The Talented, Criminal Mr. Rollins… PLL Legal Recap Of Episode 7×03

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The Talented, Criminal Mr. Rollins… PLL Legal Recap Of Episode 7×03

** A special shout out to Kristin and her awesome PLL group for helping me! Check it out if you like intelligent PLL discussions! **

EDIT: finally able to post the link!

This episode was definitely exciting. As viewers, most of us were likely jumping up and down when Ali attacked Elliott. However, despite what he had been doing to her and the fact that he likely deserved to be choked to death, a court of law might see her actions as illegal.

It’s not completely clear to me if Ali was trying to kill Elliott or if she was trying to severely injure him so she could get out of the hospital trap he had her in, so I’ll cover both possibilities. I would love to hear your opinions on this as well! First, we’ll discuss the scenario of Alison trying to kill Elliott. Please note that it’s my belief that this would be an attempt at manslaughter at most, not murder.

Ali’s Possible Broken Laws!

18 Pa Cons. Stat. § 901.  Criminal attempt.

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal
18 Pa Cons Stat § 2503.  Voluntary manslaughter.
Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

This next part is not a broken law (despite its label) but a defense that would likely apply to Ali in this situation.

Ali’s Defense!

18 Pa Cons. Stat § 314. Guilty but mentally ill. (a) General rule. (In Relevant Part)

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

As mentioned above, it’s possible that Ali was trying to severely hurt Elliott but not kill him.

Ali’s Possible Broken law Part 2! 18 Pa Cons Stat § 2702.  Aggravated assault. (In Relevant Part)

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal
I would hope a reasonable judge would not rule against Ali, but in this day and age you never know, so for the purposes of this blog I chose to share the possibilities.

Legal Note On Self Defense: (Paraphrased) Although one might argue that Ali was using self defense, self defense generally Applies in situations where someone is in immediate danger of harm and has no other option than to use that amount of force.

At the time Ali attacked Rollins, he was not hurting her. In fact as ridiculous as it seems, he is the one who would likely get away with arguing self defense in this scenario if the force he used on Ali in retaliation was legally questioned. So no, I didn’t forget that he physically harmed her after she choked him, in case anyone was wondering.

The girls decide to take action and report Elliott’s conduct to his boss. Aria, Hanna, and Emily confront his boss about their concerns. They voice their allegations that Elliott is abusing Ali and threaten to file a complaint against Elliott and his boss unless he checks on Ali. They correctly explain that Elliott’s boss would be liable as well for having knowledge of the situation and neglecting to do anything about it. As a lawyer I felt proud of the girls’ efforts here! Of course this is PLL and in Rosewood, efforts like these are usually fruitless and this one was no exception. When Elliott’s boss checked on Ali, she seemed perfectly fine, normal vitals, the works. This is likely because Elliott knew the girls were reporting him and sedated her so she would be unable to speak, as Aria astutely points out.

However, if the truth were to come out, Elliott and his boss would be guilty of a multitude of medical infractions.

Elliott/ His Boss/ The Hospital’s Broken Laws!

049 Pa. Code § 16.61. Unprofessional and immoral conduct (in relevant part).

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Since the girls’ plan of trusting an authority figure failed for the millionth time in Rosewood, it’s time for plan B. Spencer reminds Aria of Elliott’s lock box that she saw last time she trespassed on his property. This time, Aria returns to Elliott’s house, once again without permission, with the intention of photographing any personal information that can be used against him. Although the girls’ do have a noble reason behind their actions, they do not have permission to go on someone else’s property without permission.

Aria’s 1st Broken Law!

18 Pa. Cons Stat § 3502.  Burglary. (In relevant part)

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

Aria’s 2nd Broken Law!

18 Pa Cons Stat § 4104.  Tampering with records or identification.

Broken Law Click Here to Reveal

The girls discover an Amish bed and breakfast on Elliott’s credit card records, so Aria and Hanna venture over there while Spencer stays back to peruse the multitude of medications, latex recipes and other creepy items Aria photographed while illegally in Elliott’s house.

At the end of the episode Hanna runs Elliott Rollins over and he dies! Since I’m running behind and this week’s episode focuses on the aftermath, we will talk about the awkward manslaughter elephant in the room in my next entry! Thanks for reading and sorry for being late. I will do the entry for this week as soon as I can!

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