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My blog has been nominated for an award and I need everyone to continue nominating me at this link!

If it asks for a category, choose “niche/specialty”

It’s my understanding that the blogs with the most nominations are more likely to win. The following is a blurb on how my blog got started. Please help me increase my chances of winning; it would mean the world to me!!

My blog got its start when I was struggling through the painstaking process of studying for the bar exam and wondering how come I could memorize the minutiae of every episode of Pretty Little Liars (when I could still make time to watch) but I couldn’t find a better way to memorize all of the copious information I needed to pass the test.

I decided to make a blog that mixed the two; the blog would cover the laws that the characters broke in episodes of TV shows, starting with Pretty Little Liars. I have since passed the bar exam; I am a barred attorney in New York, and I’ve added other TV shows to the blog, striving to addeducational value to viewers and write about the law in a fun, creative and unique manner.

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