Songs of Innocence… And Guilt.. Broken laws+ recap of PLL 6×02

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Towards the beginning of the episode, we see Andrew get arrested, but not before Toby is able to tackle him to the ground! As Toby pounces on Spencer’s former academic decathlon captain, Andrew begs for Toby to listen to him and not to be violent. Toby ignores him and proceeds to punch him, pretty hard in my opinion, in the stomach. Admittedly if I believed that someone had kidnapped and tortured my significant other, I can’t imagine my reaction being pretty. However I would also know that I shouldn’t be the on duty police officer in such a circumstance, and this is something Toby doesn’t seem to have learned. Even if you think someone stalked your girlfriend, Toby is in the police department and still has a duty as a police officer that doesn’t get waived so he can kick Andrew Campbell’s ass. Fortunately, Toby’s partner, Lorenzo, stops this before it gets worse, and Toby implies that he would have continued; he demands for Lorenzo to give him 5 minutes alone with Andrew, and I doubt those minutes would have been pretty or peaceful. Thankfully Lorenzo refused to do this, commanding Toby to do his job instead of having an unauthorized, illegal wrestling match with a kidnapping suspect.

Because of police violence becoming an emerging topic of importance in society, I feel that it’s important to cover this. I did some research on the issue because of its complexity, and it turns out there are legal arguments that the current law in Pennsylvania might conflict with the federal law. It is NOT my place to decide if that’s true or not, but I will provide information to explain why it is possible but not guaranteed that Toby could get in legal trouble for what he did to Andrew. Some might argue that his violence wasn’t enough to warrant legal trouble, but others may not agree, and once again I felt this topic was important to discuss regardless of the outcome.

Toby’s Potential Broken Law! : Using Excessive Force as a Police Officer Section 1983 within Title 42 of the United States Code. And 18 PA Cons. Stat. § 508. Use of force in law enforcement.

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Aria is up next! A long time ago, Emily said, “if lying was a crime, we’d all be in jail.” Back then, Spencer went on to explain the illegality of lying to the police. I figured I would reiterate this because apparently Aria doesn’t remember. The last time she was supposed to go to jail, she was kidnapped and ended up in a creepy life sized dollhouse for over three weeks in captivity. One would think she would avoid anymore trips to jail, failed or not.

Ella tells Aria that the police will eventually need statements from the girls about the dollhouse, but that she does NOT have to do it right away; she can take her time. Aria jumps up like a jack in the box and insists on talking to the police immediately so that Andrew remains locked up. Ella accompanies Aria there. The police ask if Aria saw Andrew at the dollhouse, and at first she says that he wore a mask whenever she saw him. Then, when the police tell Aria that they have mostly circumstantial evidence on Andrew and that they need someone to have witnessed him, his actual face, at the dollhouse, Aria creates a new version of the story. In her new version, she did see Andrew without a mask. Of course she was alone for this, and OF COURSE she meant to say this as her answer before, but “made a mistake” that has nothing to do with learning that this is what the police needed to hear. Her story is a blatant lie; it doesn’t even sound convincing, and as stated above, it’s illegal to lie to the police.

Aria’s broken law: 18 PA Cons. Stat. § 4906. False reports to law enforcement authorities (In Relevant Part).

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Aria isn’t the only dishonest girl here. Spencer has a heated argument with her mother when she learns that Veronica requested for the doctors not to prescribe Spencer the anxiety medicine that all of the others got after their traumatic experience. Spencer begs her mom to reconsider; she needs the pills to help her sleep, but her mother refuses, concerned that her drug addiction could be triggered. Spencer needs her sleep, so she finds another means to get the pills. After Aria confesses to Spencer that she lied to the police, while Aria isn’t looking, Spencer rifles through Aria’s prescription bottles, and it’s STRONGLY suggested, enough that I’ll cover it here, that Spencer steals some of her anxiety medicine.

Spencer’s broken law:

Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act (35 P. S. § § 780-101—780-144) (in relevant part)

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

I hope you enjoyed this entry, and I will be rewatching the PLL episode that aired last night to determine if I have broken laws from that episode to cover in here! Sound off in the comments with your thoughts, and with anything you would like me to cover!

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