Good news: TVs and Law Degrees: REVAMP

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I have been thinking about how to change this blog to make it easier for me to maintain and better for you readers. I finally figured out how to do it. Presently, my entries come out too long; I know that. They often take so long to do, that I would find myself “forcing” myself to do something I love, which was not what I was going for when I started this blog. It would take hours to watch episodes over again to make sure I got every detail. I have been taking a break and focusing on a happy medium/ compromise so that this blog could be successful.

FROM NOW ON: I will be choosing the glaring, INTERESTING, broken laws; the ones that stand out to me the most in episodes of our favorite tv shows. Instead of one long entry, if an episode has a lot I want to cover, I will do more than one entry. These entries will be shorter — don’t worry, they will never be TOO SHORT; I don’t believe myself to be capable. They will be shorter than my current entries though, but more content rich. I plan on producing better written, more creative, well researched articles by implementing this new method. This will benefit both me as a writer and my readers; it will present me with more realistic goals and allow me to create the content I wanted to when I started this blog, and it will make the entries more enjoyable and palatable for readers. The best part is that this will also allow me to update the blog more frequently and regularly!

This idea came to me because as many of you know, one of my favorite shows, Revenge, is coming to an end. Because of that, I have been thinking about the show more often, and in turn, better options for this blog. One particular part of Revenge’s penultimate episode inspired this new idea, and I will be covering it shortly and you will see what I mean. I am very excited about this, as I will be able to provide you with more of what I wanted to when I first started writing this blog. If there is a part that I don’t cover that you would like to see, PLEASE contact me via comments and let me know. Thank you so much for remaining patient; I wanted to restart this blog and be honest with my readers about why I had been struggling to do so. I hope you enjoy the new change as much as I do!


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