Toby & Aria PLL theories

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This weekend (today included) will be devoted to finally getting this blog up to date. I have been busier than I expected. But for now, although slightly off topic, I have two theories based on the PLL finale. One is based on the fact that the writers said that some of the characters would find out who “A” was in the finale of PLL, and the other is about who killed Mona. Both of them are farfetched; I don’t necessarily believe they will happen.

Theory 1: Toby is (still) A

The dialogue between Mona and Spencer could have been a clue about who A is.

This is the play-by-play of what happened.

Mona “Emily hasn’t checked in..”

Spencer gets a text..

Mona: “you better make sure that’s not A”

Spencer: “you mean Alison?”

Camera zooms on Spencer’s phone and shows the name TOBY..

Spencer: “it’s Toby.”

Then Mona discourages Spencer from telling Toby that they broke into Radley saying as a cop he wouldn’t want to know.. Maybe that wasn’t why.. Mona didn’t initially say Ali was A outloud even when asked twice.. She only said it to Aria moments before she died. Maybe Toby is A and Mona knew it.. And that could have been the clue to the fans to which the writers of the show were referring.

Theory 2: Aria killed Mona

Aria drops the red paint at Radley and says “I’m so sorry this was all my fault!” The red could be symbolic of blood.. Aria spilling the paint was deliberate and it was to help MONA and Spencer sneak around Radley.. What if this was symbolic of Aria having “blood on her hands?”

Maybe Aria killed Mona.. The paint reminded me of the fact that Mona’s blood was everywhere.. Also the girls get a text from A when they find out Mona died that mimicked what aria said at Radley.. “It’s all your fault-A”. Plus, at Radley, Holbrook mentioned murder to Aria (whether she imagined it or not it was put in that scene) AND mentioned homicide in the scene when Mona died.. Were these scenes purposely parallel? And I am aware that Aria was with the girls when they found Mona’s house that way, but we don’t know if some time passed that could have given Aria time to do this.

I hope you enjoy this for now, and the next thing that gets posted on this blog will be law-related. Somebody call me on it if it doesn’t happen soon ;)


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New Law of Pretty Little Liars

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Since so many people enjoyed this on twitter, I thought I’d post it here. Stay tuned, because I am almost done with my major PLL update and I will also be doing a post on tonight’s finale.


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For Pretty Little Liars, I’m writing a recap of the most recent episode, 5×11, “No One Here Can Love Or Understand Me.” In this recap, I’m bringing up what each character has done that’s against the law in 5×08-5×10 when there’s an appropriate time in my recap.

This is a big update and is taking awhile to do, but I wanted everyone to know what to expect!

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pll updates

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After seeing last night’s episode of PLL, I will be doing a MAJOR entry on here soon. It will include relevant broken laws from episodes I haven’t covered yet, too. Thanks for being patient.

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Updates Coming Soon

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Hey guys, Sorry I haven’t been very active on here lately. My writing class is taking up a lot of my time, but I will have updates on here very soon so stay tuned!


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Revenge: Entertaining Law Quote- Nolan “Evil Twins”

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A lot of my favorite “Revenge” quotes come from Nolan! This one comes from episode 1×08 of Revenge, “Treachery.” It happens when Nolan brought Amanda back to Emily’s house after learning that Emily was not exactly honest with him about Amanda’s dangerous and criminal lifestyle.

Emily failed to mention that the reason she needed somewhere to stay was that she was in hiding after having killed Frank, the Grayson family’s private investigator. His quip to Emily about no longer wanting Amanda to stay at his home is today’s entertaining law-related quote.


The conversation:

Emily: This wasn’t part of the plan.

Nolan: Neither was aiding and abetting your evil twin.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be updating on PLL very soon! I hope you enjoyed this entertaining law-related quote.

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PLL 5×08 Coming Soon!

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Just a quick FYI: PLL finally had a decent amount of broken laws in last night’s episode! I will be doing an update ASAP. On my facebook page, I requested that readers comment with broken laws that they noticed in last night’s episode. This will be fun and help me to get the update done faster! I’ll link to my FB page here, but also feel free to comment on this post!

My Facebook Page!

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PLL Entertaining Quote: Cops In Clown Cars

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One of my favorite recent entertaining law related quotes comes from PLL episode 5×06, “Run, Ali, Run!” After Hanna couldn’t believe that the police officers did not plan to further investigate the cause of the gas leak that led to the fire/explosion at the Cavanaugh house, Caleb said:

The cops in this town should be riding around in clown cars.
I must say that I agree!! Click on the image below for a reminder of the episode to which I’m referring. Let me know if you have any entertaining quotes you’d like me to feature!


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Adding Entertaining Law Quotes

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In addition to character criminal rap sheets, I am going to add entertaining law-related quotes in between main posts. These will be quotes from the TV shows I cover (PLL, Revenge, Twisted) as well as other shows sometimes.

My main posts take a long time to do, so I’m working to add more content in between! I hope you guys enjoy this addition.

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If you enjoy reading my blog, PLEASE help me out by nominating it for the American Bar Association’s “Blawg 100″ ! It would mean a LOT to me to get onto this list. Here’s where to go to do it:

If you enjoy reading my blog, PLEASE help me out by nominating it for the American Bar Association’s “Blawg 100″ ! It would mean a LOT to me to get onto this list. Here’s where to go to do it: Click To Nominate Me

And the URL to my blog = both: and :)

Thank you SO much

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