned flashback, she said that she was going to GO AWAY so she could earn the right to be a part of it, then take A down for good.

If there was ever any truth to Ali’s story, then this sounds a LOT like what Ali intended to do as well. The thing is, if Mona and Ali were ever going to take A down, A could NEVER find out that they were working together; that would ruin everything for them. They had to remain enemies in the public eye. I do, however, believe it to be symbolic that when Ali returned to Rosewood/ came back to life, we saw a scene between Ali and Mona in which Ali said that she NEEDED MONA AS A FRIEND. This could have been a code; maybe Ali meant that she needed Mona’s help to finally do what they set out to do from the start and get rid of A. This means that they would have to appear to be doing everything that A wanted them to do, so A would believe that both girls hated each other and both girls were on Big A’s side.

-They would have to be enemies, because A believed that Mona was working for her to take Ali down. -Ali would have to behave however A wanted her to, because Ali’s supposed to fear big A and take big A’s orders. -if big A wanted either girl to do something not-so-nice to the PLLs, they would have to do it; maybe sometimes they were doing the best they could to hurt the girls in the least dangerous way possible. They had to hurt the girls so Big A didn’t catch on, but they were still trying to help them.

Ali needed Mona’s friendship. Maybe we didn’t realize it, but this was a mutual need. Now that Ali had returned to town, Mona had to go away. Big A was always out for Ali’s blood; big A wanted her dead, but instead, Ali escaped town. This time, Big A wanted Ali locked up, and Mona had to help big A achieve this goal. Mona planned to frame Alison for her death — this would also achieve big A’s goal to have Ali locked up. However, Mona’s problem could have started when big A realized how similar this plan was to the one Mona made with Ali the night Ali disappeared… the night that Mona ruined big A’s plan to kill Ali. Perhaps big A realized that it was TOO similar, and that Mona was planning to betray big A, to ruin big A’s plans again. So Big A allowed Mona to believe that they had a deal and a plan to frame Ali for Mona’s PRETEND murder. Meanwhile, big A came up with a secret plan to ACTUALLY kill Mona. Big A got what he or she needed from Mona; once Ali went to jail for Mona’s murder, Mona would be nothing but a loose end for big A, a loose end who could turn on big A, a loose end who planned to do exactly that.

Before Mona died (if that’s indeed what happened), she called Aria saying that she found the proof that Ali was A. Now we know that Mona told Mike that she planned to smear her blood all over the house, and obviously she wanted it found. However, the conversation between Mona and Mike revealed something else; Mona still did not know the identity of big A at this point. She never thought that Alison was A, she called Aria and told her that so that Aria would gather up the troops and find out that Mona had “died.” But she also needed the girls to believe that Ali was A, and she wanted them to find clues that supported this, so they would have motive to keep Ali in jail, that way big A would remain appeased. Also, as long as the girls believed that Ali was big A, the real Big A wouldn’t have to worry about the girls snooping around trying to identify big A. Big A would think that nobody was looking for him/her, and if Mona’s plan succeeded, she would be solving the mystery from the pretend grave.

It’s possible that Alison and Mona’s weird alliance turned into a “game” for them. The winner took down big A for good, no matter what the cost. When Mona said “game over, Ali, I win,” many fans took it to mean that Mona actually found proof that Ali was big A and that’s why she won the game. This cannot be what she meant though, so perhaps Mona believed that she learned the REAL identity of big A and that she would be the one to take big A down, therefore beating Ali in “the game.”

*This would make big A a person who Mona had betrayed in order to help Alison. This would also be a person who currently WANTS Ali locked up. This means that it’s likely that big A knew about Mona initially helping Ali fake her own death, something that CeCe knew, and something that it’s possible that Jason has figured out at this point. I believe Jason gave a very big clue when he said out loud to Ashley Marin that he was the reason that Ali was in jail. HE also identified Ali very easily on this video found at Mona’s house that we now know was part of an elaborate plan. I’m a firm believer that Jason is big A, but he isn’t the one trying to hurt the girls. There are two teams, and Jason is playing against the person who IS trying to hurt the girls.

If Mona and Alison were indeed working together, I believe that Alison KNEW about Mona’s plan to fake her own death, AND even that Mona planned to frame Ali for the “murder.” Ali knew that Big A wanted her locked up and that it was safer to keep big A happy than to rattle the cage. Ali also owed Mona for saving her life on the night she disappeared. I think the original plan Mona made was with JASON as big A, but that his rival, another person who would want Ali locked up, found out about it, interfered, then actually killed Mona so that nobody would ever find out about the plan and to get revenge against Mona for her betrayal. Mona thought she won the game because she’d be escaping and defeating big A while Ali was trapped in jail. Ali’s tragic error was trusting CeCe Drake. Ali likely told CeCe about the plan, after all, she believes that CeCe has been helping her for years. Mona was, after all, trying to win back the game that was stolen from her during all of this. She could have started off this plan working with Jason, reached the point where she believed she was about to win the game back, only to have it stolen again from her by CeCe Drake.

Big A could have figured out that Mona planned to help the girls finally end this for good. Mona was listening to the Bethany tapes from Radley, or at least doing SOMETHING with them. For all we know, Mona made the tapes herself as part of the plan; we know she’s good with disguising her voice. She then called Aria saying she had proof that Ali was A, even though we know Mona never believed such a thing, as mentioned above. I think that Mona was a smart enough girl that even if she WAS working with Ali, she knew better than to fully trust anyone on this entire show. This means she still knew it was possible that Ali could turn on her, after all, under this theory, it’s Ali’s game too.

The girls recently got an A text thanking them for the free ticket to jail. Big A wanted Ali locked up, now big A wants to get to jail to get rid of Ali for good. Could this theory provide us enough clues to identify big A? Ali warned the girls that if they let this happen to her, Big A would get to them next. Big A wants the girls LOCKED UP for the ultimate revenge to take place. The Bethany Young storyline could tie in nicely here, especially when considering some of my already existing theories about her. I believe that she was the girl who Alison pushed down the stairs at that frat party, the stunt that Ali framed CeCe for, getting CeCe kicked out of school. I also believe that Bethany could be Toby Cavanaugh’s twin. I think Bethany was sent to Radley after the getting pushed down the stairs incident, and that perhaps CeCe had a stay there too. Bethany knew that Ali was the one who pushed her, but Queen Ali couldn’t go down for something like that, so CeCe was framed instead. Even if Bethany or CeCe were to reveal the truth, it’s unlikely that people would take the word of mental patients.

However, we’ve seen at Radley that patients got to know each other there, they told each other their stories. Jessica DiLaurentis is on the board of Radley and could have bribed Bethany so that any time “Ali” came up in one of Bethany’s stories, people would associate that story with CeCe, since in this theory, CeCe’s the one in Radley for “pushing Bethany down the stairs.” This could explain why when CeCe once went to Radley in Alison’s clothes, people at Radley believed her enough that Jessica got a phone call that her daughter was at Radley. Jessica told this story once in a flashback. When Mona went to Radley, she could have met people who knew about what happened with CeCe and/or Bethany when they were patients there. I also believe that Jason has had help during the show from Toby and maybe Mike too. Toby would want Ali locked up considering that he was once locked up for something that Ali did. Jason KNEW ABOUT THE JENNA THING and knew that Toby was threatened into taking the fall for it. He could have used this knowledge to recruit Toby. Toby would be even more likely to help if he’s related to Bethany, and if Ali or CeCe had anything to do with what happened to his mother. Jason would want revenge against Ali, in short, for EVERYTHING he has gone through as a result of her terrible behavior, games, and lies. I have a LONG theory spelling some of these out.

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