About Aly

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Aly was born in Great Neck, NY on Long Island in 1986, however her family soon moved to the nearby town of Jericho where she grew up. Her first interest in the law was sparked by a class on law she attended in middle school. Engaged by the topic she followed that class by taking another three classes on law in high school. It was in her high school law classes that she decided she wanted to be a lawyer, excelling at and passionately enjoying mock trials. After graduating from Jericho Senior High School she attended The Pennsylvania State University where she dual-majored in English and French. In 2008 she earned her Bachelor of Arts and set her sights on finally attending law school. Eager to start law school, she had prepared and applied to law programs while still finishing her undergraduate studies. In the fall of 2008 she enrolled in Pace Law School at Pace University in White Plains, NY. While attending Pace Law School she concentrated in family law before finally graduating and being awarded her Juris Doctor. Aly is sworn in as an officer of the Court and admitted to the New York State Bar Association as of August 20th, 2014.

In 2012, Aly founded the TVs and Law Degrees blog.  Given her love of writing and the law she sought a way to combine the two. “I had been trying to think of a way to integrate writing and law in a fun and unique way, and I thought of the idea when I noticed how often the characters in Pretty Little Liars were breaking the law,” said Aly when discussing how the idea came to her.

She self-taught herself several new skills in order to build and maintain blogs. She started the blog by learning how to build and customize a blog on the Blogger platform, continuing to better her understanding of internet technologies in order to continue to add new features to her blog to compliment her frequent posts. Over the past few years her blog has attracted many fans, a few stalkers, and even celebrity mentions on social media sites like Twitter. In 2014, realizing it was time to grow the blog’s capabilities for its growing audience, she worked with a friend to move the blog off of Blogger and onto the much more capable and professional WordPress platform.

Aly still resides in New York and plans to practice law there.